Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pain staking hand editing of Moving Type(MT) main index file worked.

I started a new blog for accounting the explorations I do through my Second Life avatar Peter Krogstad. This morning I created an edit in a Moving Type(MT) template. I used Moving Type for the new blog and put it in my cybercitizen web site here

I used the witty name for the blog Just a Second Life Avatar's Blog. I made a table banner with 40 little Second Life screen pictures of my avatar. This was what took the hand coding. It was tough uploading too. I made a goal to completing this before going out today and I am now done. So I achieved this goal. I worked very hard.

I spent the day at work coding in SAS.

I am happy to report I have been paid to code. I have a job and my duties this week became coding in SAS. I spent almost every minute at work today writing a SAS program. I have proven to be very good at assisting my boss with his database work too. I credit this to clear communication as a nagging goal.

I also have been able to become an obsessive documenter. I wrote a lot of comments in my code today explaining each and every step in SAS comment lines. Being a blogger of my own daily life and other mundane topics has improved my skills in this regard.

Second Life progress update.

I have been studying inside Second Life with the help of Tracy Kennedy and Joanna Robinson. Tracy is writing her Ph.D. with Barry Wellman at the University of Toronto and Joanna is a research associate at Simon Fraser. I joined them at a virtual campus last fall. I have since joined them at a meeting of the Communications, Information and Technology section of the American Sociology Association and wrote a paper on facebook and privacy for that event. I just posted it Thursday night at

I have now learned more about Second Life by reading books. I read just a little of the Offical Guide to Second Life and with that created another account and avatar and went through orientation island again where I better learned to fly. This has really helped me out. I moved my house or should I say my offices to a PG sim and it is more pleasant to see on screen now. I find I am spending more time on-line there now in this virtual reality world that is like photoshop for 3 dimensional stuff. It has cost me close to 400 dollars now in about 1.5 years of use.

I am going to open a blog now for this virtual world and report my progress there. I will post the new blog address here when it is set up.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Closing a web site for a community group I am associated with and worked for on this web site.

Well I had a job as a web master for about 14 months. I did only a few pages at that web site and will be closing it now after October ends. I will send in my last invoice and create a page to keep in place to announce the closing. I will may be now that I am thinking of it move the hosting to a single page at NCF. I have never closed a web site before. I read a little about eGovernment last night. I am mostly working in government these days.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Backups continuing.

I made some backups on my eMac at the beginning of the month and now mid-month. I am no longer backing up blogs with hard copy.

Starting to think my eMac is going to replaced with an iMac.

My eMac is a key tool for using old Pre Mac OS X software. I was thinking I would get an iMac to replace it but am now thinking instead I will wait and save up for a new stand alone monitor and use this for the Solaris computer and also get a Linux desktop computer. I would keep the eMac but also move to more use of Linux desktops. A new monitor will cost about 300$ and that new PC could be anything from an IBM Pentium IV to a more modern dual Intel. I will wait a few years and replace my Macbook with a Macbook Pro.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

I am properly "by the book" reconditioning my Macbook battery.

I wonder if when I tried to buy an extra Macbook battery about half a year ago, I helped Apple discovery the flaw in the Macbook battery. They issued a firmware update or software update for that which I applied to my Macbook. They had also issued a firmware update earlier for the fan in the Macbook. At any rate I only have one battery and I am running my Macbook on battery power now and when it sleeps I will leave it off for five or more hours then re-power it. The Macbook might be off line from about 3 am until about 8 or 10 am. I will now update a few blogs and make sure to unplug the Macbook from digital audio and also external monitor so I can move it around this morning when I clean and move furniture. I am also buying a Pelican 1080 case for this Macbook before I carry it on my bike. That way it can be in an accident and if a car runs over it it will be safe.

All computers are working well.

My eMac and Macbook are both working fine. My Compaq Debian system is ok but I don't use it much at all. My Sun Ultra 5 is not being used either and it is now without a monitor. I have an 8 GB Nano which I paid full price for but they are now on sale at half that price. I also have a 30 GB iPod video but I am trying to sell it. My Palm Treo 600 is still working fine too.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The book Windows Vista for Dummies arrived in 3 days from and in two business days.

Wow that was the fastest on-line order yet with the book I ordered for my partner's friend arriving in two business days. It took only one day to travel after being shipped.

BackUps begun for month end and quarter end time.

I was forced to move my main previous computers back up folder off the eMac onto one of the LaCie drives. This reminded me to back up the two computers. I will start this process now but really for the Macbook I will wait until some school work is done. But blogs and the eMac will be backed up now.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The computer was delivered and my friend gave me an Obusforme backpack for my work.

I helped my friend unpack the computer and guided her through plugging it in and turning it on and off. She will be using Open Office and soon be reading the two books, The Internet for Dummies and Windows Vista for Dummies. These books are coming in the mail from She bought a computer desk from Staples Business Depot. With the desk she got a free Obusforme backpack and this is a back support backpack. She gave this to me as she does not use backpacks.