Thursday, July 31, 2003

I gave my neighbour a computer to work with her monitor. I gave her a 486 computer. I also gave her a mouse, keyboard and speakers.
I am up early this morning. Actually I woke up at midnight for a day at work. I helped get out the newspaper with the Stone's concert news. I am just preparing for my regular job now. My neighbour picked up her monitor while I was alseep. I still have to let her know it is ok. I did my paper journal this morning and have not read the newspaper yet. I gotta get ready for work so I am out of here.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I picked up a free serial titled: Journal of Peace Sciences vol. 2 from 1976-1977. I read the first article a bit and it seemed to be about the social planning of the global envrionment with hopes for more detailed probabilistic models in the future. Do we have these models these days? I think we have largely forgotten about these global models except in climatology and banking.
I am back from the appointment. I will only have to do one more credit in third year science and the project. My project could be, for instance, titled: "The ethics of large scale statistical databases in use by the Canadian Government". We also discussed some earth sciences and the environmental movement.
I have an appointment to see Ildy Munro today. She is chair of the Integrated Sciences Program at my school. I attend Carleton University in Ottawa. I am switching out of my law major almost now having completed a minor in law. I will be switching into a science degree in computer ethics. Today we meet to discuss this and help me pick some courses for next year.
I tested my neighbours monitor today. She found it dumped behind the building. That makes two women in our apartment building who garbage pick computer parts. Amazing and they say computing is for rich males. I just plugged the Nec A500 multisync into an old clone 486 running Win 3.1 and the monitor works ok. I will hand over the monitor to her in about an hour. Maybe after this post. After all I have an appointment at school today and must get going soon. Another computer part saved from the land fill.
I have arrived in blog web space, unsuccessful at running a blog on my own home computer. Some computer company this is eh? Anyways here I am with my second blog actually. I will keep progress of my computer work here.