Sunday, January 29, 2006

This is my test post using a blogger widget by June Tate

I am using a blogger posting widget designed by June Tate. it is licenced under the GPL as free sofwtare. I am test posting this as a test of this widget. I have been playing with widgets for a little while tonight.

Monday, January 23, 2006

I made a back up DVD of the Documents folder on my eMac. I am finding the eMac working fine. My Palm is also fine. My fedora computer is fine. My iPod is fine. My new printer is fine.

I am getting an IBM Intellistation Pro E with a pentium IV chip, 256MB RAM, a 40GB hard drive and CD. This windows computer will be for running SAS. I will also installl Debian 3.1 on this computer and set up things like emacs, R, Octave, GSL and MatLab on the Linux side.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I am using the new eMac and it is working fine. It is also working with the new printer fine.

My palm can download xls files from its wireless phone connection but can not open them right away. I will try some techniques with this palm to open them today. Otherwise I will transfer the files to the eMac.

Monday, January 16, 2006

I managed to get the new eMac working ok now with all the email it received between December 16-January 6th. I still need to migrate some folders, email and files from the old eMac. I also have to reinstall applications. I have installed X11, Neooffice 1.2 beta, Adobe Reader 7.0.2, Adobe Reader for the Plam 3.05 and X-Code. I will now reinstall Chit Chat and then chat at Yahoo.

Success with the new Mac OS X install.

I seem to have all the preferences imported now. All my Safari bookmarks from my old eMac are imported and all my keychain items. Thus Safari logged into Blogspot no problem. I also imported my iCal and Address book from my old eMac. I am of course waiting for my email to be imported. I will now as the next step import my Music folder to iTunes but from the application itself.

I did a rough size comparisom using Get Info on the new eMac and then only needed to re back up the Music folder. I then started an erase and install on the new eMac. This install is going on now and I am writing this from my PC 325 using Mozilla.

I was not yet able to use the new Brother printer with the Fedora machine because the Fedora does not have the drivers for the MCF 420cn.

I will spend the rest of this morning getting the new eMac set up. This time I will not do a Firewire transfer of user accounts. I will in fact only transfer the Documents, Music, and Mail folders using a USB external hard drive. For the Music and Mail folders I will import these via the applications themselves for the documents folder I will do a simple copy operation using the Finder.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

About backing up the new eMac and iPod: I lost two or three voice memos from this year. I am satistfied with the rest of the iTunes back up now. I am just using an ethernet connection now from the old eMac to the new eMac to copy the mail folder from the new eMac to the USB drive connected to the old eMac. But this is taking too long so I am going to connect the USB drive to the new eMac and make the mail folder copy that way. But first I have to wait until I have finished using the USB drive on the old eMac where I am duplicating the documents folder for file management reasons. When this is done and the mail folder is backed up, I will reinstall Mac OS X on the new eMac.
After the iTunes is backed up I will copy the Mac Mail folder one more time to the USB external drive and then I will consider the new eMac backed up and attempt a fresh install of Mac OS X. I would like to have the back up done by midnight and the install done by 4 AM Monday. I would like to be using the new eMac again by 8 AM Monday.
The iTunes on the new eMac is backed up to a DVD now. This is only a back up of purchased songs and voice memos. I will attempt one or two more updates of the iPod to get a new voice memo off the iPod then do another back up to DVD. Then I will consider iTunes on the new eMac backed up.
After resetting the IP address for the printer, it is still printing fine. I will check the Fedora computer on it later tonight. Right now the Fedora computer prints to the Epson 440 via a parallel cable which comes out of an Iomega zip drive 100 MB parallel drive plugged into the computer the IBM PC325. After this test if successful I will have two printers for the Fedora computer. I also have two printers now for the eMac. This is robust redundency for printing.
I got myself a new Brother MFC 420CN all-in-one network printer. I did get it working as network printer, a fax, and a copier so far. It is very easy to use although it took me three hours to configure the Lan printing. I did get it last night and got it to work again tonight.
Backing up my new eMac is going well. I was able to sucessfully copy the documents folder where all my personal files are. I copied it to my USB external drive. I have been using this back up on my old eMac to do my daily work. I also backed up purchased songs and was able to burn a DVD of purchased songs on the new eMac. With iTunes on the new eMac I am just worried about backing up voice memos. The new eMac iTunes still works and I will do a final purchased music back up and voice memo back up then the iTunes will be backed up and I can leave the new iTunes as ready for fresh install. I have already backed up the email but will do this once again and then the Mac Mail will be ready for a fresh install. The documents are already for a fresh install. So iTunes and and Mac Mail need to be done again and I will go for the fresh install maybe tonight.

Friday, January 13, 2006

I have three years of Apple Care support with the new eMac. I did call Apple Care yesterday and they recommended a fresh install of the Mac OS X and this time not to transfer over applications to the new eMac from the old eMac but I will try to transfer email settings. I will also try to restore email, iTunes and the documents folder. I should also back up iBlog. Everything else will be a clean install.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

My new eMac computer is freezing up. It is not working at a very good rate. It seems I have not gotten an Apple but instead a lemon.

Monday, January 02, 2006

I did pratice some R coding but did it on the eMac so I did not need to start up the Linux laptop this morning. I did need to reinstall R and this time did install the G77 and other parts and am using R 2.2.0 now. All I did was open some school data sets and do a mean calculation. I did have to learn a little about how to write a directory path on the Mac.
I have been using a TV watching widget in Mac OS X Tiger to watch some Chinese TV. It works quite well. No need for a TV card. I am going to give a talk on R for a local linux user group this spring. I may start to write it later this morning.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

I did get around to trying to download gsl on the Debian laptop. It was successful so far. I first used konqueror to browse Then I used a Konsole window to ftp the software to the laptop from I then used Archive to unpack it to the Desktop. I read the README file and then the INSTALL file, just clicking them open in Konqueror. I used the cpmmands ./configure and make in the Konsole window when in the gsl-1.7 folder that unpacking made on the Desktop. Now the make is taking a long time, but the gsl-1.7 folder is big tens of megabytes and this is a pentium 1 computer so I am just going to have to wait.
I got side tracked downloading gsl. I instead used fink and updated fink and can't get dpkg working on the new mac. I barely had fink working on the old mac. So I did not download gsl. I may try this on my debian laptop now.

I just deleted a bunch of old pdf's and some old unused apps off the old eMac. I also used the old eMac and old copy of Dreamweaver to update my school web page. I then used sftp to up load the index.html page which was all I updated. I have had some luck using sftp these past few days.

I am now making some back up DVD's of my old computer's files. This includes my Performa 1995-1998. My various IBM's the aptiva 2000-2003 and the Thinkpad 2003-2005. I also am backing up my WinNT 2002-2005 machine files. I can not back up all the Thinkpad files on one DVD disk but will need three or four for this. The other computers can be backed up to only one DVD.

I am just going to download the gsl for the Mac now so am going to visit some gnu pages

I am looking at buying an older Itronix laptop on ebay but this can wait as well.