Saturday, August 08, 2009

I whipped the Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 LTS the was the original OS on the Dell Mini 9 and just completed a fresh install of Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook remix!

After downloading Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook remix from Ubuntu I read the instructions for installing it. Running off the command line I was able to check the MD5SUM code for the download and it was good. I followed the instructions carefully on the Ubuntu install page and used a third party web site to install usb-imagewriter and wrote the downloaded USB img to a 1 GB USB disk ( I did of course back up the previous data on the USB disk and then reformatted it to MS-DOS using Disk Utility on my Macbook).

The weird frustrating fun began. I check the help manual for Ubuntu installation and found out that what could be done is an incremental upgrade from Hardy 8.04 to another higher version than another higher version and so forth until I got to the current version. But the Dell Netbook software update was so locked down this was not possible. I wasted about an hour trying to change the software repositories and nothing worked. The Dell software update had been failing to update with security patches for about one month now. So instead after becoming frustrated I went with the original plan and did a fresh install of the latest Ubuntu 9.04 and that is installed now with my Freenet email set. I have not had NCF email for years. I have simply been forwarding mail to my sympatico account. So I am have reclaimed my NCF email account. The software update on the Dell Mini 9 is just doing its first get caught up update now on the coffee table beside this Macbook, I am writing this on. The net install also automatically choose to use Dell drivers, so I may be no worse for wear and even better with a fresh install and working software update now. Ubuntu 9.04 is current as of April 2009.

I discover and decided to register and I hope to create two basic index pages today for these sites.


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