Sunday, March 29, 2009

I installed Thunderbird version 2 for my Win XP machine, Remembrance.

I downloaded and installed Thunderbird for my Windows Desktop. I have been reading about how to import mboxes which are a common mailbox file for storing email. I will attempt to import all my Mac Mail going back some almost 15 years into the new Thunderbird install.

To transfer the mbox files to the windows PC I am using the network storage drive. But the network storage drive is running out of space and has only some 200 MB free space. I thought of going to PC Cyber to buy a one TB hard drive to install in the network storage bay but just do not have the money saved up for this. So this will wait for a month or two. This buying a one TB drive has been planned for over a year now although last year the plan was for two 500 GB drives. One TB drives are coming down in price so soon may be in May if I save up I will buy this drive. I have a work around for today and that is to delete all the Microsoft software ISO images from the network storage drive which will give me enough space to store the mboxes. So before I delete the iso images I am copying them to the Windows PC and am going to burn hard copies of all the ISO files. This will be four CD's and 2 DVD's. I will only make two copies of each. This also gives me a chance to try out the burner on the Windows PC called Remembrance.

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