Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I am fixing up the Rackable Systems server and then going to sell it, if someone will buy it.

I have learned some of the BIOS settings for the Rackable Systems server now. The hard drives I have tried to use in it are former systems drives, so I can not get the BIOS to see them. I need to reformat them but have so far not found a way to do that. I might try with a Mac computer to do it. I have not been able to do the formatting with a Windows or a Linux PC. I did buy two used 160GB hard drives on eBay. I will put these drives in and then test an install but not install then try to sell this server for the cost I paid about 300$ now.

Friday, November 27, 2009

I have Google Wave as of today.

I have Google Wave as of today. Google Wave is another word of mouth distributed Google service. In other words, one user invites other users they know. Google Wave profiles imitate Facebook. The profiles are public to all of Google Wave. I am not sure I will fill in my profile. I often set rules in technology for myself and then later break them though.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I have been playing Eve Online for almost two years now.

I have been playing Eve Online for almost two years now. It occupies a lot of my time at home on the weekends and weeknights and over night. I play this game almost well enough now to play for free. I opened a second account after a little more than 1 year. I have kept a fan fiction blog of my main avatar's adventures. I have learned that, yes, other players cooperate in playing this game. I have also been learning to use Excel during this time period and this game has given me exercises to practice my spreadsheet work. Also I have developed an "in game" business plan that has worked. All in all, I have had some social time chatting with other players from the USA, Australia and Europe. I have even chatted in French a little.

I did try to buy an account on World of Warcraft but this did not work out and I did not yet try that game. I also considered buying a game console. I did not consider myself a computer gamer in the 1990's. In the 1980's almost all my computing was gaming computing because the Commadore computers I had seemed limited to that given my finances. I did complete some school exercises in GIS programming and Fortran 77 programming in the 1980's and these were not gaming. In the 1970's I also played some games. In the 1970's I worked in programming with Fortran IV and data entry on punched cards and even played with the cards making little hang gliders from the cards. I also did some other non-work exploring and gaming and mostly school programming on BASIC in mini computers with terminal access. I was able to design computer games and computer graphics in the 1970's and 1980's. So my connection with gaming now continues.

Friday, November 06, 2009

I actually did end up getting my Palm schedule into Outlook 2007 using Google Calendar Sync.

Google Calendar and its sync software tool seems to have helped my Microsoft Outlook problem but won't help my Microsoft Entourage problem. Entourage can still not import anything from other programs. I think Microsoft make some very closed products. But that said, I now do have my Palm schedule in Outlook 2007. I learned that after a court case (I still believe it was this court case that popped the Internet bubble), other companies such as SAS have had access to adding things onto Microsoft office. So back to Palms... now I will see if I can get my Palm schedule into Evolution on the Linux side.

I have done a fair amount of work too with one of my more action oriented volunteer groups in Palm contacts as well. I have recorded scheduling details and micro-historical records along with contact information for other volunteers. I really may not need this info and the perfectionism I might express to access this info again from saved back ups might not be healthy. I also probably do not need to update this type of info to make up for not recording it for a year or two now. I will just have to live with the fact, that when I recorded this info it was useful and that I learned by it back then and may not need it now. I could start to record it again in some other way. I may though not need this part of my life and those records to have consistency. My time is better spent on something more current and perhaps a new system for recording the same details. In fact, now that I think about it the organization does have a recording system that I use with doc files.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I have started to use both Outlook 2007 and Evolution e-mail on my Dell Inspiron but I do not send e-mail from the Dell yet.

I was able to import e-mail on the Dell Inspiron using the Linux side of the computer and Evolution e-mail. I have not sent e-mail from Evolution and want to make sure I can take any evolution e-mail and transfer it back to the Mac.

I turned on Outlook 2007 and configured it to download e-mail but leave a copy on the server as I also do with my Macbook. It may be impossible to export e-mail from Outlook so I have not used it to send any e-mail or really create anything yet.

I am using Google Calendar successfully with my old Palm schedule and have also tried to synchronize the Google Calendar with Outlook 2007. This has not brought the Palm calendar into Outlook which is one goal I have for my calendar.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Again I feel slightly burned by an ebay deal but it is probably alright.

I thought I was buying PC 5300 RAM from an ebay seller but it turned out to be PC5400 which is I am gathering from ebay information some kind of Vista upgrade version of PC5300. I was trying to avoid PC 5400 in this purchase.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Saving up for OCZ netbook.

Rather than force money from a stone to buy the netbook immediately, I am going to save money for at least 3 months, if not 6 months or something in between. I may be able to manage 60$ to 120$ a month in savings. I have 60$ saved now. I need to save up 360$ for the cost of the netbook and tax.

I did buy some OCZ RAM memory for this netbook so far. This cost about 50$ on ebay for a new 2 GB stick of PC 53000 677 RAM. This is the correct RAM for this netbook.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I am looking at the OCZ DIY netbook.

Here are the specs on this netbook I have an 80 GB hard drive I could use with it from my Macbook. This 80 GB hard drive was the original hard drive in the Macbook. The drive was replaced late last fall and the drive was been just sitting here not being used, in case of being needed for restore. The Macbook is working fine now, so I think this old drive can be used for something else now like as a netbook hard drive.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I have transfered all the 1997 and 1996 e-mail to my netbook.

I have successfully transferred all the e-mail from my Mac Perform 580CD from 1996 and 1997 to my netbook. I did not really read any of this old email at the moment. I only have 1998 e-mail to still transfer. The e-mail from 1998 to 2000 is I think lost on a Windows 95 PC I never backed up.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I can now import all my e-mail to my netbook.

I am organizing my e-mail now in Evolution on the Netbook. I have imported all the 1996 e-mail which is the oldest email I have electronic copies of. I will also try to import this e-mail into Pine and access it with Emacs. I am trying to move towards more free software use.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Evolution can import the mail if it is imported as a single mbox file.

Apparently Evolution can not import the Mac Mail's folders. Oh now I have it. Rather than import from other programs or folders you use import a single file and chose an mbox file. It seems to work now.

My portable USB drive got zapped by the netbook.

I seem to have lost about 80 GB of files and another 40 GB are no longer easily accessed on the USB portable drive. I was just thinking that because the drive is a LaCie it is high quality. I was fooled. What did I do? I accepted that I probably did not need the files on the drive and it is only one failed drive so there are back ups if it somewhere else. I then did the archiving again and am now copying the archived email to the netbook. Live and learn eh?

Further progress on transfering my e-mail storage to another computer.

I of course, searched Google for solutions to moving my e-mail from the eMac and Mac Mail to my Dell Mini 9 Ubuntu netbook and Evolution Mail. I found a web page helpful, once I sorted out that it is actually only about Mac Mail under Max OS 10.5. Here is the web page: A fellow gamer playing Eve Online helped me sort that out. Mac Mail on Max OS 10.4 does not have an archiving option that the web page mentioned.

The present route I am going now is to use the stored mail on the USB drive and import it into Mac Mail on the Macbook which is running Mac OS 10.5. This is now done. The next step which is now in progress is to archive this newly imported mail box as an mbox file. Then I will need to move this file to the USB drive and copy it to the netbook home folder in a folder named Mail. Then Evolution may be able to import it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I have a plan now to move my email to other email softwares and I am just about finished step 1: copying the email from the eMac2 to a portable drive.

I have just about finished copying all the email I have stored that is all the email on the eMac2 to a portable USB drive. This drive can be accessed by Macs, Windows and Linux computers unlike the Mac backup drives which are only accessible on Macs. This has to do with the way the hard drives are formatted. So now it should be possible to import this mail to Evolution on the Netbook. Or at least move in this direction.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Backing up strategy and present progress.

I need a better back up strategy. I have not yet sent disks off site and should just take action on this and mail the boxes I have to family. I also need to start to fully back up the eMac 2 as it is almost 4 years old now. It is starting to fall apart software wise and as well the Combo drive is of unknown functionality. On the eMac are certain older computer files but these have been backed up to USB drives and also to DVD. I need to search out in my apartment all the DVD's and make sure are they are all labeled. This is the next step. Then I will put these in the boxes and mail them. I will set a date of September 3rd to have this all done.

At the moment I am backing up my Macbook email. I am also not done backing up the Documents folder on the Macbook from August 2, 2009.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

I whipped the Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 LTS the was the original OS on the Dell Mini 9 and just completed a fresh install of Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook remix!

After downloading Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook remix from Ubuntu I read the instructions for installing it. Running off the command line I was able to check the MD5SUM code for the download and it was good. I followed the instructions carefully on the Ubuntu install page and used a third party web site to install usb-imagewriter and wrote the downloaded USB img to a 1 GB USB disk ( I did of course back up the previous data on the USB disk and then reformatted it to MS-DOS using Disk Utility on my Macbook).

The weird frustrating fun began. I check the help manual for Ubuntu installation and found out that what could be done is an incremental upgrade from Hardy 8.04 to another higher version than another higher version and so forth until I got to the current version. But the Dell Netbook software update was so locked down this was not possible. I wasted about an hour trying to change the software repositories and nothing worked. The Dell software update had been failing to update with security patches for about one month now. So instead after becoming frustrated I went with the original plan and did a fresh install of the latest Ubuntu 9.04 and that is installed now with my Freenet email set. I have not had NCF email for years. I have simply been forwarding mail to my sympatico account. So I am have reclaimed my NCF email account. The software update on the Dell Mini 9 is just doing its first get caught up update now on the coffee table beside this Macbook, I am writing this on. The net install also automatically choose to use Dell drivers, so I may be no worse for wear and even better with a fresh install and working software update now. Ubuntu 9.04 is current as of April 2009.

I discover and decided to register and I hope to create two basic index pages today for these sites.


My Macbook was updated to Mac OSX 10.5.8.

I updated the MacBook to OSX 10.5.8. Rather Apple did that over the Internet.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Learning SAS Output Delivery System (ODS).

SAS stands for Scientific Analysis System or Statistics Analysis Software or Statistical Analysis System. I have learned SAS at Carleton university as part of my B.Math in statistics studies and then have further used it as a teaching assistant in statistics. In that work I helped teach SAS to undergraduates in statistics courses. I now use it daily at my workplace in the government.

I have been reading the book: Haworth, Lauren. Output Delivery System: The Basics (Cary, NC: SAS Institute, 2001). So I am studying the new Output Delivery System in SAS. I have read chapter 1 at work and am today reading chapters 2 and 3. I have completed the reading of chapter 2 so far today. Chapters 1 and 2 are merely introductions to what ODS is and what it can do. Although chapter 2 covers how ODS works with SAS procedures (PROC) and the output objects from procedures, and has some syntax for using ODS. Chapter 3 is about using ODS to output HTML files.

I am reading about Emacs and learning to use Emacs on my Dell Inspiron and my Macbook.

I have been reading the book SAMS Teach Yourself Emacs in 24 Hours. I have read chapter 1 and chapter 3. I did not read chapter 2 as that was about installing Emacs on Windows NT. The book was written by Jesper Pedersen, et al. I have started to use the Diary in the Calendar in Emacs. I hope to become effective at email, code writing, LaTeX and basic word processing in Emacs. I have stated chapter 4 today.

I have started another end of month back up process.

I am backing up to the network drive again today. I should start to examine and label all the DVD's I have used to back my eMac and my Macbook. I really need to make some progress on clearing off the two LaCie 250 GB USB drives to DVD. These would be good drives to have to store music when recording with the Remembrance computer which is now loosely placed in the music rack.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

The backups continue, the e-mail back up is still slow and I got started on transferring the second USB drive to the new 1 TB network drive.

I did another 12 hours or so of backups last night. I continued to back up e-mail from both the eMac and Macbook. I started in on the second 250 GB LaCie USB hard drive. I did manage to copy off a copy of Vista I had backed up there. I also backed up a copy of Win2K. Since these are single iso files these operating system files, they transfer quickly. And more importantly in personal files I got my back up of my first eMac onto the network drive. I used the old eMac from 2003 April to early 2006. I also started to transfer my older computer back ups going back to my Performa 580 CD which lasted from August 30, 1995 to early 1999. 1999 was the year I really started my statistics training and also I started to buy windows computers as well as Macs.

I found on an Iomega 20 GB USB hard drive my early 2006 Macbook backup folders and copied them to the Macbook for burning to DVD. This will take 12 DVD's for two folders at 6 copies each. Everything is now off this 20 GB Iomega USB drive so I will whip it clean and use it as a portable drive or give it away or sell it. I have someone now in mind to give this 20 GB Iomega USB hard drive to support his safe computing and to help me clean up a bit around here.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Only mail folders remain to be backed up on the Macbook and eMac

The document folders on the eMac and Macbook are now backed up for this month. Also both desktop folders are backed up. So all that remains is to complete the mail folders back up. This takes longer as there are so many files as each e-mail is one file. Remembrance is backed up and that leaves only the Dell Studio and Dell Mini 9 to back up.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The documents folder is now backed up.

The eMac documents folder is now backed up. All that remains to back up now is the email folder. I have started this folder backup. I also now need to finish backing up the Macbook which I did start the work on.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am not sure what I am doing with my music rack...Music? Server?

I have been putting more stuff in my music rack. I am not too pleased with the server I have. But I have not really put a lot of time into it yet. I did also buy a D-Link 16 port switch and did put that in the top 1U of my 10 U music gear rack.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

eMac backups and the old e-mail policy.

I have backed up the eMac's Desktop folder now. I am just verifying with the Get Info function that the two Desktops, the real one and the back up copy are about the same size.

Then I will continue the copying of files and folders from the Documents folder on the eMac to the back up copy on the network drive. Then I will back up e-mail. I will not bother to back up videos, photos, music or applications this time, as these do not change much. These especially do not change much on the eMac.

Back in early 2005 I had only an eMac and a Thinkpad. My philosophy was to keep all e-mail on the eMac when I got a Macbook to replace the Thinkpad that had broken that year. In the last six months I have lifted this policy a bit and generally read my e-mail on the Macbook. I did not want to do this for security reasons; given that I might loose a computer like a laptop outside the house I thought it better not to store e-mail on it. But I leave the e-mail on the server with the Macbook so it is still all downloaded eventually and stored on the eMac. But the eMac is getting old now. Also I am having trouble these days backing up the e-mail folders on the eMac to external drives and even more trouble backing up to DVD. When I did my e-mail on the Thinkpad before I started using only the eMac for e-mail, I could back up the e-mail to DVD no problem from the Thinkpad. There was simply less e-mail to backup back then.

I am beginning my mid month backups to a network drive.

I have been starting my backups to a network drive for the mid month. So far, I am working with Remembrance and the eMac.

I am also transferring my network music library to the new 1 TB drive.

I still have not fully transferred the first of the USB external drives to the network hard drive. It is not an easy process. There are always files that produce error messages and stop whole copy operations.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The hard drive is physically in the server and the server starts.

I found some flat headed screws from Remembrance and also my little compartment box. I was able to push the hard drive up against the IDE backplane. I am still not sure it is connected. I need to boot to the BIOS to check that. I will have to boot to the BIOS to set the boot device anyways.

I did hook the server up to a monitor and started it up. The computer tried to find bootable media.

Sure enough the computer started and showed 2 GB of RAM. This means the RAM is working too. The RAM cost about 60$ from an ebay seller.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The server hard drive trays are excellent but I need flat head screws

I got the server hard drive trays and am ready to install the 200 GB hard drive left over from the IBM ThinkCentre. To do this I need to make sure the hard drive mounting screw are flush with the tray arms so typical hard drive mounting screws are not going to work. I need flat head screws. The screws need to be flush so the tray can slide into the server. I also have my first IDE backplane which basically means when the tray slides in, the hard drive connections plug right into the connectors on the computer. These connections are on this thing called an IDE backplane. So I do not need hard drive cables.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The next step with the server is to put in a hard drive.

The next step is to put the 250 GB hard drive from my old IBM NetVista into the server. This was the NetVista's second hard drive and ran Debian Linux. The first step is to take this 250 GB hard drive out of Remembrance where is basically doing nothing as it is not recognised by the motherboard. I think the motherboard will not allow IDE and SATA drives to run at the same time or something. The hard drive trays for this server are at the post office now so I will need to pay 9 dollars customs and bring them home.

Monday, June 01, 2009

I hope to hear Richard Stallman speak tomorrow at Parliament Hill

Richard Stallman a software developer and free software advocate will be speaking on Parliament hill tomorrow and I am hoping to hear him and then join him at a restaurant near by. I have been to this restaurant a few times for social computing gatherings.

The RAM memory has been placed in the server now.

I received the server this week via UPS courier. I put the RAM memory in last night. It seems that hard drives may just plug into what is called an "IDE backplane". There seem to be only two case fans so I hope this server is not too noisy. There is one small power supply fan as well. The computer does not have a mouse port as it is a server so using one of these keyboards with a track ball set in a 1 U tray may not be the best idea. Also it does not appear to have an easy accessible PCI card slot. Thus the idea of using this as a music recording device has probably met the last straw now. So perhaps I will find another use for this as a home Intranet web server or an home Internet server. I am not sure now. I have spent about 125 dollars on the server and about 60 dollars on the RAM memory so far. So I have spent approximately 200 dollars on this computer so far.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I still need some more parts for the server.

I have the server case, the motherboard, the CPU's and the RAM. I have one 200GB hard drive I was going to use on Remembrance that I can instead use in this server. I still need some hard drive trays for about 10$ plus shipping. I think I need four of them and the shipping for four of them is 25US$ or about 30CND$. That means about 70CND$ just for the hard drive trays. I also would like a 1U keyboard tray with keyboard and these seem to be about 120CND$ on ebay including shipping. So that is a little more than 200$ more. I did find a PCI sound card that will take a stereo input from the mixing board. This cost 51$ but the Linux drivers will be another 50US$ for the license for these drivers. Then I have to think about a video monitor and mounting that on the roto rack which is a 10u wheeled hard plastic rack. It has an AP812 power mixer on top now and a bass Power amp in the bottom and a bass tube preamp.

I bought a new used server on ebay.

I bought a server case and motherboard for 19.98 US$ on ebay. The case is a rackable systems case similar to Rackable Systems 2U half depth C2004-BN but older. The motherboard is an Intel. Here are the specs:

Intel SE7501WV2 Dual Xeon Motherboard

Intel SE7501WV2 Dual Xeon, EATX, 12GB ECC DDR-SDRAM, 400/533MHz FSB

It also has Dual (2) Xeon 2.66Ghz Processors.

The total cost with shipping was 102CND$.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dell Computers has authorized the return of the second laptop.

Dell agreed to allow me to return the second laptop ordered by mistake. The problem was that I thought, I had canceled it but had been through a few orders and did not cancel each and everyone of them. Well I have one new Dell laptop now and one to ship back,

Monday, April 20, 2009

I just installed Kubuntu on the new Dell Inspiron.

I decided to try out Kubuntu on the Dell Inspiron. I used about 52 GB for the Linux install.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Update on machines.

I am still using the eMac because it stores all my email. It also can use the Canon printer two sided so often I print from that machine.

Remembrance has not been used for a few days and remains off. It now has a two monitor set up with the LG 19" wide screen as the main monitor and then the 17" CRT no name monitor is used beside it on the office desk as extra screen space. These are running off the eGeForce 8500 video card with its 1 GB of RAM as it supports dual VGA monitors.

My Macbook has become my main machine for day to day non work computing and is still a key machine for my graduate studies work. I use it generally for replying to and reading personal and other non work email. The MySQL and PHP setup on it is not working since I changed hard drives, so I do not access the Drupal on my home Intranet or my Media Wiki I set up for my studies. Neither of these web applications were set up on the Internet but instead working inside my home network behind the modem as a home Intranet.

I have a new Dell Inspiron 15 1545 laptop that I use for Eve Online so I can play that game from the comfort of the couch with the laptop on the coffee table. Other than Eve Online, I am restricting this laptop to work related computing and am not storing documents on its hard drive but instead using a USB key with it for storing work files. Also all the work files are non-confidential work files, as per, my workplace computer security policy. I may limit this new Dell to work only or perhaps also do school work on it. The Dell may at some point be used for music recording because it is relatively new, but that use would require a big investment in other recording equipment as well. But it will not be used to store email, pictures, or music at the moment. I will also not use it for social networking. I will use the Macbook for day to day social networking, as I have been for the past year or so.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The BIOS does not see the IDE hard drive.

For some reason the BIOS is not seeing the hard drive. I will need to consult the motherboard's manual to see if something needs to be set.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I have successfully installed the 200 GB maxtor hard drive into Remembrance.

I successfully installed the 200 GB hard drive. So it is in Remembrance and connected. I have booted up Debian and I will now see if I can access the drive and format it.

I bought a friend a used Apple G4 Titanium Powerbook and am setting it up for him.

I bought a used Apple G4 Titanium Powerbook. This G4 processor is a 400 Mhz speed processor. The computer came with a fresh install of Mac OS 10.3. I am preparing it now for use. I installed X11. My friend wants to be able to record music so I installed Audacity and tested that with the built in microphone. I will installed Neo Office or perhaps Open Office as I believe Open Office now has a Mac version. I will also install Gimp.

I just got off the phone with my friend and he is thankful for my work on his new used Powerbook.

I am installing Kubuntu as the third operating system on my home built PC

I do, in fact, have that 200 GB IDE hard drive from my last PC: the IBM ThinkCentre. I have donated the IBM ThinkCentre to a community centre network through Computers for Communities a local tech charity I have been involved with lately. I took out the 200 GB drive as it was not needed for the community centre project. This 200 GB which has a Debian installed from the ThinkCentre will need to be formatted first, so that it does not cause any problems. I will install it and then format it before putting in the Kubuntu DVD.

I am presently backing up the PC side in case I have some boot problems after the Kubuntu install adjusts the master boot record. I am looking forward to trying out Kubuntu after I had seen it on the old Dell.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Ordering Dell 15" Windows Vista laptop.

I ended up mistakenly ordering two Dell laptops. I had only wanted one of these. I now will have to send one back when they arrive. Both of them have separate video cards so these machines should be good for playing computer games. But the real use will be for work and school related statistical and programming work. I will install SAS and Office on the new machines. I will also install Inference for R and R software. I may also install Linux on the laptop.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Canon IP90 printer now works with the Dell Mini 9

I managed to install some drivers for the Canon IP90. It seems to work for black text printing with Linux Canon Pixma IP 4300 drivers. I can at least print black text. So I now have a very portable printing systems in the Netbook and IP90 combination.

I am planning on saving for some hard drives but actually I have one 250 GB hard drive spare perhaps.

I am also wanting a hard drive for the storage bay still but planning on saving up for this. I want to install Kubuntu on Remembrance and would also want a third hard drive in Remembrance for this. I am not sure but I believe I have a spare 250 GB hard drive from my Pentium IV 3 Ghz IBM desktop. This would be an IDE hard drive not SATA. I can install such a hard drive in Remembrance, if I have some extra hard drive space. The motherboard will certainly support the older IDE hard drives. So this will be my next project. I am downloading Kubuntu as I write this. I just learned that Kubunutu is not a community version of Ubunutu but in fact, a KDE version of Ubunutu which would be peachy keen.

I am still using Inference of R and also becoming more familiar with Office 2007.

I have been using Office 2007 for about three months now. I have been using Inference for R for a few weeks now. These are both installed on the 64 bit Windows XP.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

The old Dell 600 Mhz machine I got in a swap.

So yes, this old Dell was used at a political office for volunteers to use. I donated it to the party without tax receipt. The office tech guy set it up to run Kubuntu. When I booted it a couple of days ago I could log into Kubuntu. The problem now is that the machine fails to turn on and the message is "Thermal Failure". I can try a few times to get it to boot finally. But this will not be a good PC to donate to a Linux newbie as was my intention.

So now I can repair it or take the parts and build a another PC. I am not sure seeing that is a proprietary case that I can put a new mother board into it. More e-waste problems for me to solve.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

I decided not to do email on my home PC's.

I decided given the viruses and worms in emails and the lack of security on PC's to not run email on my PC's. I did again import my Mac mail on my Macbook into Eurdora and once agan tried to import email into Entourage and it again did not work.

I set up my office again and moved Remembrance out of the living room

I had Remembrance set up in front of the TV for a month or two. I was intending to get Eve Online on the TV. But this did not work. I am not really enjoying Eve online so much after all. It is partly people issues with smutty talk and drunks on line. I am considering closing my accounts.

I set up the 17" CRT monitor in office in the middle of the desk. I have on the left side my eMac which is not getting much use these days but is still a print server for my Macbook and the Canon printer. To the right to of the CRT monitor is the new LG 19" Widescreen monitor. I was running the used Dell 600 Mhz computer into the CRT monitor and Remembrance into the LG monitor. The Dell is running Kubuntu. So I have three monitors side by side. I am chasing images in the media and various workplaces I work at; images of computer setups.

Monday, March 30, 2009

I installed Microsoft Project 2007 on Remembrance

I installed Microsoft Project 2007 on Remembrance and made a file for the thesis I am working on in graduate school.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I installed Thunderbird version 2 for my Win XP machine, Remembrance.

I downloaded and installed Thunderbird for my Windows Desktop. I have been reading about how to import mboxes which are a common mailbox file for storing email. I will attempt to import all my Mac Mail going back some almost 15 years into the new Thunderbird install.

To transfer the mbox files to the windows PC I am using the network storage drive. But the network storage drive is running out of space and has only some 200 MB free space. I thought of going to PC Cyber to buy a one TB hard drive to install in the network storage bay but just do not have the money saved up for this. So this will wait for a month or two. This buying a one TB drive has been planned for over a year now although last year the plan was for two 500 GB drives. One TB drives are coming down in price so soon may be in May if I save up I will buy this drive. I have a work around for today and that is to delete all the Microsoft software ISO images from the network storage drive which will give me enough space to store the mboxes. So before I delete the iso images I am copying them to the Windows PC and am going to burn hard copies of all the ISO files. This will be four CD's and 2 DVD's. I will only make two copies of each. This also gives me a chance to try out the burner on the Windows PC called Remembrance.

I downloaded and installed Real Player version 11 for the Mac OS 10

I downloaded and installed Real Player version 11 for the Mac on my Macbook. I wanted this to view and listen to CBC news items.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

All my main computers are running well.

My eMac is functioning fine and I even found the DVD drive working again. The Macbook although it is filthy is working fine as my usual daily machine now in the living room, The new home built PC with Windows XP 64 bit and Debian Linux is also working fine now. The new Dell Mini 9 Netbook is fine and I carry it around all the time but it is not getting much use but it is very useful to have it if needed. I used it at a community group last week to keep minutes of a meeting.

I am thinking of buying a Windows laptop that I would build from an OCZ laptop skeleton. This PC laptop would also be running Windows XP 64 bit and Debian 4.2. I am also thinking of buying an iMac 20 inch desktop. I am looking at used MacBooks and Powerbooks and iBooks for a friend and perhaps one for myself for music recording. I am looking in the 200-400 dollar range for these. These would be running Tiger not Leopard for an OS.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Next laptop will be build from parts.

A DIY laptop I have had my eyes on is on clearance sale now. This week they are also offering a rebate on this laptop so today after work I may go and buy one. I would still need to buy a CPU, memory and hard drive. I have read some reviews and it looks like it will make an excellent dual boot machine. I have a copy of SAS, and a copy of Arc View I can legally install on this. I also have a copy of Office 2007 I can install legally. I have 160$ saved up but need 800$ then will get 200$ back in the rebate. So in the end I will have spent 440$ more than I have saved.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gaming accounts and costs.

I have been gaming with Eve Online for a little over a year now. I keep a blog for my game character written in the third person about this character and have started two other characters. One of these others was going to be a second account and also cost 15$ US currency a month. Instead I have not paid for this account and allowed it to expire. The other of the two extra characters (These are also known as "Alts".) is simply another character on the first account I have. The first account has cost me approximately 15 US$ a month now for 13 months or about 195US$ US. This was paid for in Canadian dollars over the past year. So recently has cost as much as 18$ CND per month.

I am thinking this account is a non-business account unlike my Second Life account where the game money can be exchanged for real money. This game though does not net any profits for me as of yet and is more of a monthly cost. It has cost as much as 25 US$ per month in land fees and 22.50 US$ quarterly in game membership costs. So it has cost as much as 7.50 + 25 or 32.50 US$ per month. There are also costs with buying land and other objects. But my online character has not made any sales beyond selling land to others that the character had to buy first and I believe these sales and have never resulted in a profit of more than 50$ CND and probably not more than 10 CND$ profit in any given year. At present my costs for land fees are at 40 US$ a month so about 47.50 US$ per month in costs. But I am allowed to "own" 1/8th of a region now and do own a sizable amount of land in a region known as "Monty". I am planning to either develop a virtual park in this region or sell the land off in parcels to try my hand at a virtual land business in Second Life.

Friday, March 06, 2009

HTML authoring resources by Ian Graham University of Toronto

I think Ian Graham wrote some great HTML books in the 1990's. Is anyone studying the computer self help press?

here are some titles that are only pennies used from Amazon

If a few bucks is still too much you read his online tutorial

Old but still useful

The Html Sourcebook: A Complete Guide to Html 3.0 (Paperback)
by Ian S. Graham (Author), Ian S Graham (Author)

Html 4.0 Sourcebook (Paperback)
by Ian S. Graham (Author) "What is a text markup language?..." (more)

I am trying to start reading this one

HTML Stylesheet Sourcebook (Sourcebooks) (Paperback)
by Ian S. Graham (Author)

BTW I do not know Ian or have any monetary connection to him nor really academic beyond learning from his great books and always available online tutorial.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Macbook backed up to USB external hard drive now.

I backed up the Macbook documents folder, the desktop folder and the mail folder to one of the external LaCie 250 GB hard drives. I also just started the back up of the eMac to the same 250 GB hard drive. I will not have to use the 160 GB LaCie portable drive to do this backup. I reviewed my 2007 backups for the Macbook and they are all burned to DVD now. I did this last year in 2008.

I would like to back up both computers once a month. I should also back up Remembrance this weekend. My next purchase for backing up will be an internal 1 TB drive for the network storage or a 1 TB or 500 GB USB external drive which again will hook up to the Linksys Network storage box. Another possible backup purchase will be more blank DVD disks. But I do have 50 fresh blank disks available now.

I am backing up the eMac2 today.

I am using my 160 GB portable drive to back up the eMac2 today. I have 35 GB of free space and the eMac2 documents folder is 21 GB at the moment. So the first goal will be to use the 160 GB drive to back up the documents folder and the desktop, pictures and library folders containing mail. Then I will go to the Macbook and start to burn DVD's of the eMac2 by copying them off the 160 GB drive. Right now I am freeing up some more space on the 160 GB drive. There are three Microsoft program ISO images on the 160 GB drive and I am copying these to my network drive and then deleting them from the 160 GB drive. These are just back up copies of the Microsoft software that I was given free from school. There are a few other folders I can first delete on the 160 GB drive

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Getting my Macbook backed up.

I have made eighteen DVD backups for the Macbook at year end. I have three disks, one is documents, the other mail and mail downloads and the third the desktop and everything else. I do not back up applications. For each of these three disks I have six copies. Two copies go to one off site location and two more to another. Then I save two copies as on site back ups. I need to back up the eMac too but it requires an extra step because the DVD burner is not working well on it. So to back it up I need to copy files to a USB hard drives then to the Macbook and then burn the disks on the Macbook. I have enough blank disks to do this I think having some thirty new disks to work with for the back up.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Dell Mini 9 first thoughts.

I got the Dell Mini 9 yesterday just before time 1234554321. I first updated it. Then tried the package manager and installed KDE and R. I set up a new gmail account with Evolution software. I got the social browser Flock working on the machine. I adjusted the home page in Firefox and also took the Yahoo tool bar out of view. Still the top of the browser is too large and the window size is further hurt by the lack of a window scroll track pad like my Macbook has. I am so used to the scrolling window track pad control. So I may need to get used to some new finger control methods.

I transferred some songs to the music player and started to use the F-Stop software for photos but did not really get anywhere with F-Stop. The idea of transferring photos to the computer got me copying my photo store on my eMac to my Macbook and also to my network storage drive, as a first step, before transferring the photos to the Mini 9. So I did get the networking working and was able to connect to my network storage.

I took the Mini 9 out on the bus and read a pdf and it was not bad reading and I could keep my glasses on and read while seated but I needed two seats to get the right distance from eyes to screen. I shut the Dell Mini 9 off this morning.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I am getting a Netbook is about a week and a few days.

I am going to get a Netbook. I originally was checking out the Asus models at PcCyber a local small chain computer and parts store. In fact, this store was where I first saw these Netbooks and I first saw them on their website. I surfed ebay numerous times looking at the Asus models. Now two articles have come and gone in Linux journal covering first, the Acer Netbook and its Linux compatibility, and now this past month the Dell Mini 9 was covered in a more general product review. I was already going ahead with the purchase of the Dell Mini 9 before I bought this month's issue and read the review.

So here are the made to order specs of the Dell Mini 9 I am getting. N270 1.6 Ghz Atom processor with 2 GB 667 Mhz RAM, 64 GB solid state drive, cherry red in colour, with 1.3 Mega pixel built in web cam, Bluetooth, wireless G connections, and that is about it, I think. I have two cases for it already shipped and received. It will fit in a coat pocket and also fit in a small shoulder bag I have. It should be cool. It will be here by next Monday, but I am hoping it arrives early on Friday the 13th. Have Netbook will travel, to paraphrase the old science fiction master.

That is strange; my last computer was fully built on Remembrace day and this next one possibly arrives on Friday the 13th.

I learned more about PCI interfaces and the PCI standards by trying to buy the Motu sound card.

It turns out the Motu card because it is a few years old uses a different PCI standard than the motherboard and PCI interfaces in Remembrance. In fact, the Motu was designed for Pentium III era motherboards and the older 2.0 and 2.2 standards for PCI interfaces. It seems that the key thing is the voltage of these standards. The modern standards in effect since about 2002 use about 3 volts whereas the older standards used 5 volts. The Motu card that was on auction required the older 5 volt standards. So this card would not have worked in Remembrance.

At any rate I lost the auction and, in fact, the price went out of my price range.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Music on the computer.

I was able to play my electric bass into my eMac and Garage band the other day. I use an M-Audio Quattro USB interface that digitizes the signal from my bass. I use a Trace Elliot pre-amp with Tubes for my bass. So I was looking at used iBooks to use for a recording platform that would be more mobile. I need a Mac running only Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger because there are no Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard drivers for this Quattro interface. I then found an Motu PCI interface available on ebay from Asutralia. But this is on auction for another 7 days so the price will probably go out of my range. The prospect of getting this card has me looking at PowerMacs to install the card in. But I could just install it in Remembrance and have not even won the auction for the Motu PCI card yet. I did investigate Motu's drivers and they do not have Linux drivers. So having not won this interface card and rack processor, I will not be looking at PowerMacs yet. In fact, I should loose all the auctions I am bidding on because I can afford this stuff now. It would be green to buy the used equipment. I had been looking at new M-Audio Delta PCI cards because there are Linux drivers for 50$ available for these cards but the cards are about 175 dollars and the local computer store just raised their prices on these cards when they got them in stock and the price is now above retail. So for now I have recording abilities with my eMac. I should see if I can get the Quattro working with Windows XP 64 bit but this will probably not happen.

I am going through with the purchase of the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 with Ubuntu 8.

I hope by now I have canceled the purchase of the Mini 9 with Windows XP home. I reordered the Mini with Ubuntu 8 and upgraded the hard drive to a 64 GB solid state drive. I am also shifting some attention to music recording and have been looking at late model macs used.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My ISP Bell Canada offered a 110$ coupon off a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 but I backed out of buying one.

I was offered a deal to buy a small laptop from Dell. These are popular now and often come in Windows and Linux models. My ISP which used to be known as Bell Sympatico offered me a coupon of 110$ off the price. I did go to Dell and set up an order for one of these Inspiron Mini 9's. I had the order set up to be paid for on an installment plan but then when I saw the plan was at 19% interest I changed my mind. So I canceled the order. I had thought perhaps to have SAS working on this small laptop. But the OS was Windows XP Home which I think will not run SAS. I am still interested in having one of these small laptops but might prefer to have a Linux version.

I can instead run SAS on my Macbook using a Windows boot up on the Macbook. I still need to set Windows up on the Macbook after installing the new hard drive.

I do have my eyes on getting a Windows gaming laptop. An OCZ gaming laptop is what I have my eyes on. See the model I am interested in here at this URL:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I installed Kaspersky Internet Security software on Remembrance

I installed a one year licensed copy of Kaspersky Internet Security on the Windows XP 64 bit Remembrance computer. It may have shut down my use of vent a chat software I use in Eve Online to effect group game play. Otherwise I have no problems with this Internet security package.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Tree tabs and mixed tabs add ons for firefox.

This video from a Linden Labs staffer explains these useful firefox add ons.

or search tree style tabs and mixed tabs on goggle. You need the mixed tabs for the tree tabs to work.