Thursday, June 30, 2005

I paid for the iBook today. An old friend contacted me through yahoo messenger. I helped a friend use the bus companies schedule on the web. It is one hour now until I do my back ups. Our internet service was down today a bit nation wide. I have been reading about the success factors in a silicon valley. This book I am reading this in was written here in Ottawa.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I need to start thinking about monthly back ups again. This time I think I will burn two CD's for the PC one with email and one with my own files. Second I will burn one CD or two for my Macintosh. I will also print out my blogs on Canada day. I need to buy some more recycled paper and will pick that up today at Staples. I have plenty of ink that I bought at school.

I started to download podcasts. I tried the inside mac radio show and searched some Canadian podcasts. There was an interesting graduates podcast in Canada but I could not get it to work in the iTunes music store. I am only trying free podcasts so far. The inside mac podcast lead me to some mac support sites that I could buy memory at.

I bought a clamshell iBook on ebay. It cost 250$ CND. I managed after about a week or surfing, searching and bidding to get an iBook that is in good shape and costs less than others that were sold this past week. The seller's feedback is only 1 though so I am taking a bit of a risk but the person seems alright and the deal will be paid for tomorrow. The delivery will be by UPS. This iBook will need more memory and also perhaps I could install a 40 or 60 GB hard drive. I would also need a copy of Mac OS X Tiger to put on the new hard drive. That is my next big mac software upgrade to my Macs.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I just updated iTunes to 4.9 on my Mac and on my PC. It won't run on my other computers.

I acessed the green party web site and wrote a reply about a web based database of the gun control registry. Someone wanted to estimate the costs. I posted something about the requirements possibly needed.

I am using my PSP regularly now. I now own four UMD movies. There are about 50 movies or so for sale at and this is growing all the time. Like other corporate money making schemes it is designed to get bigger and produce more trash for our planet. I caught some news about AMD suing Intel today.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The dot mac IMAP server is taking some getting used to. I have transferred to my eMac Mac OSX mail, all 2001, 2002 and 2003 email from my inbox on my Outlook Express on my WinXP laptop.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

It is the end of a long day. A lot has been achieved this morning. I was finally able to transfer email to my eMac and Mac Mail application from my Windows Outlook Express email application. It will take maybe another 20 hours to complete this task.

I am following exact instructions given at Apple support pages. I using a trial account at dot Mac to use dot Mac's IMAP email server to upload from windows then download email to the eMac. I have 600 MB to transfer. I have to do this in small portions as the IMAP server account at dot Mac has a 30MB limit.

I am making a lot of copies of email stores on the eMac and need to delete these backups and organisational tools after I am done. By orgainsational tools I mean I am seperating large inboxes to temporary folders to make it easier to sort the uploaded and then downloaed emails into the eMac inbox and not miss a single email. Back up store folders are just a standard precaution.

I was also able to help a friend back up his email in Win98 and next week I will help him install his new 80GB hard drive. I will not loan him my copy of Windows. He will still run win98. I have given him a linux computer as well. There is a balance there.

I installed my new colour ink cartridge on my Espon 440 in the office. I am also working in Open Office and Word to write a brief legal paper for my spring term work in my public law course where there is nothing to learn about computers and the law. I am happy with this. But in fact I did learn to download the professor's power point slides from last term then when this terms slides are posted I "save target as" and then as I save, I delete last term's power point file and replace it with the fresh download all in the same "save as" dialogue box.

I bought new ink cartridges for my printers today. I almost bought an iSight camera for my eMac but did not. It was too much money for the use I would get out of it. Also I do not have a spare 165 dollars to spend on this or any computer thing right now. The other things I bought today that were computer related was a Linux magazine and also a UMD disk for my PSP although that is really entertainment related. I also bid on about five iBooks on ebay but did not remain the winning bidder on any of them. I also can not afford the going price of an old clamshell iBook. So I am not getting an iBook soon. I also got a shipping quote on an old HP workstation X500 with dual Xeon pentium III 500 processors and would need 95 dollars US for the shipping. One of these could be my linux box and my next computer.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

I used the local for sale computer newsgroup to try to raise some funds by selling some computer parts.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I have had to use Microsoft's Word to count words in my legal studies paper.

I am printing using my Epson 820 photo stylus.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I paid for my wireless email today. It cost 81 dollars for a month and a half. This was mostly the initial set up charges for the wireless carrier. The Palm platform was 270$ last Christmas. The email software was 65$ this past weekend. It has already helped me with my TA work to be able to access my school email account while traveling to school.

I have watched a movie while going home from work now. After giving two labs on minitab last night I was taking a later train and needed to wait half an hour. I watched Spiderman 2 while waiting for the train and then watched it on the train.

I downloaded some Java software to view a map collection at

Monday, June 13, 2005

I backed up my present school work files that are on my PC to my eMac using my home network. I am becoming slightly more attracted to the Apple platform this past week and this week. I might save up and buy a 20GB iPod and could use this iPod for remote file storage as well as music.

Friday, June 10, 2005

I had to stop the debian 3.1 install again on the Thinkpad 760. I am going to put the win98 hard drive in this computer and give it to a friend I think. I will first need to fix the power switch which is now broken.
I am redoing the Debian 3.1 install and this time will not install a whole system in one step but instead go package by package.

I would now like to explore R and all the new R and Debian features. This past year I downloaded and installed R for the first time. This year I have learned to use R and have completed some formal training in the use of R for data mining. Next winter in 2006 I may be able to use R for other statistical techniques and also theoretical statistics.

The Thinkpad 360SC is running KDE alright. It is using virtual screens so my mouse moves the screen around. So far I can access all buttons. I went through KDE setup tonight. I changed the time and then shut down. I also checked to see what applications had been installed and there were enough for basic computer operation, word processing, spread sheets, slide shows, and also a few other editors. There is no graphic web browser but there is lynx.

I am installing Debian 3.1r0 on the Thinkpad 760ED right now and it going very smoothly. Except that just now I ran out of space installing a desktop machine. I should have done it package by package. This is a new installer in 3.1.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

I am well fed after my wife and I cooked supper. I am going to mark some statistics labs done in Minitab after I boot up the 486 Thinkpad and see if KDE is still there. I will only test it a little then mark the student's home work for a couple of hours. Then I will record a public law lecture on TV from a loaned tape then if I am still awake I will install Debian 3.1 on the pentium 133 MHz Thinkpad.
My laptop and my Fedora workstation are both working fine. Also my eMac is fine and was used for ordering printing of photos over the web. My palm is also working fine and I will buy Snapper professional for my email on this unit this coming week. My PSP is also working fine and I put some video on it that I made on my canon sure shot 100 digital camera.

I have started to rip CD's or in real words to make mp3 files from music CD's I own so I can play songs on my computer and other digital music devices. I am just getting into mp3's that I make myself using windows media player and my Cd collection. I am thinking more about buying an iPod.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

I am about to back up some folders on my computer. This is the regular monthly back ups. I will also save and maybe print my blogs out.