Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My ISP Bell Canada offered a 110$ coupon off a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 but I backed out of buying one.

I was offered a deal to buy a small laptop from Dell. These are popular now and often come in Windows and Linux models. My ISP which used to be known as Bell Sympatico offered me a coupon of 110$ off the price. I did go to Dell and set up an order for one of these Inspiron Mini 9's. I had the order set up to be paid for on an installment plan but then when I saw the plan was at 19% interest I changed my mind. So I canceled the order. I had thought perhaps to have SAS working on this small laptop. But the OS was Windows XP Home which I think will not run SAS. I am still interested in having one of these small laptops but might prefer to have a Linux version.

I can instead run SAS on my Macbook using a Windows boot up on the Macbook. I still need to set Windows up on the Macbook after installing the new hard drive.

I do have my eyes on getting a Windows gaming laptop. An OCZ gaming laptop is what I have my eyes on. See the model I am interested in here at this URL:

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