Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I started to read my case law book for my consumer law course LAWS3205, last night. As of tonight I have read two articles and I hope to have a third finished before midnight. I have to read about three hundred pages for my midterm exam by the end of October.
I got the ten clik drives today now must find a market for them. I am giving two away to friends. I should ask my fellow union members if they want some.
I am going to chapters to buy my friend's book at 2 PM. I will also get a taoism book from my wife to me as a b-day present.
I am waiting for the fire inspector to have a look at our apartment. My wife called him in. I keep too much paper about the house and she is rightly worried about a fire.
My textbook yesterday cost 60$ but looks like it is worth it.
I used my laptop on an Intercity bus. So I am just like all the other rich students now. Only thing is I am bored and poor and did not watch a DVD movie on the bus but I thought of it. No I spent my bus ride writing a journal to keep myself sane and doing homework to keep myself educated. The guy next to me on the bus was wearing a gold fist as a necklace pendant. Instead of taking a taxi home from the bus terminal I took a series of inner city public transit trains and buses. I stayed up working on email and preparing for School and school work on Sunday night.
I am back home. My laptop got used to edit my blog while I was away.

My brother told me about the MIT university open courseware site http://ocw.mit.edu/index.html.

I finished printing all the readings for my presentation on the creation and reform of hacker laws for Thursday, October 2nd. The presentation is then a week later on the 9th. I am basically ok now in LAWS4305 just waiting for my first marked asssignment back this Thursday. I have been steadily working on this course.

I got my LAWS3205 textboook yesterday and have read the first article in the book last night. Consumer law is very narrow in its focus. It also does not have a fixed rule based structure yet.

I am reading a history of anarchism, entitled Anarchism by Richard D. Sonn, HX 828 S636. Like any English person, I don't trust the name Richard. That is based on Richard the third and his murderous ways.

I am staying up late with no school or work tomorrow. I am going to buy a music book for a friend's birthday tomorrow. I am also meeting with some worker's defense people later in the evening. I gave a little interview about an old collective tonight to a fellow worker.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

I might give myself a low D for the coverage I did of the Ontario leadership debate. I was trying to hard to record it rather than add my own comments. I can't really be bothered to comment so I don't pass on my coverage of the debate. Most people I know will probably vote for the NDP. Some will vote green. An occassional friend will vote liberal. But quite a few friends have no faith in politician's and there are some places I go where party politics are not allowed.

Taxes, taxes and more taxes.

I ran my laptop in my mom's car on our trip. It was fine for battery power. I worked on my school presentation and other writing.

I started to write a new short story. My character is, of course, accussed of a hacking crime, but in this case he is either going to be innocent, or his only crime will be stealing copyrighted music. But that is a serious thing, so he will be dealt with seriously.

I am in Toronto. This is one of our biggest cities in Canada. I spend last night at a family party. I am now at my brother's house. It is early in the morning on the day of the wedding. Who is getting married? Sarah is marrying Grant. No last names here just to say they are a young couple with a great future. I met as many of the bride's family as I could meeting two uncles, an aunt and her mother and dad. I also met her grandpa and chatted with him over a cigarette outside a classy pub, where the party was held. I chatted with my uncles and aunts and got caught up meeting the wife's of cousin's I had not met before. I also met a cousin's soon to be husband. My mom and I had a good trip down in the car from Ottawa.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

I got my marking done. I got the tests back to the math department. Rush, rush, so many deadlines. I have my assignment done and printed for today's class. I have printed it in *best* quality. I will have to bring my MATH0007 books with me on the trip so I can prepare for Monday's tutorial. I am also bringing my new laptop to TO. The party tomorrow night should be fun. Today was a payday at one of my jobs and already we are almost broke with money set aside for the weekend.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

I am heading out to play a role playing game. Sometimes I really escape in fantasy. My wife is going out to do some newsletter editing. Tomorrow I leave for Toronto after my law class. My assignment due tomorrow for my law class is done. I completed it and printed a final copy this morning. I am fairly busy with stuff.
Enough of the debate. I stayed up marking the test for one of my tutorials.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Eve's attacks unions.
Dalton says politics of division is Tory style scores big.
Hampton wins the segment. The other's do not have a balanced budget.

Next question Hamptom on strikes. The usual most labour disputes not settled with strikes. Eve's short on school money. Hampton claims Eve's is attacking teachers. Hamptom exposes the salaries. Dalton also attacks. End to dropping out. My wife dropped out because the teachers were mean and cruel. Dalton raising school leaving age. Dalton fails to see reasons for leaving school. Dalton get on the phone with the PMO and get the drug laws changed less students will drop out.

Another section of the debate health and education. Tuition rates rising, Hampton out of the gate. Educated work force and reorganise student assistance.

Academic subject not according to Dalton. Ok I know the Tories deregulated the price of law school out of my range. Idealist but Dalton drops the part-time label. All their kids go to the U. What about the ordinary people?

Eve's, well their government paid for my education for free. Maybe the NDP or Liberals put that in place maybe the Tories I am not sure.

Eve's claims there are only two types of taxes. What about environmental taxes?
Leadership question for Dalton. They gang up on him. Then question goes to Hamptom on minority government. They don't stay on this question. More attacks. Eve's depending on record of everyone.
Dalton attacks and scores. Eve's defends and looks forward then Hampton strikes with the defecit. Makes points about privatisation being an evil which it is. I agree Hamptom and the list technique. Eve's attacks older government. Again Eve's lives by attacking.
Heather Hiscox a journalist who I have never heard of before, claims Eve's started the attacks. But Eve's disagrees. Again the word *differences*. Also his unacceptable term seems fairly intolerant.
Hamptom...democracy, lesss political donations. Stumbles but they proposing banning political donations from unions and businesses and now promises proprtional democracy thus green vote stealing.
Eve's respect to education...communicate to Ontario. No personal attacks, rise above them, a murderer speaks the guys who brought violence back to politics.
Dalton stumbles out of the gate. His approach...ah...ah..ah..bla bla those are the issues.
There is a debate in Ontario in two minutes. This is our provincial election. I am watching it and I will post my reactions here. Apparently they have time limits that is too ordered for me. Seems to formal.
We are shopping as well for our adopted daughter's sister.
We are shopping today for an Opera for my wife and some toys for a nephew and a niece.
I gave the test. It went fine. I completed marking last week's tutorial. I will mark the test today and hopefully complete it today. I have one more tutorial this week. I also have to hand in the test marked by Thursday before I leave town.

Monday, September 22, 2003

I rushed off to school to pick up today's test. Now I am at home but heading back to school in ten minutes.
I am awake early. I replaced my computer desk with our drafting table.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

I have to wake up early tomorrow. I have to work at school tomorrow as a TA. Goodnight networked world.
I spent way to much time at the computer today or reading about computers. I broke my computer desk today too while doing some repairs. I stood on it and it was cheap so the desk it broke. I threw it out except for the cabinets.
Eugene H. Spafford gave me his permission to photocopy his article for school use only. Wow the power of searching out the author of something using the Internet. Now I don't need to borrow his writing without his permission if you know what I mean.
I read some of a book today called the Electronic Pirates, DIY Crime of the Century, by John Chesterman and Andy Lipman, a Comedia, Routledge book from 1988. I read about 40 pages. It is making me sensitive to copyright laws.
There are four web pages linked too at www.linux-laptop.net about installing Linux on a T30 Thinkpad. I read a few of them and am downloading debian as a possible Linux distrbution to install. Remember I have already downloaded Red Hat 9.0. I only need to pick up some blank CD-R's now for the burn and make sure I figure out how to burn iso images on the eMac.
I started a slide show using Open Office for my hackers presentation on October 9th. Also for this presentation I have emailed Eugene H. Spafford to see if he minds if I photocopy his paper Are Hacker Break-ins Ethical? for handing out to the class.
I got my school paper almost done and it is due on Thursday so that's good. It is an opinion paper on the question of whether aboriginal people should have their own separate sentencing system for aboriginal offenders. I took the yes side and found a fair amount probably too much support for my side.
I started to canvass my building for a political party. I have almost no friends who support the same party as myself.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

I discovered an Iranian Punk blog I am going to read it now. Wow culture?
I worked 11 hours on Friday. I had to cancel my role playing game. Today I volunteered for two hours in a provincial political party office. I also wrote more school work. I took my new laptop with me volunteering and I was very paranoid it would be stolen. It survived the trip but in shutting it down to go out I lost an edit of some school work. I was able to redo the edit in some downtime while volunteering. Yesterday at work I also had some wait time which I used to read school work. I am almost caught up with readings for this week.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

There is a meeting for teaching assistants this afternoon before my class. I should attend but it is poorly scheduled. I would have to run out the door right now. I may wait a little say 20 minutes. I just got in from chapters where I picked up a couple of 99 cent picture books on Gandhi and Budda. Now remember Budda is the god guy and Gandhi was the politician. Not that I needed these books they were for Jenny they had some nice photos in them.
Ok I found the bug that makes two posts duplicated. It happens when I leave the posting window open for a day or two and then refresh the screen.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Today is a day off, very little volunteering today, no paid work, and maybe some heavy study for a couple of hours. Actually I spent about an hour today arranging school work and proof reading some writing and reading some assigned reading. I hope to do some more research for a school paper later today. I am also taking my suit to be dry cleaned for my cousin's wedding, a weekend from now. It should be a lot of fun hanging out with family again rejuvinating myself as much as possible. The travel with my mother should also be fun. I am fairly relaxed today and my wife did a major shop yesterday with her dad's help. I am having a good day so far.

Monday, September 15, 2003

I did give a tutorial today. I was so nervous and making mistakes at the chaulk board but students helped me out. I guess it went ok after all. I got my contract signed with one professor after the tutorial.
I am reading a lot of criminal law texts on sentencing. I am also reading about alternative sentencing for aboriginal offenders. I am also researching security and computers for my presentation. I have my outline done for the presentation and I have picked out at least one reading for the class to read but must get it printed 25 times for the 2nd of October.
Today is my first real day on the job at my new job. I am giving a tutorial in maths, calculus to be exact. We will work on slopes between two points and properties of limits and then some techniques for solving limits. I will need to write math on the blackboard and figure I should do some graphs too.
I am using Open Office with the new laptop. It is cool it has a word complete feature that speeds up typing although it will take some getting used too. I have been doing my school work now on the new laptop and the Epson 440. I have been taking notes for my French course off the TV on my eMac.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

I used sociopranos this morning. I posted twice. My present goals there include making 25 posts and becoming labelled socially adept. This helps me from becoming tired in the morning when I have been up all night. I am turning the clock around for Monday. I did not help with the paper route this morning.

Saturday, September 13, 2003

I am reading a book callled Law, Psychology and Justice, Chaos Theory and the New (Dis)order, by Christopher R.Williams and Bruce A. Arrigo. It is about contraversies in civil law concerning mental health and so called psychiatric citizens. I have no doubt all of us are citizens but I wonder if this attempt at empowerment in using the term 'psychiatric citizen' works. The book aims to apply chaos theory to these contraversies of intersection of law and psychiatry.
We went swimming at a friends place and I had a sauna. We had some pizza slices afterward. My, My, young adults who appear like gangsters swear a lot on cell phones in pizza shops and on buses and generally too much in public places.
I completed the exercise in chapter one in Linda Lamb's Learning the vi Editor 6th edition.

Friday, September 12, 2003

I have met with both of my new bosses. I am starting work next Monday at 13:30 in 501 Southham on campus. I have to work through calculus problems in the tutorial that day. Irini gave me the problems to solve for the class. I will do them this weekend before the lecture.
I did get the install 'everything' on the Duron computer done from the turbo linux 6.5 but could still not get X Windows configured. It is the monitor issue as I don't have a standard IBM monitor but a C72 usually not in the X windows lists. I gave away the Toshiba.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

I got the shift booked off so I can meet with Irini Ganadry, professor of mathematics tomorrow at 1PM to discuss duties in the OAC calculus course.
I have an orientation session today in a couple of hours for my new TA position. I will head out in an hour or sooner.
I have a scheduling conflict for Friday. I booked work a week ago but now this math professor needs to meet me at 1 PM. The tutorial session is next Monday so this maybe the only time to meet with her. I am trying to book work off at my other job.
I woke up late today. I recorded my French lecture and watched a little this morning.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Looks like two successful Turbo Server 6.0 Linux installs in a row here. I installed it as an Intranet serve on the tower p133 and it even boots from the hard drive. The windows configuration took some time at guessing but I got it finally at only 640X480 8 bit colour. It is an older system. The Turbo Linux is a 2001 release. I am now installing on the one remaining computer that the school helped me buy and it is going ok. This computer was not allowing any Linux installs for months and months and was very buggy with Win98. It was intolerable as a system. Because of this I got new systems. Now it looks like I might actually have a few Linux systems around here after I give away the Toshiba laptop which happens later tonight.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

I will use the older Thinkpad 360 to keep notes in school. This way I reduce my theft risk involving laptop theft. The old win3.1 can make word files.
I worked a 12 hour shift. I have a new job at the school's math department. I am now a teaching assistant for some pre university courses.
I successfully backed up the old laptop. Now I am giving the old laptop to my dungeon master to manage our game. The new laptop has all the files now.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

I backed up the My Documents folder from my Toshiba 420CDT with Win98 to Zip disk and now will copy the zip disk to the new laptop and also the WinNT box.
We are waiting, my wife and I for our publisher to return from vacation. We will then be publishing her book. I have a cover for the book done. I have the file containing her poems on the toshiba on the Win98 install. I need to back that up tonight to zip disk and then transfer to the new laptop.
My classes in the end are in criminal law reform and reading French for academic texts. My criminal law reform project is on hackers something I have written about before in school and you can read these studies at my computer ethics site.
I got a new job as a teaching assistant at the university. I will be running two tutorials for math studies in OAC level maths.
I have been busy updating my WinXPPro and installing programs on the new laptop that arrived on Friday.
I am learning to use this blog properly for editing.

Friday, September 05, 2003

I am getting deep into law studies these past few years this is the type of poem I write based on a phone conversation with a friend. it is almost not a poem but a moral lesson like the a taoism expression.

Moral Mountains

Imagine we are all wise people sitting on top of mountains
the mountains exist at varying heights and places on the planet
The height is determined by how good we are
The relation of our acts to others is like the relation of the mountains in space
The various laws are the vehicles that travel too and fro between the mountains
Some crime law enforcement vehicles some civil enforcement law vehicles travel around between us as we act and react to each other
These are climbing vehicles that must scale the mountains
But beauty is the kinetic energy that drives these vehicles
the higher they climb the more beautiful
We look around from our heights at other mountains and see others our associates because we are on a similar height
Those higher up can look down with moral indignation on the lessor peaks
Winds are the actions that we commit blowing between us up and down the slopes and through the valleys.

Copyright Peter Timusk September 2003

I used my old laptop at school tonight. I was the only one in class doing notes on a computer. I printed and proof read the week zero reading and printed them out and put them in my carry around course notes binder. I am now done the week 1 journal entry and need to print that and proof read it and put it in my binder. I could write more but my professor does not want too much in the journals. We are limited to five pages. Besides I have many other journals I can write and only so much time. I must accept that the work is done for this week early. I must accept success. I am now with this jouranl entry done allowed to start the readings for next week.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

The new laptop has built in ethernet and modem so now I can use the Internet in the library coffee shop and also in our living room. I put an ethernet cable through the walls this spring to do just this.
I called the radio station CKCU at school to see about the status of our recording and interview with the program Sound Minds. They have not yet returned my call.
I got all my gedit files backed up to floppy. I also got them all open in Word97. I then saved them on my WinNT box. I will probably start using open office with the new laptop. I guess I should be giving away or selling off some of my machines now. I want to give my Toshiba laptop to our dungeon master. I will first give myself some time to transfer the files to the new laptop and also back them up on a burnt CD twice or three times then mail one copy to my dad or mom.
I have my first LAWS4305 lecture tonight. Yes, I am bringing my old laptop. I need an extension cord to reach the wall in the classroom. The bookstore is open late so I'll pick up an extension cord there. I will go about an hour early maybe 1:15 early. I intend to get some of the course readings photocopied after the class from the library.

P.S. I found one of our two prong extension cords to use with the laptop in class so no extra purchase needed today.

My partner and I ate at a Chinese restaurant last night. Today the food store had no marajaram so lentil burgers are on hold until Friday.
I have been staying home at the computer a lot this week. I had some voluneering last night. I kept minutes for that meeting on the Toshiba using gedit then transfered them to WinNT and emailed them out to the group within hours of taking them.
Downloading Red Hat 9 wasn't so easy. My brother used iChatAV to tell me how to use command line ftp to download the disks. It was very fast once I had that method in use. I have the first two disks downloaded now. Now the challenge is to burn these disks in the right format using the eMac's burner. Then the challenge is to install it on the new Thinkpad T30.
The first French lecture in FINS2105 is not playing this week. I read the first chapter of my French verbs and grammar book. It covered pronunciation and alphabet, accents, rythum, and intonation.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Looks like I am getting a new laptop so I am downloading Red Hat 9.0 on my eMac.
I used the gedit on my laptop a lot this morning. I started all kinds of files today in gedit. I started a bibliographic file for LAWS4305, a journal for FINS2105, a music journal, and an election journal for both the Ontario and the municipal elections. I will now back these up using root and a floppy and try to print the a page of the LAWS4305 journal to test.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I am back from school. I bought one of the French course books. It is about verbs and essentials of grammar. I dropped off my anti-requisite form. I checked to see if the TA assignments were up but they were not done yet. The director of graduate studies only has one weekend to do them. I took back the book: Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics. There was some verbal abuse of the director of the math school ( a different director) in the elevator perhaps some counter abuse caused it or an attitude to security and safety on the part of the director. I am not sure it was a crime of verbal abuse that's for sure. I said at the time that it was a labour conflict. It seemed to be part of the class war. I just happened to be there.
I am shutting down my Toshiba now as it has been sleeping all morning. I will bring it to school today and see how doing that goes. Heavy to carry/lug! I have to change the hard drive later tonight or Wednesday morning. My dungeon master needs his Win98.

Actually with the crowds today I think I'll leave my laptop at home..

Looks like another 24 hour day. I need to be on campus today. I won't be buying a bus pass this month if I am not hired as a TA. For this morning I am heading to school around 10 am. I need to submit my French anti-requisite forms. I also need to buy my French books. Then I should drop in on the Math department to see about being a TA. If I am a TA I also have to be at school tomorrow. Then Thursday classes begin. I have my first class in the evening Thursday. I might sleep today around 2 pm or so. I need money to join the Criminology society too this morning.
My dad is buying my school books plus something else for my birthday he told me yesterday. Today I find out if I am working as Teaching Assistant in the math department. I'll also have to work in the math tutorial room. That room needs a web page. Maybe I can do that too as part of work or volunteer. I do study doing math learning using the Internet. IP address numbers anyone?
I am going to help my neighbour with his work tonight. Tomorrow afternoon school and helping my wife with the shopping. Soon sleep.
I finally finished the html version of my summer course essay. Read it at this link Starson v. Swayze, consent to treatment in mental health.
I have been exploring the environment around this blog a bit. So there is a silly war going on about gift giving near by? I tell you my friend Eric gives the sillyist gifts but not because he is going for a laugh he is dead seriously cheap. He gave me a hair lose video once. I am expecting the directors of cut of Blade Runner from him this month. Because he stole my videos previously thinking he could get away with it. Rather than call the cops on someone I call a friend, I asked him to buy the videos back for me. Talk about restoritive justice. Next thing I know it will be 2020 and I'll be writing here on this blog and I will be a lawyer.
The more I use Linux the more I realise that movies special effects of computers that I thought or think are very fake are in fact close to this. Think of the scene in the first Jurasic Park where the young girl sits down at the parks computers. "oh Unix. I know Unix" she says. Then we see Unix on the screen. Ya for Unix.
Success! I got a gedit file off my Laptop onto my WinNT box. This means given that my machines network with floppies and email to myself, all my machines are now networked at files less than 1.44 MB. Speaking of all machines another project I have is using that 700MB free space on the ibm ThinkPad 360CS. I got winzip for win 3.1 installed now on that old Thinkpad. So now I will see if I can use the drivers ( on floppy in zip files) for zip drive with that Thinkpad. Two types of zip only one pin head. I might like to get my clik drive also working with this old laptop. This old laptop might also see the linux floppy. Then I could have a real beater the old Thinkpad for the classroom notes. I also need modem drivers for using my PCMCIA modem with Red Hat 6.2. Round and round I go, and where the screw driver stops no one knows. =:+)

Monday, September 01, 2003

I used to think artists were dumb. I thought scientists were smart. It is hard to change biased beliefs. I have a concept of a smart artist these days. Part of that smartness in art is using technology but also part of it is having a business sense about one's art. Then again there is just being a great artist and making pleasing art work. On the opposite side, I am not too into the scientist being creative.
I worked 12 hours yesterday. My wife is cooking today. I am doing email and getting ready for school this week. I might try to use my linux laptop for school this term. Up to now I have been using the laptop at home for school work using Win98. I will probably use the eMac for the French course. I need to be able to print with gedit and also get some more fonts. For now the plan is to use the Win98 laptop. I need to visit the classroom this week before class and see if there are AC plugs at the desks.
I downloaded iChatAV. I had an audio conference with my brother just now. Seems to work well better than yahoo audio chat. Ya! the Macintosh computer.
My wife doesn't read. But yesterday she browsed cookbooks at Chapters. She was able to see that the Enchanted Broccoli Forest was a cookbook that is not just about broccoli. So she knows she doesn't want it now. She does help me read French. She seems smarter in French. I am fighting the battle not to judge people just by smartness.