Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I updated my computers and various operating systems

My Linux operating systems are failing. I can no longer access the Debian 6 on Remembrance or update the Transmission 4.0 fully on Remembrance. The Debian 6 seems to have an X window problem and has become a print server and I can not start tasksel on it or use sudo. The transmission is having problems with the Adobe Flash update. I did update just now, Debian 4 on Remembrance and also the Win XP 64 bit. I am attempting to rescue the Kubuntu on the Alienware M11X this morning. I lost it soon after upgrading to 11.04 Kubuntu. I have two Dell Vostro laptops which came from Dell with Linux already installed and these have been updated to Kubuntu 11.04 and one also boots to Edubuntu 11.04 now. These are both working fine still. And I receive e-mail on one and send e-mail using KMail. On the other newer one a Vostro V130n I use Evolution yet have not configured the sending of e-mail. I no longer really use Macs in any regular way. I still depend on my e-Mac to be my e-mail storage machine and turn it on every week or two to download new e-mail. All my other machines leave the e-mail on the server. I think the e-mail service I have which is managed in the back end by hotmail actually keeps a few months or more of the e-mail on the server anyways.