Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gaming accounts and costs.

I have been gaming with Eve Online for a little over a year now. I keep a blog for my game character written in the third person about this character and have started two other characters. One of these others was going to be a second account and also cost 15$ US currency a month. Instead I have not paid for this account and allowed it to expire. The other of the two extra characters (These are also known as "Alts".) is simply another character on the first account I have. The first account has cost me approximately 15 US$ a month now for 13 months or about 195US$ US. This was paid for in Canadian dollars over the past year. So recently has cost as much as 18$ CND per month.

I am thinking this account is a non-business account unlike my Second Life account where the game money can be exchanged for real money. This game though does not net any profits for me as of yet and is more of a monthly cost. It has cost as much as 25 US$ per month in land fees and 22.50 US$ quarterly in game membership costs. So it has cost as much as 7.50 + 25 or 32.50 US$ per month. There are also costs with buying land and other objects. But my online character has not made any sales beyond selling land to others that the character had to buy first and I believe these sales and have never resulted in a profit of more than 50$ CND and probably not more than 10 CND$ profit in any given year. At present my costs for land fees are at 40 US$ a month so about 47.50 US$ per month in costs. But I am allowed to "own" 1/8th of a region now and do own a sizable amount of land in a region known as "Monty". I am planning to either develop a virtual park in this region or sell the land off in parcels to try my hand at a virtual land business in Second Life.

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