Monday, March 30, 2009

I installed Microsoft Project 2007 on Remembrance

I installed Microsoft Project 2007 on Remembrance and made a file for the thesis I am working on in graduate school.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I installed Thunderbird version 2 for my Win XP machine, Remembrance.

I downloaded and installed Thunderbird for my Windows Desktop. I have been reading about how to import mboxes which are a common mailbox file for storing email. I will attempt to import all my Mac Mail going back some almost 15 years into the new Thunderbird install.

To transfer the mbox files to the windows PC I am using the network storage drive. But the network storage drive is running out of space and has only some 200 MB free space. I thought of going to PC Cyber to buy a one TB hard drive to install in the network storage bay but just do not have the money saved up for this. So this will wait for a month or two. This buying a one TB drive has been planned for over a year now although last year the plan was for two 500 GB drives. One TB drives are coming down in price so soon may be in May if I save up I will buy this drive. I have a work around for today and that is to delete all the Microsoft software ISO images from the network storage drive which will give me enough space to store the mboxes. So before I delete the iso images I am copying them to the Windows PC and am going to burn hard copies of all the ISO files. This will be four CD's and 2 DVD's. I will only make two copies of each. This also gives me a chance to try out the burner on the Windows PC called Remembrance.

I downloaded and installed Real Player version 11 for the Mac OS 10

I downloaded and installed Real Player version 11 for the Mac on my Macbook. I wanted this to view and listen to CBC news items.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

All my main computers are running well.

My eMac is functioning fine and I even found the DVD drive working again. The Macbook although it is filthy is working fine as my usual daily machine now in the living room, The new home built PC with Windows XP 64 bit and Debian Linux is also working fine now. The new Dell Mini 9 Netbook is fine and I carry it around all the time but it is not getting much use but it is very useful to have it if needed. I used it at a community group last week to keep minutes of a meeting.

I am thinking of buying a Windows laptop that I would build from an OCZ laptop skeleton. This PC laptop would also be running Windows XP 64 bit and Debian 4.2. I am also thinking of buying an iMac 20 inch desktop. I am looking at used MacBooks and Powerbooks and iBooks for a friend and perhaps one for myself for music recording. I am looking in the 200-400 dollar range for these. These would be running Tiger not Leopard for an OS.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Next laptop will be build from parts.

A DIY laptop I have had my eyes on is on clearance sale now. This week they are also offering a rebate on this laptop so today after work I may go and buy one. I would still need to buy a CPU, memory and hard drive. I have read some reviews and it looks like it will make an excellent dual boot machine. I have a copy of SAS, and a copy of Arc View I can legally install on this. I also have a copy of Office 2007 I can install legally. I have 160$ saved up but need 800$ then will get 200$ back in the rebate. So in the end I will have spent 440$ more than I have saved.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gaming accounts and costs.

I have been gaming with Eve Online for a little over a year now. I keep a blog for my game character written in the third person about this character and have started two other characters. One of these others was going to be a second account and also cost 15$ US currency a month. Instead I have not paid for this account and allowed it to expire. The other of the two extra characters (These are also known as "Alts".) is simply another character on the first account I have. The first account has cost me approximately 15 US$ a month now for 13 months or about 195US$ US. This was paid for in Canadian dollars over the past year. So recently has cost as much as 18$ CND per month.

I am thinking this account is a non-business account unlike my Second Life account where the game money can be exchanged for real money. This game though does not net any profits for me as of yet and is more of a monthly cost. It has cost as much as 25 US$ per month in land fees and 22.50 US$ quarterly in game membership costs. So it has cost as much as 7.50 + 25 or 32.50 US$ per month. There are also costs with buying land and other objects. But my online character has not made any sales beyond selling land to others that the character had to buy first and I believe these sales and have never resulted in a profit of more than 50$ CND and probably not more than 10 CND$ profit in any given year. At present my costs for land fees are at 40 US$ a month so about 47.50 US$ per month in costs. But I am allowed to "own" 1/8th of a region now and do own a sizable amount of land in a region known as "Monty". I am planning to either develop a virtual park in this region or sell the land off in parcels to try my hand at a virtual land business in Second Life.

Friday, March 06, 2009

HTML authoring resources by Ian Graham University of Toronto

I think Ian Graham wrote some great HTML books in the 1990's. Is anyone studying the computer self help press?

here are some titles that are only pennies used from Amazon

If a few bucks is still too much you read his online tutorial

Old but still useful

The Html Sourcebook: A Complete Guide to Html 3.0 (Paperback)
by Ian S. Graham (Author), Ian S Graham (Author)

Html 4.0 Sourcebook (Paperback)
by Ian S. Graham (Author) "What is a text markup language?..." (more)

I am trying to start reading this one

HTML Stylesheet Sourcebook (Sourcebooks) (Paperback)
by Ian S. Graham (Author)

BTW I do not know Ian or have any monetary connection to him nor really academic beyond learning from his great books and always available online tutorial.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Macbook backed up to USB external hard drive now.

I backed up the Macbook documents folder, the desktop folder and the mail folder to one of the external LaCie 250 GB hard drives. I also just started the back up of the eMac to the same 250 GB hard drive. I will not have to use the 160 GB LaCie portable drive to do this backup. I reviewed my 2007 backups for the Macbook and they are all burned to DVD now. I did this last year in 2008.

I would like to back up both computers once a month. I should also back up Remembrance this weekend. My next purchase for backing up will be an internal 1 TB drive for the network storage or a 1 TB or 500 GB USB external drive which again will hook up to the Linksys Network storage box. Another possible backup purchase will be more blank DVD disks. But I do have 50 fresh blank disks available now.

I am backing up the eMac2 today.

I am using my 160 GB portable drive to back up the eMac2 today. I have 35 GB of free space and the eMac2 documents folder is 21 GB at the moment. So the first goal will be to use the 160 GB drive to back up the documents folder and the desktop, pictures and library folders containing mail. Then I will go to the Macbook and start to burn DVD's of the eMac2 by copying them off the 160 GB drive. Right now I am freeing up some more space on the 160 GB drive. There are three Microsoft program ISO images on the 160 GB drive and I am copying these to my network drive and then deleting them from the 160 GB drive. These are just back up copies of the Microsoft software that I was given free from school. There are a few other folders I can first delete on the 160 GB drive