Friday, December 31, 2004

I am just doing my monthly backs ups. I actually burned a CD of the major folders on the desktop of my eMac this time. Soon I will print hard copies of blogs and burn a CD of my laptop's folders.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I seem to still be able to connect with the wireless router this morning with some settings changes.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The router is functioning now. I am surfing wireless from my living room with the router in the office.
I took back the non-functioning router, yesterday. It stopped functioning after upgrading the firmware. Today I went out and bought another one. I am just about to set it up. I got a little tip from a computer associate at Staples to set the wireless to another channel that should work better.

Monday, December 27, 2004

I got a complementary 90 day free copy of Norton Internet security for my WinXP laptop. After it scans my entire system I will update the firmware on my router.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

I was able by being the first customer at Staples this morning to buy a Network Everywhere Wireless B router for 20$. I got the wired router working now. Since Network Everywhere is a Linksys company and my 5 port switch is a Linksys now all my network connecting equipment is Linksys. I was able to get the wireless connection working with the laptop for browsing at first but could not download email and now in the evening I can not connect.

I tried to give away my Quadra for free but the guy who offered to take it backed out. I got some space crates too at Staples, and am using these as shelfs to put computer books in. I also got some large storage containers and put all my loose unused cables in one container and all my excess computer parts and peripherals in the other container. My office is looking a little neater now but this job is not done yet. I might go get some more space crates today.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Wireless routers are on sale at Staples tomorrow, so I may try to pick on up on Boxing day early in the morning. They also have their fileing cabinets crates on sale tomorrow. I am choosing Staples for shopping on Boxing day because some friends gave me a gift certificate for Staples.
I was able to get a Palm Tungsten W for my Christmas present to myself. It is really a useful tool these palm computers. I may not be able to get the cell phone function working but should be able to listen to mp3's ok.

I installed some software on the Quadra for my friend. This brings about questions of open source and software freedom of course, even though I paid for this software used and it would not earn the makers anymore money in these versions which maybe the only versions that work on this older computer.

We got my wife a DVD/VHS player for christmas and it set up with no problems. I got friends first aid kits and also solar emergency flashlights. I had hoped to get a secure digital card for the palm W but the bookstore was sold out. I did manage to afford some styli from future shop that will work with this palm. Future shop also have secure digital cards but they are fairly pricey.

Monday, December 20, 2004

I was able to find an old Quadra 660AV with Mac OS 7.1. I got it two monitors. One is an excellent shape Apple 15AV. I may hang on to this monitor. I also got by donation an Apple 16" monitor. My friend needs to find a lift to pick up this computer I am giving him.

I was able to update Fedora core 3 completely. I was able to update both my eMac and my windows laptop.

I am getting a newer Palm handheld computer now, a Palm W which also works as a phone. It was something I was looking for for about a year.

This blog has paid off. I had problems with my eMac crashing frequently. I read here on my blog/log book, what software I had just installed. First I thought it was the webmin software but turing that off did not fix the problem. I then thought it might be the Palm software and it turned out that was what it was. I turned off the hotsync and stopped it from listening to the modem port. Now the eMac is fine again. I was worried that I would loose the use of dreamweaver.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I bought a copy of Linux Journal. It is the January issue It seems that more of the articles and book reviews are about topics I am aware of now. I also bought the December issue of Linux Magazine. I am now of the mind that Linux is the next big thing.

I started to use webmin on my eMac. The newist software on my Thinkpad is MATLAB. The newist on my eMac is the Palm desktop and an update of webmin.

I was out shopping for a new handheld computer yesterday. I also was looking on the web for an external USB connected hard drive to back up email and other files. The on-line photo ordering service worked great and we have our first twenty prints now for 5$. I think an iPod would be good for backups but still cheaper would be the external hard drive and then eventual purchase of a Palm Tungsten C or E for MP3's and video as well as word and excel files. I have not really looked at open source handhelds although as I understand it Palm make their source code available. I have also studied some palm programming and have some codeing for palm software on this machine my thinkpad. I have also been looking at getting a new thinkpad but don't really need one. I did finally buy some new track point caps for this machine.

My Debian 3 install on the duron is not stable. I have managed to update my fedora core 3 machine and also the updated the NT on the same machine.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I got some more rechargable batteries for things like flashlights and cameras and CD players. I boughtan AC battery recharger last week.
I used mailman just now to clean out 277 spam emails from one of the email lists I manage as a volunteer with the Industrial Workers of the World. I am also the volunteer web master for this union locally. In another volunteer gig or two I also do web mastering as a volunteer. I have started to use dreamweaver regularly now. I also have some paid web master work. In my newist volunteer job I use a little technology but not a lot there may be some web mastering there too in the future.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Today is a memorial day for the women killed in Montreal. One of these women was a CUPE member. I remember them now in spirit. I remember my first summer job in computing when I shared the summer job hires list with a women. Also two other women I knew from my family friends also worked at the offices in the Senior Sciences building. Via a la femme de scientific et de ordinaire.
I successfully installed Debian 3 r2 with KDE on the Duron box. It is so nice. Now I will see about using it more. Right now the user can not start X windows only root. My laptop is still running well and I resisted buying a new IBM TP. I also resisted buying an iPod Photo. I did buy a Macinstosh Quadra 660 AV for a friend. I asked my local Mac store if they can sell me some old Macintosh monitors. I need some more black ink for my Epson 820 and will see if I can buy some at school today. My eMac is still functioning well. I used to order some prints from my digital camera and digital photo collection.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

My regularly scheduled back ups happen later today. I did manage to install Fedora Core 3. I also was sucsessful at installing Debian 3 r2 again on a 486 laptop. I had messed up the laptop using deselect trying to get X windows working the last time on that IBM 360SC. I am offering a friend this computer as a command line machine for web surfing at high speed using Lynx and vi for his needs. I have told him to get a copy of Linux for dummies quick reference first before I give him the computer. I paid 2$ for this book at our school bookstore and will look for another copy or two or three later today for giving away in my computer help work.

I have been doing school work on the win XP computer using MATLAB and also open office and also SAS. I have also been doing web mastering using Dreamweaver now.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I chatted with my dad briefly about installing MATLAB 7.0.1 on a Mac computer. The minimum on the Mac side is a Mac running system 10.3.2. My dad is getting himself a Powerbook.

I was able to stay home and continue downloading the Fedora core 3. Now that is almost done.

I am reading a computer/numerical analysis classic Numerical Recipes, by Press et al.. This is to study for my numerical analysis course exam coming up mid December.

I am downloading Fedora core 3. Each disk will take about 1.5 hours to down load. There are up to eight disks total. I can download two at a time so it could take 6 hours. I only have about four hours to do this this afternoon. I may have to run some of the downloads over night, tonight.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

I tried chatting at yahoo web designers room just now. It was not bad no big flames and an interesting discussion. various topics included
  • aligning graphics,
  • web safe colours,
  • Firefox versions,
  • selling web mastering,
  • Universal Accessible design,
  • how to learn web mastering,
  • and access to political web sites.
I took back the Apple video adapter as it did not work with my eMac computer and TV.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I am going to be getting an apple video adapter, today, so I can send a video signal to my TV. This is so we can watch photos on the TV as slide shows. This is the cheaper alterative to the iPod Photo.

That's it for computer spending although last week I got myself a USB memory key at 512MB for 60$.

I am still planning on studying SAS for a certification exam in early January late December and my plans to study datamining with SAS continue.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

I am uninstalling RSSowl. I am going to check out Internet telephony with I am also going to try out gaim on my winXP laptop. Cygwin is updated and I should have tex now on this laptop.

I may spend sometime reinstalling Debian 3.0 r 2 on the 486 laptop this morning. I also will be doing some work on the WinXP laptop, maybe chatting at yahoo with gaim and maybe trying out Internet telephony. I will also, of course, be using Open Office for school work.

Also this morning I will be marking statistics assignments and if I get those graded I will read some stuff on SAS to prepare for the basic programmer certification exam in early Janaury. I settled down my course choices for winter and am fairly certain I will study date warehouseing using SAS and may also study statistical computing in the winter term using either SAS or R.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

It is Rememberance day in Canada today. I will remember my grandfather an Air Commander in the RCAF and a brother of his who died fighting in Italy and my grandfather a Estonian freedom fighter. Also some of my family were shot by Stalinists. As well I will remember two other soliders both of whom are alive at this moment. One is a fellow I grew up with who has fought mostly in the Middle East with the Canadian forces. He was a military doctor. As well I know someone through the Internet who is presently in hospital from wounds suffered in Iraq and is fighting for his life in that hospital.

I will also pause today to reflect on my own committments to peace and justice and the fact that wars have brought us technology. I will think of Alan Turing and the development of computers and also think of arms sales. I will reflect as well on the horror of war and think back on my peace movement activities of the past thirty or more years.

I am being hired to work on my teaching assistant's union local's web site. The national union are hosting it. They have a content managment system for web sites they host. I am going to recommend that our local also use the content management system and not straight html. The content managment system can be used with html and also wiki formating. This morning I read about half of the basic manual for using the content management system. So far I have put in about 1 hour on this job. I will be paid to do this web work so this is my second web mastering job that is a waged job.

Monday, November 01, 2004

To use CVS in my new work on a sourceforge project I have installed Fink on my eMac and also Cygwin on my Thinkpad. These were both needed for other work on both machines. I also bought a copy of MATLAB release 14 for my MATH3806 course and installed it also on my eMac. I have also updated real player because of a security problem. I also used gaim on my IBM Fedora Core 1 linux box to chat at yahoo rooms.
Hi fellow coders,

If you write computer code you may need to learn CVS. Here is a very useful info page about this.

You can ignore this if you want or save the link for some other day when you want to learn about writing code on open source projects. The learning curve for CVS is steep but the link can be read fairly easily to see what CVS does for the modern developer.

stay in touch if you want I haven't heard from some of you in a long time hope you're ok.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

I joined the Linux chat room at Yahoo and the users there gave me a tip on chatting in rooms on Linux. They suggested I use Gaim. I tried it out and got it to work. I then chated with an old guiatrist friend and tried to instruct him in installing a second hard drive in his computer. He was too distracted with construction going on in his apartment to pay attention. I shut down all my computers at about 2 PM and went to sleep and then woke up at midnight.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

I booted up my FC1 box today. My yum headers need updating.
I updated the .net on this computer to 1.1, I updated iTunes on my eMac and my Thinkpad.

I inspected a NEC versa 50Mhz laptop and said to my friend that without a hard drive it was useless or too expensive to bring in to operational use. He got it free at a church computer sale.

I surfed sourceforge a bit and volunteered to do some documentation on a JAVA tile role play game. I will wait to hear more from that sourceforge team.

I got my copy of MATLAB and it might only work well on the eMac and will probably not work on my Linux computer because it needs a faster processor. It might work on the laptop.

I investigated the new Apple iPod photo device. It might be nice to have one for family photos. I wonder if the Palm Tungsten T5 would be good at that work. I kind of liked the thumb keyboard Palms but they don't seem to be for sale anymore at the major electronic stores or cell phone providers.

I will be doing my monthly backups on Sunday night. I have paper, ink, and blank CD's to do this back up.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

My three main systems are working fine tonight. My network is up and running. I should start designing a new web site. I need to do some more research first on similar web sites.

Monday, October 25, 2004

I created a number of folders in my shared documents folder on my WinXP laptop. Each folder is labeled so that files from the Fedora machine or eMac or laptop will be stored in that folder thus allowing some recording of where the files are from in other words the machine they were created on or where they were last worked on. Since these files are either word processing files or html files I am not using anything like a CVS system with them. I started to use Gftp and am going to try the Monzilla version of Netscape Composer now for web pages.

I now have two paying web master jobs. One is for a health group network and the other is for my teaching assistant union.

I am using Map Quest to download little maps to my PDA these days.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I found this web site for pdf's I downloaded some articles on hacking including a book in German.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

I attempted to install WinXPP on the duron and may have some success. I left it undone this morning.

Friday, October 08, 2004

I bought some more ink for my Espon 440, yesterday. I bought cheapo ink costing about 15$ for both black and colour. I might print a 169 page US Army field manual(FM-100-6) on information warfare. I need to print some school work this morning. I might take my laptop to school and try out the libraries wireless network.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Here is an interesting old web site Yes, there are old web sites out there. It concerns VRML and the VRML hype. It offers products for Mac and PC's. I have a book they put out and a CD rom of the software. The thing is many people thought this was a great thing in 1995 and now the web site is basically doing nothing. I was able to download one piece of software from there and no I didn't email them for support. Many pages are non-functioning and basically you could use this as an example of a one time cutting edge web site now not maintained.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

I got my backups completed with no issues All my computers are running fine except the IBM Thinkpad 360SC which I might tinker with a little now. I need to load PCMCIA drivers during a Debian install to get it working right.

I used MATHLAB running at the school lab. I got my graded programming assignment done. I think it was perfect work. I have to go into school and use MATLAB tomorrow. I might get some help with buying a copy of MATLAB from the Math Works. I might also rent a copy of Minitab.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

I am starting my back up process now having spent the last four hours at this computer. I will first spend an hour reading books before starting the back up process.
I just downloaded an RSS reader called RSSOwl. The web page at source forge for this page is here I am going to try this out to test my own blogs in RSS feeds.
I am preparing to do my monthly back up at 00:01 am Friday morning, 04/10/01/00:01. I will burn a CD of the WinXP laptop My Documents folder and back up the email. I will also back up my blogs by printing them in hardcopy.

Monday, September 27, 2004

I updated my WinXP laptop with WinXP service pack 2. It took awhile. I have been learning to shut down my high speed modem and rounter and switch over night now.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

I updated windows media player to version 10. I installed Visual Statistics 2.0 from a statistics textbook. I investigated MiniTab 14 and getting a copy. I also updated my kernal both my single processor kernal and my smp kernal on my Fedora 1 core. I also updated the Update software and that was what was causing my update problems. I have not yet installed Fedora 2 on the IBM PC server 325. I tried printing my Palm datebook and it is very nice. I should be doing backs ups this Friday early in the morning. I still have one more CD from a textbook to open on this windows laptop. I might practice some SAS work with this textbook and its data sets. I got my SAS renewed for another year. I have been doing some reading on datamining and also hacking both criminal hacking and hacking in a work a-holoic sense. I have put 6.5 new hours in to my web site job and will try to put another three hours in before I meet with the employer on Monday so they can pay me 120$ on Monday.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

I updated iTunes and also Yahoo messenger. I used the Launch radio service a bit. I started some open office files for my computer crime paper. I downloaded a pdf how to for open office and MySQL.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I replaced the ink cartridges in my Epson 820. Last week I replaced the cartridges in my Epson 440.

Friday, September 17, 2004

My computers both crashed a bit this week. The IBM laptop running XP crashed leaving only Maple 7 running with the desktop icons and task bar gone. The eMac is not worse for wear though with only Explorer crashing although the screen has been flikering a bit and getting some views of wrong resolution settings when awaking from sleep. This eMac may be worth 550$ at the local Apple store on a trade in.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I carried my laptop and about six books and three notes books yesterday. I was going around between school, home and a volunteer organisation. I was so beat when I came home and stayed up about 25 hours. I have seen a smaller thinner Targus laptop bag at the school computer store I want. But my laptop bags are fine now and I don't need a replacement. Still, I carried too much I should have not brought my portable floppy or portable zip disk. It was just too much weight.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

I got dselect to work on the duron computer. I installed a lot of extras and optional, debian components.

I used Audacity on my eMac to record a friend playing guitar.

I did my usual lengthy emails and some short emails to professors. I bought a copy of Linux for Dummies Quick Reference. I also got a copy of the Computers of Star Trek. I took back the Data Munging with Perl book and also the NAG library guide book that was almost 30 years old. I used the computers at school yesterday and used MATLAB for the first time to do some numerical analysis homework. I got 2 hours done on that course since Saturday morning and 3 hours done on law courses.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

I plan to do 16 hours of school work today, Sunday and Monday. 4 or less of these hours will be done on the school of mathematics and statistics workstations in the school's lab. I will make a first attempt to work in the lab today. I got some basic instructions on how to print using the school's printer yesterday from a school computer support person, who I stopped in the hallway. But, I hope also this weekend to reinstall Fedora. This time I will install Fedora core 2 on the IBM PC server, and need to burn the iso install disks for that but have downloaded the ISO images at this point.
R came over on September 4th, and I showed him all the software I had on my laptop. I also installed two games and gave R older games that won't work on my newer system. R likes computer games but I am no longer such a big fan of these games.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

My computers are working fine. I have been using my Epson 820 fine now. I printed some lengthy 60 pages documents two of them. One an Ontario Appeals Court case concerning marijuana law the other a Law Commission of Canada paper looking at what constitutes a crime.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

My friend got a blogspot blog so she can enter commments on my blog.

I might be borrowing an Apple II or GS computer to try out the game neuromancer.

I might really like a palm W computer or Palm Treo. But a Palm Tungston W would be fine, as this would allow me to use a thumb keyboard.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

I got the Epson 820 working again but could not print colour photos yet. I also got some city hall files filed away in a new file cabinet. I was able to hard copy print my blogs for the month of August. Hard copy is a form of computer security. I have been funded in my computer security studies by IBM giving me a computer security book. I have just now been reading about transnational private security companies and criminological studies implications of the expansion of private security. I have been keeping extensive study notes on my school work blog. I emailed a local linux novice email list yesterday.
Grief needs to be expressed for children heading back to school who didn't make it this year. The crimes in a school terroism incident are chilling me right now. My tears of rage are shed for these poor victims. My going back to school is great this year but some people somewhere in the world will now never have a chance to study because they have been murdered by terrorists. This is sad and the worlds armys should put down there weapons once and for all. I guess, Russia will never survive her military excursions.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Today I should be getting my Epson 820 functioning again. I should also be getting some recycled paper for my school work for the whole year.

I got a tripod both for my web cam a simple small globe D-Link web cam and this tripod will also help me with my Canon SureShot 100.

I have watched one demo on MATHLAB at the mathworks web site and should be using this software at school this fall.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Networking my home computers is working pretty good right now. They are all ethernet connected to a D-Link DI 704 printer server/gateway box. I can print things on my windows computer from my Linux computer. I can also add files from both the Mac and the Linux computer to the WinXP laptop. This is good because the scanner seems to work on the Mac and not too well with the laptop. Also I have photoshop 4.0 LE on the Mac.

I am getting 5000 sheets of recycled paper for my printers. I am also getting a few ink cartridges for my Mac Epson Colour Stylus Photo 820 printer. Also I am getting some photo paper and some more filing supplies and crates. All these supplies are going to be ordered on-line from Staples.

I have three computers working fine now. I will be doing backups in a couple of days. I should be getting 5000 sheets of recycled paper, ink and photo paper soon.

Friday, August 27, 2004

I am studying computer crime this morning. I worked on my paper on computer crime on my Linux computer using Open Office. I read from three books early this morning.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

This following program written in C++ is for exercise #4 in chapter 3 of Ross's Simulation 2d. By the way I looked up how to write into this blog, the less than and greater than signs in the program where the include statement is. These weren't showing up as the blog thought they were an html tag.
// A C++ program for integrating a continuous random variable (1-x^2)^(3/2) between 0-1 and finding its expected value or mean.//

#include <iostream>
int Kvalue;
float Svalue;
int Seed;
float x;
int countK;
float Expected;

int main()


std::cout << "Enter integer for random seed: ";
std::cin >> Seed;
void srand(unsigned int Seed);

std::cout << "Enter integer for length of Simulation: ";
std::cin >> Kvalue;
Svalue = 0;
while (Kvalue >= countK)

x= (float) ( rand() / (RAND_MAX + 1 ) );
Svalue= Svalue + pow((1-x*x),(3/2));


Expected= Svalue/Kvalue;
std::cout << "Expected Value = ";
std::cout << Expected;
std::cout << "Svalue = ";
std::cout << Svalue;
std::cout << "Kvalue = ";
std::cout << Kvalue;
return 0;


Monday, August 23, 2004

I am using my Win XP laptop to do bibliographic work this morning. I will go out again this morning and pick up the Diconix printer from the shippers.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

I got samba installed on the IBM PC server and used a printer, my Epson 440 connected to my laptop with WinXP to print a Gedit highlighted version of my two C++ programs. This is for hardcopy in my hard copy binder. The binder is for this blog and other computer notes.
I started working through the simulation exercises in chapter 3 of Ross's Simulation. Here is the C++ program for simulating the random variable exp(exp(x)) between 0-1.

// A C++ program For integrating a continous random variable exp(exp(X)) between 0-1 and finding its expected value or mean.//
int Kvalue;
float Svalue;
int Seed;
float U;
int countK;
float Expected;

int main()

std::cout << "Enter integer for random seed: ";
std::cin >> Seed;
void srand(unsigned int Seed);

std::cout << "Enter integer for length of Simulation: ";
std::cin >> Kvalue;
Svalue = 0;
while (Kvalue >= countK)

U= (float) ( rand() / (RAND_MAX + 1 ) );
Svalue= Svalue + exp(exp(U));


Expected= Svalue/Kvalue;
std::cout << "Expected Value = ";
std::cout << Expected;
std::cout << "Svalue = ";
std::cout << Svalue;
std::cout << "Kvalue = ";
std::cout << Kvalue;
return 0;

Saturday, August 21, 2004

I reviewed some of Morris, Mary E. S. & Massie Paul. Cyber Careers (Mountain View, CA: Sun Microsystems, 1998). I reviewed the developing one's self chapter. I did some inch pebbles for this past week in my private journal.
After my WinXp disk formated the hard drive in the Duron computer I attempted to install Debian 3.0 r.2 which worked but then I made a mess with tasksel.
This blog is now at

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I read chapter 1 in Hermanns, Holger. Interactive Markov Chains: And the Quest for Quantified Quality (Berlin: Springer, 2002). This statistics book describes a method for modeling the performance of complex systems in particular this could apply to computer systems.

I was able to download a copy of Windows XP professional with SP1 because the mathematics and statistics department has an agreement with the MSDN Academic Alliance. I needed this because the WinXP laptop I have did not come with a WinXP CD. I can now maybe try to make this laptop dual boot. The WinXP CD will be for a system recovery if the installation fails. I am now going to burn the ISO image.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

This program inspired from chapter 3 of Ross, Sheldon. Simulation 2d (San Diego: Academic, 1997) will calculate the average value of X^2 between x=1-10 for a discrete version of x squared.

// A C++ program For Integrating a random variable (X^2) and finding its expected value or mean.//
int Kvalue;
int Svalue;
int Seed;
int U;
int countK;
float Expected;

int main()

std::cout << "Enter integer for random seed: ";
std::cin >> Seed;
void srand(unsigned int Seed);
std::cout << "Enter integer for length of Integral: ";
std::cin >> Kvalue;
Svalue = 0;
while (Kvalue >= countK)


U= 1 + (int) ( 10.0 * rand() / (RAND_MAX + 1.0) );
Svalue= Svalue + U * U;


Expected= Svalue/Kvalue;
std::cout << "Expected Value = ";
std::cout << Expected;
std::cout << "Svalue = ";
std::cout << Svalue;
std::cout << "Kvalue = ";
std::cout << Kvalue;
return 0;

I did not do any programming yesterday, but took part in a sys admin discussion. I also did some requests for school supplies meaning printer ink and paper. I also offered some computer support to my sister who needs a computer for school. I contacted the local Mac shop to see about getting a quote on an eMac for her. I also asked them about the availability of an old clamshell ibook they have for sale for 600$.

Although I did not do any programming I did set up some music gear and record my wife and myself playing music using Audacity. So far this is trouble free software and I am having some good newbie experiences with this recording software.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

I am reading this book today and yesterday: Ross, Sheldon. Simulation 2d (San Diego: Academic, 1997). I am trying to make the computer program from chapter 3 for integrating a random variable run a number of times in a loop using a psuedorandom number generator. The book has an example in BASIC. I am trying to write a similar program in C++. I have been searching the web for C++ syntax and so forth. It is not complete yet. I have the below code done so far but I am not returning a random number the right way yet.

Here is my code adopted from a simple C++ IO program from a basic learning C++ book using Quincy as my developer environment and of course gcc.

// A Simple C++ program For Integrating a random variable (X^2) and finding its expected value or mean.//

int main()
int Kvalue;
float Svalue;
int Seed;
float U;
int countK;
float Expected;

std::cout << "Enter integer for random seed: ";
std::cin >> Seed;
void srand(unsigned int Seed);

std::cout << "Enter integer for length of Integral: ";
std::cin >> Kvalue;
Svalue = 0;
while (Kvalue >= countK)

float rand(U);
Svalue= Svalue + U*U;

Expected= Svalue/Kvalue;
std::cout << "Expected Value = ";
std::cout << Expected;
std::cout << "Svalue = ";
std::cout << Svalue;
std::cout << "Kvalue = ";
std::cout << Kvalue;
return 0;

Sunday, August 08, 2004

I just read in Cross, David. Data Munging with Perl (Greenwich, CT: Manning, 2001) that Unix measures time elapsed since Thursday, January 1st 1970. It measures it in seconds. Try this command on a Unix box or Macintosh running OSX.

perl -e "print time";

for user friendly time

perl -e "print scalar localtime";

When was a billion seconds?

perl -e "print scalar localtime(1_000_000_000)";

that's all btw this date is very close to September 11, 2001. Does this mean that Unix is involved in terrorism?

I bought a friend a used Apple Colour Style Writer 2400. Apple spec page here: It was about 4 CND plus heavy shipping costs.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

I bought our first air conditioner today. It has a computer inside and it has a remote control. I have installed two air conditioners this summer for elders. I will install ours next Tuesday evening. It has 10,000 BTU's and uses 980 watts of power.

Saturday, July 31, 2004

In about 20 minutes I will print out my three blogs in hard copy for the last month's entries. I will also burn a CD of the My Documents folder on my laptop. This is my regularly scheduled back up process. I will start to prepare the laptop to do this now with plugging in the right cables and getting the paper ready for the printer. Today there was a fire alarm in our building and I evacuated the back up CD's. But it was a false alarm.
I updated a web site I created and maintain as a volunteer at city hall. It is for an accessibility committee that advises the Mayor and city counsel and hears about accessibility issues concerning the city. The web site is at Tonight I added the new committee members names and took the retiring committee members names off the member's web page. I also added more links and took off dead links on the web sites' links page. One interesting site that concerns accessibility and the web I added was This w3 site is the world wide web consortium's web space.
I defraged my laptop today. Later tonight on Sunday, I will back up the My Documents folder on that laptop. I will also hard copy print my three blogs for the month of July in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

I opened Xcode on the eMac but did not really write anything just looked at help screens a little. I did the same thing with Active Perl on the laptop.

I am trying to buy an old Kodak Diconix printer on ebay and I am buying on ebay a Power Mac 5200CD and Apple 2400 printer both for a friend.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Here are some technical books in various fields I am reading at the moment:

Taylor, Dave. Macworld Creating Cool Web Pages with HTML (Foster City, CA: IDG, 1995).
This book is great for simple reference to basic HTML. I have been using it for about 8 years. I use it about once a month like now when I need to look up the code for a definitons list like this one you're reading showing titles of books and a brief comment about each book. For more serious HTML references with more depth, I use Ian Graham's, The HTML Source Book: A Complete Guide to HTML 3.0 (New York, NY: Wiley, 1996).
Schwartz Randal L. & Christiansen, Tom. Learing Perl, 2d (Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly, 1993 & 1997).
I have tried to read this book before. I am volunteering as a recording secretary and administration secretary for two of my unions and a community group, so would like some help with report writing and quick editing of word processed documents. PERL promises this help. The problem is... I have not been able to learn much about PERL by reading about it alone. Oh well, I try again and borrowed this book today.
Schwartz, Alan. Managing Mailing Lists (Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly, 1998).
This book I bought to read for advice on managing... actually moderating mailing lists. I have present responsiblity as a volunteer for moderating two community group's email lists. These are real life organizations that use mailings lists. I have one of my own yahoo mailing lists too for geography studies discussions but it is only used once or twice a year, so it is sort of a dead list. It also has no real life affiliation. Some people confuse email mailing lists with mass marketing postal mailing lists but if you don't know yet what an Internet email mailing list is then it is easy to see why you might not know there's a difference. In fact, one can use an email mailing list for marketing but I don't think one could use a fund raising postal mailing list or mass market postal mailing list for discussions. I haven't read much of this book but I bought it just last week.
Gulbransen, David. The Complete Idiot's Guide to XML (Indianapolis, IN: QUE, 2000).
Instead of Y2K the year 2000 brought us this book. I started reading this book in the winter of 2003. I have been slowly writing a dtd or two. I have opened about three or four editors for writing XML on all three platforms Linux, Mac and Windos. All these XML editors seem to need a dtd to already exist. I read the whole book last year and am reading it again this year to reference for writing my dtd's. I have been using xemacs on my WinXP laptop most recently to work on one of my dtd's but plan to go back to Gedit next for this work.
Spector, David H.M. Building Linux Clusters (Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly, 2000).
Again Y2K didn't happen, I recorded my first movie off TV which was Y2K the movie and this book came out that year. Actually I had a friend record it as at that point, December 31, 1999, I could not work a VCR. I can now program and work a variety of VCR's. I can even install Red Hat 6.2 as a super computer on IBM hardware and this book and its accompanying CDROM made this happen. Reading this a couple of years ago I learned basic networking and SCSI with the help of other networking books since, and the web to learn SCSI facts. I find this a great book but apparently the publisher has appologised for publishing it. I could not get the web interface working on the supercomputer software maybe it was flawed or something. Contact me if you read or used this book just to share notes. I was reading this book recently to understand networking with more than one router.
Cross, David. Data Munging with PERL (Greenwich, CT: Manning, 2001).
Computer books seem to still to be written only by people named Dave or David and this book comes out a year after Y2K. I just got it today at the library and might stay up all night so I have time to read it before having to go work somewhere.
Bhasin, Shweta & Bhatia, Vikram. Web Security Basics (Cincinnati, OH: Premier, 2003).
Finally it is 2003 and this book is for Intermediate and Advanced users and it is not written by a Dave or a David. Other than that I haven't read it yet.

Well those are the technical books directly in computer science that I am reading. I will post some books on more social computer topics later as well as some technical books I am reading in statistics, GIS, GI science, hydrology, technology and disabilities, and finally some politics and techno-culture books. I mean cyberculture but don't want to use that word really.

Another busy day working as a tutor/student/teaching assistant ends and I feel great.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

I have overloaded my Thinkpad 360 after trying to get X working. Now I don't know what to delete to get space on the hard drive. Dselect won't do much at all. I don't seem to be able to reinstall Debian 3 either.

Friday, July 23, 2004

I had my laptop running my new web cam and watched it using Yahoo Messenger on another machine in the living room. Right now I am doing tech support for a friend.

I downloaded R for the fedora computer.

Monday, July 19, 2004

I helped a friend install drivers for his sound card, and his CD burner. I also set up the software for his printer. He paid me a package of smokes for this help.
I got X Windows working on my Thinkpad 360SC. I used a XF86Config file posted to the web and it worked.

I attended Linux in the Wild a local Linux group BBQ.

I still did not upgrade my palm. I used it fair amount yesterday. I am trying out a medical calculator and a 14 day trial of PDA stats.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

I bought a palm belt clip case. I have considered upgrading my palm to a Tungsten W or E model.

Friday, July 16, 2004

This blog has a new interface. I had to choose edit html to write this. This interface is much better and saves me two clicks.

I discovered a new calendar view on my Palm. I recharged the palm fully. I read an article about palms from I also read an article about palms from the Globe and Mail from 2001. I used my new palm belt clip case tonight. I did not take my palm out of the case while out.

I picked up my Epson 820 photo colour stylus printer, which had been out on loan. I bought basic office supplies yesterday. I got floppy labels at a very good price. I thought of making html files of our books and selling them copied to floppy with labels. The router is working fine. I have been using my laptop for two days now as my main machine. I booted up my Fedora machine and copied some code from a almost forty year old book. I used Gedit to copy the code. The code is Fortran IV. The program I was copying was MM1A or matrix math.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I had broken the reset button off on my D-Link DI704 router. I placed a long tool into the reset button hole on the router and tried to reset. I am not sure this worked.

I used the TCP/IP panel in the Macintosh to manually set the Mac's connection to the router as and was able to get into the router using a web browser by setting the web address as the last IP address of the router. I then ran the router's wizard and got the router working again. I then reset the settings on the Macintosh.

I had reinstalled Fedora core 1 on the IBM PC server and then once the router was properly set up I could get on-line with the IBM linux system.

So I have three working systems. One the Laptop running win XP, two the eMac running Panther and lastly but not least the IBM PC server 325 running Fedora 1 core.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

I sold my router to a friend. I did get a gateway with print server but botched the configuration and then broke the reset button with too much force. I didn't quite get the print server working. I would like now to get a wireless router.

I was getting impatient not having a Linux x windows desktop so reinstalled fedora core 1 on the IBM PC rather than fix the problems with the previous install. But since I don't have a working router now I have to use PPPoe for all my computers at present and don't know how to configure this on the Linux side so am not on-line with this Linux box right now.

Monday, July 05, 2004

I failed once again to install Linux in the duron computer. I think it is time to buy a new hard drive for that machine. I should pick up a 20GB or 10GB drive for it.

Friday, July 02, 2004

I made a web page for my Thinkpad 360SC and Linux. I put this new web page on my web site. I also sent my cheque in for the domain registration and URL forwarding for my computer ethics web site.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

I can use my laptop on my coffee table, while sittting on the couch. From couch potatoe to couch commando. I am just putting all my computer law papers together to create a book using Open Office.

Monday, June 28, 2004

I stopped all my instant message programs from starting up on the boot up of my IBM T30 computer. My boot up was so slow. I suspect it is either, these messenger programs or the virus scan or maybe some unknown spy ware.

I am using Microsoft Publisher 97 to do some work today and tomorrow. I got this software for a donation to the National Capital Freenet in late 1999.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

I am taking the Bell and Howell video camera back to the department store today for a refund. It only takes 3 minutes of video and did not state that in the product advertisment. If they do not take it back I believe I have an action in small claims court.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

I bought a video camera from the Hudson's Bay Company. I was not going to get a video camera but they dropped the price 300$. But that was not enough because the camera although a Bell and Howell branded camera is a little on the cheap side. I need to learn this about major department stores. Anyways I now have a battery operated web cam. I could have for the same money perhaps bought a netcam. But this camera I got is also small and will work well as a mobile surveillance system for my trips around town. I probably don't know enough people to use this for video conferencing. For that I can use Yahoo or Netmeeting, but I can't use iChat with this webcam.
I sold a Thinkpad power supply just now. I sold it to a fellow member of the OCLUG.

Friday, June 25, 2004

I am able to network my home computers now. I was able to use ftp on the 360SC Thinkpad and log into the eMac computer. I was also able to see the share folder on the T30 Thinkpad from my eMac.

I am now starting to create an FAQ for Linux beginners for our OCLUG web site FAQ's.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

I have just been learning R. It works fine in WinXP and also works without graphics on the Thinkpad 360 running Debian 3. I was able to read the preface and work through part of the beginners sample.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

I installed R on the IBM TP T 30 under WinXP. I also installed xemacs and configured xemacs to run ESS and run directly to R. I tried the demo(graphics) command in R and it worked with this set up. I can now use xemacs on the WinXP laptop.
I was asked to help my dad network his two Mandrake laptops. I found ifconfig in the sbin directory. We ran ifconfig which gave us the present 192.168.0.X IP addesses for his laptops. Then he could ssh to the other laptop.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I was able to install R version 1.8 on the Thinkpad 360SC. It seemed to work. But also installing it on the eMac showed that when demo(graphic) was used as a command version 1.9 of R ran screens of charts and pictures that of course just did not show up on the old 486.

I am buying some more ink for the Epson Photo Stylus 700 this week. I was able to print my essay on the Epson colour stylus 440 ok. It seems I now need to print at best quality to get perfectly readable text. I think this is perhaps the age of the printer causing it to degrade but it could also be the quality of the ink I am using.

I posted two emails to the OCLUG, this weekend and Monday. Both emails were status reports rather than problems described.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

I didn't use my computers much yesterday. I was out of the house for about 5 hours yesterday and didn't use anything but my own Palm when out. At home I printed a 12 page essay and used email. I also downloaded some work related files from two different employers.

I tried to install Debian 3.0.23 twice yesterday on the Duron box but failed both times. I can get the base system installed but task selection and dselect failed. On the second attempt the initialisation of the root directory partition failed.

I did not use my computers while my guests were over. After they left I immediately used my eMac.

Friday, June 11, 2004

My email activity today has helped me orgainse much volunteer work and made my life much better.
I forgot to turn the projector on at the beginning of my in class presentation. I have sent this presentation as an email attachment to geographers in Australia and also the USA.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Blog error.
I may need to use R for statistics. R is available for GNU. Therefore I need to get a GNU machine working.

I have installed the base system and I think a few compilers on the Thinkpad 360SC. So I have a functioning basic Linux system now.

Xandros is now available as a free download. This was mentioned on the Ottawa Canada Linux users Group email list today by someone from Xandros. I will download it later.

Today I have to use a data projector at school. I will play a slide show from Open Office on my laptop and show my presentation on GIS and emergency response in class tonight. I have also printed the slides on paper using a laser printer at the school's library. I printed on both sides of the page. I chatted with Heather Cross our library help person. She has a sociology MA and a Law and sociology BA from Carleton.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I used my Palm, my eMac and my Thinkpad T30 yesterday. I did some email, some web pages with composer and wrote an essay. I also used my blogs and family reported reading my blogs and I had an email discussion about blogs. I backed up my palm. I printed some work related stuff. I, in fact, used two printers yesterday and today with no errors using the set default printer appropriately. I watched my supervisor use a computer at school to print something from a textbook CD. I chatted ever so briefly with my brother usng iChat. I used and managed email lists.

Monday, June 07, 2004

I was unable to install Debian 3.0 so far on the Thinkpad 360SC.
I did manage to make my May back up CD of my laptop. I did not back up email or favorite/bookmark web pages though. I lost all my netscape email after I configured netscape to use Norton Internnet Security. What's that they say about badley configured security software is more dangerous than no security software?

Saturday, June 05, 2004

These are the computer related books I borrowed on Thursday night after my LAWS4701 class taught by Chris McNaught.
Wall, David, ed. Crime and the Internet (London, Routledge, 2001).
This book suggests that neither a big crime or no crime has occurred because of the Internet. Rather a lot of minor small crimes have occurred and we still aren't sure what, where, why, who, when and how the Internet is existing and changing existence. It is a collection of papers about Internet crime by criminologists from the UK. I have not read much of it yet.
Grabosky, Peter & Smith, Russell G. & Dempsey, Gillian. Electronic Theft: Unlawful Acquisition in Cyberspace (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2001).
This book examines cybercrime but in particular theft using computers.
Zylinska, Joanna ed. The Cyborg Experiments: The Extensions of the Body in the Media Age (London: Continuum, 2002).
I don't know what this book is about yet.
Gray, Chris Hables. cyborg citizen: Politics in the Posthuman Age (New York: Routledge, 2001).
This book examines briefly all kinds of cyborgs but the main theme is the politics of the cyborg age in particular participatory politics. So this book is both maybe a green politics book and also in the subfield of political science studies that I place my own political science studies. I am tempted to read more of this book but also tempted not too.

Friday, June 04, 2004

I am installing Debian 3.0 on my Thinkpad 360SC. I am doing it as a network install. I got this Thinkpad a 8MB memory upgrade. It now has 20MB of memory.
I did it I got to point to this blog. I will know pay the fee to get the adds off this blog.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The back up on CD failed on the winxp laptop. Also after installing Norton Anti-Virus firewall I lost all my netscape mail for the past few months which is a pain.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I hard copy backed up my two blogspot blogs but these are only in rough reading copies for carrying around with me. In a minute to two I will burn the my documents folder of this PC to CD for the month's end back up of same folder. It is about 3 years of laptop computing in that folder involving two different laptops.
I am frustrated with Linux. It is not worth all this trouble to have an open software that is free to use. Although I have in the past been frustrated with Windows too. I would say only the Mac is not frustrating at the same level. Maybe it just because I try to do so much with computers and own too many of them.

Monday, May 31, 2004

I am considering switching to Linux on the laptop. The choice is between Fedora Core and Xandros. I would have to buy the Xandros. I have the Fedora Core 1 CD's.

I would have to have access to my Windows data mostly the Word files are important. I will make this month's back up CD later today around mid-night.

I will also print off monthly copies of my blogs for hard copy reference and back up.

I also now think I have the first four Debian 3.0 r2 disks burnt on CD but trying to install on the Duron box the 2.4 kernel did not work. It stalled on the drivers and modules section install.

I got an addware program by accident on my laptop. I was downloading napster from when I got it. I phoned a business journalist who did a piece on napster and alerted him. Now my Internet Explorer won't work on my laptop. I am not sure how I will update WinXP anymore.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Soon it will be time to back up my laptop to CD again. I will do that next Monday. Tonight I will do a zip disk back up of my personal files.
I worked on my old 486 laptop project early this morning. Soon I hope the 16MB DRAM PCMCIA card will arrive and I will install Debian 3.0 r2. I got the ethernet PCMCIA card working a bit by experimenting with modconf and loading and unloading modules in the kernel. I got the traffic lights to light up on the router and the cable coming out of the ethernet card, the dongle. But they would not blink meaning no transmission is happening. I was also not able to ftp from the laptop. I decided to scrap the x install and work on getting some programming done using the GNU compiler collection and maybe using Elvis and trying out it's highlight syntax functions. I also tried to install tex.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Looks like I will be using my WinXP laptop a lot as I am in school again. That is the main function of this laptop is that it is a school work tool.

Friday, May 21, 2004

In first year a couple of people advised me to put in twice as many out of class study hours as classroom hours in first year university. One of them also said in fourth year one would need to put in even more hours. In this fourth year law course I have put in 33 hours so far outside of class. I have put in 4.5 hours class time so far. So right now out of class to in class has a ratio of 33 to 4.5 or 7.33.

I have a computer slide show started on emergency preparedness and GIS for this course. I also have a paragraph or two started for my course paper. I did both of these study tasks with Open Office (

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I have to take my WinXP laptop to school today for a lecture. It is raining a little so I will have to wrap it in a bag inside my laptop bag.

Monday, May 17, 2004

I am writing and researching another school paper on the WinXP laptop. I am also using the eMac fairly constantly. I think the Linux projects will be on hold for a while to reduce stress.

I had some thoughts tonight of beginnning and continuing to study for the LPI 101 certification again. But I can't afford anything extra right now and one of my domain names is up for renewal and I have an idea for a new domain name to point to this blog.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Here is an interesting UN web page with plenty of articles about computers. Have a look at a few of the articles.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Status Report
  • The Win XP IBM T30 laptop is fine and backed up.
  • The eMac is fine but not backed up.
  • The IBM 325 PC server is fine for NT 4.0 and on the linux side the Fedora has problems with launching X.
  • The debian 2.1 laptop the thinkpad 360 is robust but not networked and no X yet.
  • The duron is not working right now.
  • I am think of buying a Mac OS 7.5 disk on ebay this week for my Quadra.
It is like the teenage view of popularity in my mind. My mind is wrong but here is the thought: Computer work became popular. I don't want to work in something popular. I used to work in computers when they were not popular. Now the right thing to say: I resent that others earn money working with computers, while I have not made a lot of money doing this. But that is changing I am working in computers now. Related to this I bought a cheap copy of Cyberselfish yesterday. It cost 3.99 CND.
I have four iso images downloaded now for Debian 3.0 r2 dated end of 2003. I want to volunteer on the Debian project.

I have volunteered on the Open Office project by demonstrating Open Office use at Open Source Weekend this past march.

Friday, May 14, 2004

I will need to be using ssh for some web master work this spring but am thinking and considering whether I want to do this volunteer gig.
I have the first four debian 3 r2 iso images downloaded now.
I tried to fix my Fedora by reinstalling from CD. I let it find the previous install but no luck with fixing it. I seem to have x problems but the command line is fine.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I am presently downloading the iso image for the debian 3.0 r2 disk 1 on my WinXP laptop.
I may buy some blank CD's and try to burn the latest Debian version. I have Debian 3 but before the security flaw was found last fall. This would be downloaded and burned on the WinXP laptop and would be my first attempt at making ISO CD's on this laptop.

Today I need to print some agenda's for a union meeting.

I am just doing routine computer tasks these past two days. I took back the C++ learning book to the library.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

I gave up on the Duron box again. I am now starting my research on the TP 360SC.
I am going to try to adjust the X windows on the Turbo Linux setting the monitor to a G70. I am also going to set a low colour resolution.

I am also going to do some research this morning to get the Thinkpad 360SC networked. I got the Thinkpad 360SC a used 16MB memory upgrade and will be attempting to install Debian 3.0 later this month.

I am starting another school course so my time availabel to work on computer work will be limited. I will of course be using my TP T30 quite a bit for school work along with my two Epson printers. I need to get another black ink cartridge for my Epson 700.

Friday, May 07, 2004

I have retreated to my laptop for now. I don't want to get very frustrated at the moment. I found out I did not do very well on my legal issues in ecommerce course. I am just relaxing writing my blogs this morning.
For some reason my Fedora machine has crashed. It no longer boots up to X windows. This happened right after the update yesterday morning.

My turbo linux machine seems ok but it also had X die today. I will boot it up again right now and check it to rule out general X windows problems everywhere.

The Duron seems to be booting just fine. Yes X windows still works there but there is an error message at log in and this second Linux machine does connect to the net yet.

I tried to get a better X config but this failed. So I lost a low power X configuration and will now be adjusting it. There is some bomb file called Core in the root directory. I am not sure what this is.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I am preparing to write some more of my protest dtd tonight. Not sure I will actually write anymore of it. I will do it on the Fedora machine, LEAVES. I got the text editing program to print out my dtd in hard copy with XML highlighting in colour.

I am updating Fedora right now

I might study some SAS tonight on my Thinkpad. I might try to do some web mastering too on the Thinkpad.

I chatted using the undernet server on channel #linux earlier tonight.

It should be a long night studying code and maybe staying up for a speech tomorrow on global governance at school.

I quit my membership before the trial period ended. Internet shopping? Somewhat pricey.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I am more comfortable now with on-line shopping. I am using to rent dvd's for instance.

Monday, May 03, 2004

I studied a little basic C++ programming this morning.

Yesterday I printed this blog out in rough copy and added it to my ecommerce legal issues notebook as a hard copy of my computer work.

I hope to do a little web mastering today on the ERN web site. I have to perfect some downloads of PDF's for a conference.

I updated this blog's byline or subheadline.
I bought an HP CD writer plus 8200e for a friend. We got it working fine using HP's RecordNow software. I also used this software for my old HP CD writer plus 8000 which I put in a USB external enclosure and got working with my laptop. My old 20GB backup IDE hard drive would not work in this enclosure but the CD writer works so hey.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

I printed out all my blogs for rough copy binders. This is public information. It is non-protected class A data.

I also backed up my laptop as I do at the end of each month.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I studied Palm labels and fields, this morning, but did not examine the code carefully in chapter 7 of Bachmann, Glenn, Palm Programmming: The Authoriative Solution (Indianapolis, IN: Sams, 1999). But am only up to chapter 4 actually with reading, reviewing and working with the code in Code Warrior's Palm Constructor. I am doing this learning on my WinXP laptop.
I did some webmastering today. I used some server side folders and full URL's rather than relative. I hope to complete this work in another hour or two this morning.

Then I will work on the IBM Thinkpad 360SC. I am hoping with the Thinkpad that the new Linksys PCMCIA fast ethernet card will re-establish my network connection. Of course I will need to install the right driver to support the card.

Monday, April 26, 2004

These are the computer related books I am reading at the moment.

Bachmann, Glenn, Palm Programmming: The Authoriative Solution (Indianapolis, IN: Sams, 1999)
This book explains the tools and code needed to make applications for the Palm handheld computer.
Stevens, Al, Wiley's Teach Yourself C++ 7d (New York: Wiley, 2003)
This book starts with the basics of programming in C++ similar to C and then goes further.
Schroeder, Michael & Wagner, Gerd, eds., Rules and Rule Markup Languages for the Semantic Web: Second International Workshop, RuleML 2003 Sanibel Island, FL, USA, October 2003 Proceedings (Berlin: Springer, 2003)
This book includes papers about web searching technologies for example.
Delwiche, Lora D. & Slaughter, Susan J., The Little SAS Book: a primer (Cary, NC: SAS Institute, 1998)
This book teaches how to do basic SAS and describes the structure of programs, data formats, and use of Data and Proc steps.
Denning, Dorothy E., Information Warfare and Security (Reading, Mass.: Adison-Wesley, 1999).
I used the Real One radio today and also iTunes radio both on the WinXP laptop. I also upgraded the iTunes software.

Speaking of Apple software. I upgraded to Panther about a month ago for my eMac. And still speaking of Apple, I made an order and saved it for later for an iPod 20GB and an iSight and a USB sound input device for a home studio. Total for this saved order is 1K. The iPod is for my wife. Honestly.

Friday, April 23, 2004

I am not doing much computing today just web and email and no programming. I am working in none computer related work today.
There is a technology tradeshow and conference next week at our cities civic centre. I may have some free time to attend after I write my exam on Monday.
I got a Linksys Fast Ethernet PCMCIA card throguh The card seems in perfect shape and it should work fine with the older Thinkpad. It came with a bonus Turbo Linux workstation 6.0 CD. I was looking for this OS as Turbo Linux no longer seem to offer it as a free download.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

I am studying for my exam this morning after
    briefly studying
  • Palm programming,
  • Unjust Enrichment,
  • Numerical Analysis,
  • a little para-psychology and philosophy,
  • a little about web searching technology based on communities of common interest,
  • and reading the newspaper.

In the newspaper there was an article about bio-sensors or medical measuring devices built into a ring and using wireless communication to record patient vitals. I saved this article.

I also read city political news and scanned business headlines for the past month.

The paper about web searching technologies seemed to ignore that idea that communities of common interest are maybe unnatural and a way of being exclusive. But there were some eqautions made up that seemed rather arbitrary and some sort of pseudo math approach to web searching technology.

The para-psychology paper from The Journal of the Royal Institue of Philosophy was about why para-psychology or psychical research is an important philosophical topic. To state this thesis the author C. D. Broad described the limits that we generallly accept in the modern world about causation, timing of events, and mental events. He wrote this in 1949.

The numerical analysis reading I did was on about error and the occurance of error in input, problem solving and output.

The Unjust Enrichment book I am reading continued from the case it started with to a classification mapping of this area of law. Professor Ogilvie had stated that this law was not clear. Already Birks the author of the book I am reading has promised that this book will finally make this area of law clear.

In Palm programming I studied the standard Palm GUI buttons for selection by the user.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Some fellow from OCLUG gave me a set of two Debian 2.1 CD's today.
I sold an HP CD writer plus 8000 drive yesterday and today sold a 14" IBM monitor.
I spent a large part of today finding out I did not download xlibg6 an improtant library file for x windows. I tried in vain to copy the file off another computer using the floppy.
I made some French web pages today. I was given French word doc files which worked best opened in Mac text edit. Then copied and pasted to composer vola done. Now to make an index page.

Monday, April 19, 2004

I am still mostly using my eMac for day to day stuff.

I have a small update of the work web site to do tonight on the Thinkpad T30. I am still waiting for my web master pay check to come in in the mail.

I haven't worked on the Debian laptop for about 48 hours now. I sold a CD-writer out of the duron for 50$ tonight. Tomorrow I am selling the IBM 350 pentium I PC for 30$ with an IBM 14" monitor and three button USB mouse. The fellow buying it is bringing me some Debian 2.1 CD's for free.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

I worked for about two hours with dselect on the debian 2.1. I needed to delete files that I downloaded to make space on the hard drive. I am not quite sure what to delete. So far I have installed a fair amount of programs inclding an email client and Perl. I have still not installed the emacs. I have installed some mouse drivers. The TP 360 no longer connect to the net as I thought it would not. I was able to edit a problem file in vi and get the process moving again.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

I did some web mastering yesterday. I have about ten hours left from my client's last fiscal year. I am expecting to be paid soon and have given them an estimate for work time this coming year. I use really only my Thinkpad T30 for this work.

I spent six hours reinstalling Debian 2.1 on the Thinkpad 360SC. I figured I would only have the thing networked until my first reboot after logging in for the first time. So I downloaded as much of the debian archive for 2.1 main as I could. I was able to install a handful of applications using dselect this time. I will probably have to keep runing dselect a number of times. I am not using the best access method in dselect in other words I am not using apt. I might try to do that next.

I bid and won a Linksys etherfast PCMCIA card. I also bid on a Firewire PCMCIA card. I was surfing as well the IBM IDE PCMCIA cards and also bid on a Adaptect Slim SCSI PCMCIA card. All this shopping was on

Again this week I mostly used my eMac for daily computing and web surfing and email.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

I used my Palm and eMac today as well as my IBM laptop. I did some web master related phone calls. Our hydro bill is not excessive.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Just spent a half hour reading Internet law news and clearing spam out of my netscape account.
Success with networking! I got the ThinkPad 360SC connected to a Debian Archive ftp server. I got the network settings from a helpful person this morning after I requested help @ the Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group. Ok success with one more step to installing the full Debian 2.1 on the old 486 ThinkPad but dselect was a bit of problem. I guess I am learning to use dselect now but I got many many 505 file size errors on the ftp method of getting the files on dselect using apt. Oh well one problem solved another on the road to success.

My friend now also wants a LAN card from the same source namely I will have to pick up another PCMCIA card later in the month for him. I also want to get an IBM IDE card from an ebay seller.

I installed Win98 on my my Duron 850 today. Now I am thinking of downloading all the Debian 2.1 archive and burning it to CD as the archive seems to be dissapearing from the net. Only one US ftp site seemed to be on-line over the past month.

A few days ago I installed the drivers for the new PCMCIA ethernet card I have for the thinkpad 360SC. I now need to figure out how to configure the thinkpad to connect to the network. I might try to reinstall and follow instructions on the Debian web site.
I have been reading about Palm programming, XML and C++ programming. I have installed various tools for programming on my WinXP laptop and my Fedora Linux machine. I have been following the examples in the books with these tools on the computers. I have also written some more of my protest dtd and posted it live on the web now. I have also been doing paid web master work.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

I don't need my laptop as much now that school is out.
I did not end up using LEAVES so it was a waste of three hours of energy for up time.

I downloaded and installed Netscape 7.02 for my friends computer. I also installed Sun Java 2 and this may have started some errors on his machine. Maybe this is one of those Sun v. Microsoft things. We seemed to have gotten rid of the addware on his computer for now. It is also much faster for surfing. I also installed 11 critical updates from Microosft for his Win98.

I use the eMac only yestersay to surf ebay and listen to tunes and use iChat with my brother in Toronto. He file transfered an old tune he wrote, sang and played in the early 1980's as an mp3. Hopefully this song will be sent to the no cause for concern radio web site.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Monday, April 05, 2004

I am becoming a programmer again. I have been studying programming the Palm and also programming in C++.

I spent about two hours trying to install Debian Linux 2.1 on an old Thinkpad 360SC. It was extremely frustrating and I stayed up late doing it and then slept a lot and had a broken sleep last night.

Tonight I read about palm programming reviewing the first two chapters that I read last week, of a book on palm programming. I then installed a POSE and unpacked the SDK files onto my Fedora machine.

I have nicked named this machine LEAVES. The machine is an IBM 325 PC server with dual Pentium II 300Mhz processors. Maybe this acronym stands for Linux Educational Application v. Enterprise Solutions. It used to be part of a super computer I build and called Lamda after the Lambda moo which was legal example we studied in LAWS3501 last winter. This example of a community dispute in an on-line community came from Lawrence Lessig's book Code: and other laws of cyberspace. This same example is in Rob Kitcin's book Cyberspace.

I now want to install a POSE on my windows laptop because I just installed GCC and an IDE for GCC on this WinXP laptop.

But for now I must sleep and attend a University President's committee meeting tomorrow. Well actually later today but I am up late in the morning.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Tonight I relaxed and read the Palm Programming book from QA 76.76 1999. I downloaded the Palm SDK for my Fedora machine. I signed up to be a Palm Developer. I could not download the files to my eMac. I also got the emulator for the Fedora and set some goals with learning Palm programming. The application I want to build will allow interviewers in the field to record answers to questions. Thus this is a statistical application. It may in fact require that this data then by conduited to something like a spreadsheet or statistical analysis software. It maybe simple enough the the palm application creates a text file of the data in some format for the PC.
I worked on the Linux intsall for the old 486 IBM thinkpad 360SC. I did reinstall Debian 2.1 base system. I tried for about two hours to copy the G++ and G77 compilers to this computer but failed. It was very frustrating.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

It helps to surf the math department web pages. I found out today I could get a copy of SAS for use on my home PC. I went to school for about 15 minutes to pick up a copy and installed it on my laptop. This will help me study for a SAS certification.
I updated some news on a local union website I look after.
I am using my Mac today. Yesterday I read some of William Gibson's Count Zero on the bus with my Palm. I read chapter 1 in Al Steven's Teach Yourself C++, 7 ed., yesterday.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I got a photo copy of the article I was reading about GovML and took the book with the article back to the library.

I left my old IBM 350 with Red Hat 9 on all day. I created some folders for it on the command line and a user account using the XWindows user management program.

I read more about Palm buttons yesterday and the POSE.

I am about to do a triple back up of the IMB T30 thinkpad folders that contain data files. I do not typically back up programs just data.

My debian box seems to be having problems today. I will try to boot the old IBM 350 and see if has the POSE.
I am looking for my Linux POSE. I do not seem to have it installed on Fedora 1. I am now booting Debian to see if it is installed on that machine.

Monday, March 29, 2004

I installed Code Warrior lite on WinXP. This was from the Palm Programming book on the CDROM.

I updated Panther on my eMac. I also installed X11 and X86Free on the eMac. I could still not install Open Office on the eMac.

I applied the password function to the screen saver in WinXP. It seems to work well.
I downloaded Active Perl for Windows from the web site. I was surprised that it was free to downlaod and to use in commercial work.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

I did some good old volunteering today. I also attended a talk about PERL and understand its usefulness more now and am going to try it right now on my Linux computer. I chose not to write the Linux certification tests. I did not have enough time to study for them and could not afford the exams even if I found time. I spent about 4 hours studying for them but had pressures to mark tests for work and my end of term essay to write.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Tomorrow new volunteer gig in the Linux community for one day.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

I am going to turn on my Linux computer. I am going to check out the Palm programming CD that came with a Palm programming book I am reading. I am checking it on the WinXP laptop first.
I have been using my laptop all week. I helped a friend try to download pictures from her digital camera. I have been using my Palm and just downloaded some free applications from PalmGear. They were legal related applications.

I made some web pages this week or rather added a company logo to some pages I am building for a non-profit group. They are paying me 12$/hour to do this work. Web workers of the world unite!

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I am studying for a Linux certification this week. I will have an opporunity to write an exam for 50$ this weekend. It is the LPI level 1 exam 101.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

I am tonight taking the IBM preparation tutorial part 1 for the Linux Professional Institute 101 exam.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

I have posted my xml dtd to the web at this address
I wanted to post an XML file but of course it won't come through on this SGML aware editor. I need to find an ignore html tag that will let me post it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I got a new used printer and Epson stylus Photo 700. I also got a second canon scanner.
I took out my APTI zip drive which is 4 years old and put in another APTI zip drive in the Duron computer. the difference is only the enclosure that held the zip drive. I wanted to use one of the 3.5 bays for the zip drive so I could use the enclosed zip drive in the IBM 350.

I installed Panther on my eMac.

Monday, March 15, 2004

I am backing up my legal studies on a clik disk. This is my most portable form of laptop back up but I can not share this with desktop machines yet. For that I would need more hardware. I think I will look for this hardware on ebay now and see if I can get this clik reader cheap there.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

I did update my fortune city web space.

I am updating my fedora core 1 too.

I am printing out school work this weekend.

I worked on my paying web master job a bit. I am hoping to get another pay check from this work.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Friday, March 12, 2004

My brother is sending me some older computer hardware and software to get this stuff reused by others.
I am trying to get a student copy of ArcView 8 if the school will buy it for me.
I bought a 100 MB zip disk today to back up school work files. I also needed 100 MB so it could be opened in my Debian machine. I guess I could use the 250 USB zip drive on the debian too. But the debian machine has an APTI zip drive.

I also bought a new printer cartridge black for my Epson 440.

I also bought some more floppies.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

If I get my marking done tonight and my school work due Monday started, I will boot up the IBM 350.
I have quite a few extra USB mice.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I managed to mount both a floppy and a zip disk in Debian.
I downloaded Microsoft v the US. I also searched out one virus case from an apellate court with a guilty verdict.

Monday, March 08, 2004

I used Lexis today at school. I will be getting a student account for this system.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Note: this is reposted from my school work blog.

I finished reading a few more domain name disputes this past week.

A few evenings ago I read an article by Bengsch, Andreas & Kopp, Heiko & Petry, Andre & Tavangarian, Djamshid. Evaluation of a Communication Environment for High-Speed Mobile Wireless LAN Clients in Bohme, Thomas & Heyer, Gerhard & Unger, Herwig eds. Innovative Internet Community Systems: Third International Workshop, IICS 2003 Leipzig, Germany, June 2003 Revised Papers (Berlin, Springer, 2003). This article describes an experiment to test data throughput and quality of transmission for a wireless LAN over various speeds of travel. They do this by placing a laptop computer in a car on a test track and driving at varying speeds and measuring the speed of the LAN transmissions between the laptop and one and two antennas which are technically called hotspots. They also measure and evaluate the effects of passing the signal off as the car passes from one antenna to the next. Each antenna has either a server or a wireless bridge to the other antenna that has the server. This seems like a very basic experimental design no different than a first year physics lab. You can see that this test of 802.11b wireless networking standard is at the cutting edge of capitalist research for telecommincations business. It figures in our lose of roots and thus alienation and also in the production of the global village by producing wireless LAN facts.

I hope to get to learning C++ from a couple of books. My brother-in-law says he is into PERL these days.
I am up and running with Fedora core 1. I tried chatting on #linuxhelp on a couple of servers using X-Chat.

My other computers are working a ok. I really have Debian 3 on the Duron now with X configured but can't get that machine on the net. Also I have an IBM 350 PC with Red Hat 9 that my friend doesn't want. So now I have three Linux computers, one Mac, and one XP laptop, also a Palm Vx. I also have a few older partial machines and boxes. I have been giving away or selling cheap some parts and I am still clearing out parts.

Sunday, February 29, 2004

I am doing my monthly or bi-weekly back up of my laptop.

I downloaded Fedora Core 1 on the eMac and burned it to CD-R all three disks. I will install this on the IBM PC 325 server later today.

I taught a freind the bold html tag last night while chatting with him.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

I am running three computers today at the same time using them all and running three different OS. Truth is though I am only multitasking on one of them.
I completed reading a paper about computerised legal decision making. I am reading a paper on GovML as well as this in the same AI lectures book.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

I completed a paper on the law concerning secure electronic signatnatures for a school course.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I bought premium printer paper at the 7-11 yesterday and the latest issue of a Linux magazine. The magazine covered installing Fedora.
I sold an ISA network card for 5$ today.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

I ran my New Millenium Duron computer with Linux but could not connect it to the net.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Computers still working fine. eMac still in the living room. Cats love mice or I mean pointers.

Monday, February 16, 2004

My friend Wayne is now on-line. I helped his close friend Rob learn about Yahoo last year. Today Rob taught Wayne how to get a Yahoo UserID. I downloaded the latest Yahoo messanger.

My dad saw my computers today he was visiting from down south.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

I was successful tonight installing the proper drivers on my friend's computer for his IBM Etherjet network adapter. Rogers is sending a out a techy to look at it tomorrow for him We could still not get him on-line.
I paid for my personal home page for two years domain registration.
I found a Win98 driver for the Zip 250 USB drive. This driver will fit on a floppy. This should enable us to install the drivers on Wayne's computer. First the zip drive drivers, then the network card drivers and also the modem drivers for his IBM computer.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

The eMac in the living room was used to watch a DVD with some friends. I used my Red Hat 9 machine to do some legal studies research using Monzilla and the school library and Open Office of keep notes. I then emailed that to my laptop and printed it out for my studies binder.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

I was advising a friend on buying ink and paper for his printer. It is his first printer. No he doesn't work in the IT sector.

I put my eMac in the living room. I used an old box to cover the keyboard and mouse so that the cat does not wake up the eMac. She loves the computer screen and would love to play with the things on the screen. I have restratined her so far.

I put the DSL modem and router in the living room too. I only have my older computers in the office now and of course can use the laptop quietly back here too.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

I have not been using my new Linux install. I must be aware of putting my eMac to sleep with the floppy plugged in there are issues with this action. I need to prepare a report for work with charts and writing. I should do this next week. I am working at some high tech company tonight.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I used open office on my laptop and inserted a chart from a spread sheet in a presentation.
I tried to installl Open Office on the mac and have some Lib wrong. I told other people to download Open Office.
I did some computer analyst work yesterday and got paid.

Monday, February 02, 2004

I got Debian 3 installed with an SQL server on my Duron box now with X working fine. I created my standard personal workstation directories or "Folders" in my home directory.

I backed up my laptop, yesterday. I also packed up my Palm, yesterday.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

My friend got an all-in-one printer, scanner, fax machine. His music teacher who is also his employer bought it for him.

I was successful installing Debian 3 on my duron computer again. This time I got X but failed to set the mouse right. I will try again today.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

I helped a friend shop for a printer while chatting with him in yahoo messenger.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I hope to update two community group web sites tonight. I updated one just now. Here is the links page on the site: The other site is not live yet well it is but I don't want anyone looking at it yet. We intend to launch in late March. I am actually getting paid for this second one.

I have a cold so my laptop is getting messy from sneezing and worse. We have a cat now so maybe she will step on the keys sometimes and send you an email =:+).

I used export to pdf today in Open Office. I am going to test it out on a whole book now and send it to a publisher for a test. He will be geting a modem and some computer speakers from me soon. He is borrowing a newer printer of mine too. Here is his web site at the National capital FreeNet: The Freenet is at

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I used gcc yesterday but failed to run a short program from learning C on the Macintosh. I printed web pages and open office documents all last week and this week for school work. I worked on a questionnaire for some paid work. I also have not been working on the web site job. I did though re-register my own domain again at

Thursday, January 22, 2004

I spent the last two hours configuring my PDA, my eMac and my cell phone.
I don't like modern ecommerce with its dependence on driver's licence numbers and credit card numers. This creates exlcusion in access to digital services.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

My computers are working fine. I kept notes at a public meeting on my Palm. I kept notes at school during a lecture on my laptop. My Espon 440 is working fine.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

With my new USB floppy drive it will be possible to copy files to floppy at school and load them on a school machine and print them using the disabled students resource centre in the library. Cool, I can now do last minute edits like after my proof readers read my final copies of essays.
I was surfing again with Linux just now.

I have downloaded GRASS 5 for Linux. The GRASS server was very busy so I did not finish that tonight. I did install ArcExplorer on my ThinkPad and opened some old school work map of Ottawa complete with community centre catchment areas. This data belongs to the Ottawa-Carleton Social Planning Council.

I used Linux to access my schools connect portal. I am not done with Linux yet tonight.

I am reading a book on GIS and the Law. I read the introduction and first chapter so far. This book is by George Cho a professor of geography and law in Australia.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

I spent about half an hour validating HTML code with the W3's html validator. I was able to validate a few pages at my computer ethics web site.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

My computers are still running fine. I gave away an old case, four CDROM drives, two sound cards, two modems, one network card, and one small 125MB hard drive to PC's for Kids, today.

Monday, January 05, 2004

My computers are running fine. I did try an install of NT 4 on my duron this weekend but failed. The duron only seems to accept a base debian install. I will not have a lot of computer specific work to do this term at school. I do have a paying web master job now. I am donating some computer parts to a computers for kids program up the Ottawa valley. I have been using my Palm and programming in BASIC for the Palm this weekend. I read my plastic notes sheet for PERL. I also invested in a plastic notes sheet for Linux. I haven't been running Linux for a couple of days because I have been working in a non-computer related job. I am back at school today where I will be learning to use an on-line law database for legal research.