Sunday, October 29, 2006

Playing Second Life is inspiring

I did some on-line design in Second Life. Really what I did was pay a designer and worked with him to create my SL web design offices. He sold me some desks and then build some cubicle dividers and shelfs. My offices are in Sociaria if you need to look me up and my on-line name is Peter Korgstad. The office is Crystal Computing Web Design. The designer's studio was quite inspiring and had music video screens which I could watch and also a Reuters news feed which always crashed my SL game when I tried to work it. I linked my RL identity with my Second Life identity as I am doing here. This means I am not that worried about on-line privacy. I worry more about the spam from my recent joining of MySpace more than SL. I am now going to test view my new web design offices on my LCD TV.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

We bought my wife an iPod movie. I had trouble with it because I had selected not to be automatically synced and now the iPod does not show up in the main panel of iTunes but only in the left hand devices list. This means I can not delete from it and also I need to add songs manually.

I bought it an Otter iPod case and at first thought I had the wrong case but after viewing the Otter cases web site I found out the case would fit the iPod movie. So now my wife"s iPod has some home movies, some rock songs, and a large collection of Beethoven and Mozart music ready to go in a protective case.

As an after thought I think I will connect the iPod movie to this Macbook and see if I can fix the problem with the iPod panel.

Second after thought, I am so dumb as are the apple support people I called. The panel needed to be scrolled down and then the iPod needed to be registered and then it was ready to go. So everything is ok now.

I now have a Palm Treo 600. With this I have so far been successful in getting the calendar, contacts, to do list and memos onto the Treo from the Tungsten W. I have also installed Astro Info, Palm Reader, InMeeting, and Adode Reader for the Palm. I have also added a number of Palm Reader files. I still need to add Adobe pdf files. I have not been able to access the backed up InMeeting files. I also need to buy a copy of Documents to Go for this Palm. I should also install Avante Go and configure it for this new Palm handheld computer. I have a complementary copy of an MP3 player to still download and install from Palm. I have service for this palm now as my main cell phone and mobile internet. I have closed my wireless account with the other Tungsten W service. Yesterday I bought a 1 GB SD card for this palm at a cost of 30$ plus tax.

This reminds me I really should do some work adding fellow and sister workers to my contacts list and also fellow and sister volunteers.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I got a dot mac account because FutureShop had a discounted copy of dot mac for sale. I am going to use this dot mac to synchronize my two macs.
I copied my mail folder on my eMac to an external hard drive. I copied the documents folder a few days ago. I also copied the documents folder and sites folder on my Macbook to another external drive.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I bought a Canon IP 90 printer and it is worth the money just to print the one photo I have printed of my daughter and I. I also bought a smalled Targus laptop bag to carry this portable printer. I am visioning on the road warrior computer operator.
I tried to make a script in Second Life that would start a web browser and go to my cyborg citizen web site. I was able to debug the script and get it to compile but it did not work when attached to an object. Maybe it was not attached properly.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I was set to buy a Xybernaut MA V wearable computer for 700$. But the seller on ebay did not give me thier name or address and the computer was being sold as is. I just can not afford 700$ on such a deal.

I am also trying now to give away my eMac to a young digital artist.

Success with my trash

I was able to finally clear my trash on my eMac. I still have a number of folders with encrypted files that need deleting but the trash itself is now empty.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My new TV does display my laptops just fine as a monitor. It works with both the Macbook and the IBM Linux Thinkpad. I want to try it out for chatting with Gaim on the Thinkpad. I did test iTunes with sound using the speakers on the TV and the stereo at the same time. I also had the visualizer turned on on iTunes.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

My back up processes are almost complete for another month. I am just waiting for the trash to empty old copies of email folders that were rotated out of the back up hard drives. Another month is beginning.

I did in fact get a Drapper 42 inch portable projector screen and in the end after shipping and customs and brokerage fees it cost abot 80$. The list price is almost 500$.

I also bought a new LCD TV and upconverting DVD player. I have the DVD player home now but am waiting to have the LCD TV delivered still. I bought an HDMI cable from the local computer store They have good prices and are close by and have some Mac support.

Sunday, October 01, 2006