Thursday, July 02, 2009

The backups continue, the e-mail back up is still slow and I got started on transferring the second USB drive to the new 1 TB network drive.

I did another 12 hours or so of backups last night. I continued to back up e-mail from both the eMac and Macbook. I started in on the second 250 GB LaCie USB hard drive. I did manage to copy off a copy of Vista I had backed up there. I also backed up a copy of Win2K. Since these are single iso files these operating system files, they transfer quickly. And more importantly in personal files I got my back up of my first eMac onto the network drive. I used the old eMac from 2003 April to early 2006. I also started to transfer my older computer back ups going back to my Performa 580 CD which lasted from August 30, 1995 to early 1999. 1999 was the year I really started my statistics training and also I started to buy windows computers as well as Macs.

I found on an Iomega 20 GB USB hard drive my early 2006 Macbook backup folders and copied them to the Macbook for burning to DVD. This will take 12 DVD's for two folders at 6 copies each. Everything is now off this 20 GB Iomega USB drive so I will whip it clean and use it as a portable drive or give it away or sell it. I have someone now in mind to give this 20 GB Iomega USB hard drive to support his safe computing and to help me clean up a bit around here.