Sunday, February 24, 2008


I downloaded a trial copy of SubEthaEdit. This software for the Mac allows editing by more than one person and also editing over the Internet. I have not tried it out with someone over the Internet but my brother is willing to try it with me. I have this software on both my Macbook and my eMac.

Friday, February 08, 2008

I downloaded Adobe InDesign to learn.

I downloaded a trial copy of Adobe InDesign to learn for a job at work. The problem now is version conflict. The tutorial book I have from work covers a version and, in fact, the versions of InDesign we use at work are not the same as the latest offering from Adobe. This could cause problems. Oh well I will install this latest version on my Macbook running Leopard. I read too at Adobe's web site that Dreamweaver 8 which I bought for my Macbook may give me problems under Leopard and Adobe will be offering no help with these problems. There is a solution to this and that is to uninstall Dreamweaver from the Macbook and install it on my eMac. But I have not yet found Dreamweaver to be a problem under Leopard. So if I did not have to learn this for work I would not be installing it on the Macbook and learning it. I would be using Open Source software all the way. Then again, this is learning that is work related.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I installed Vista on the IBM Thinkcentre

My school program is part of the Microsoft academic network so we get free Microsoft operating systems. I upgraded the Windows XP to Vista on the IBM Thinkcentre about three weeks ago. Some programs no longer work now. Also when I install a program it does not appear in the programs list. I am not able to use the Linksys Music bridge right now. All that work scrubbed.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Playing Eve On-Line

I started playing Eve On-Line this evening. This space adventure game is played by thousands of persons at the same time. I just created a Character and started to learn to play the game. I am playing a female character named Margarite Liberte and she is a Gallente character. I will get the spelling right and figure out more of the web presence of this game as I go. Game costs look to be twenty dollars per month. Is this the space simulation for me? My total game costs would be about 53$ per month including Second Life membership and land costs. Also this pressures the urge to buy a new monitor or new computer although the Macbook was bought knowing the Macbook would not be good for Second Life. It does seem to manage to play Eve Online with only two crashes so far. I tried Eve on the IBM Thinkcentre too running under Vista and it was fine. I could not install the game under Debian 4.0 Linux because I am missing a python component.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Successful burn of only one disk

I have may be ruined three of the 8 GB disks because they could not be verified by the eMac's burning software. I did get one disk burned and verified though. For the other three disks the data got burned and is on the disks it just has not been verified. I did also manage to get the one 2006 documents folder down to below 8 GB so it would fit on only one of these 8 GB double Layer (DL) dvd disks.