Sunday, November 19, 2006

I am making some classical page of links pages for one of my web master sites.
I did some video making and made a family film and then made three copies of a DVD movie which was basically only raw footage of a family reunion. I also printed some family pictures.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Back ups

I was successful at burning a DVD of my email. I now have most of ten years or more of email backed up to 1 DVD disk. I figure before my email back up size becomes bigger than a DVD I will be burning larger dvd's of 8 GB size. I am not sure if my present computers can already do this. I will now try to import all this email into my Macbook mail but not right away.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

My computers are working fine. I have learned how to keep my Debian computer updated. I updated windows XP on my Macbook. I also installed the IP90 printer on the windows side of the Macbook. I also hotsynced the palm on the windows computer side of the Macbook thereby installing some medical palm applications but that is not completed. I paid for these medical softwares. I also downloaded a trial version of Documents To Go version 9 and have it working on my Palm Treo 600 now. I took some photos with the Treo of a union picket I attended.

I also made a profile picture with the Second Life viewer camera, of my Second Life avatar and wrote a little blurb for my avatar. I had used Second Life almost every day this past week as I build the web design offices in world and met people in world and through email.


I am going to back up my mac computers today and start a DVD disk back up process as well as the usual hard drive back up.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Data and TV projectors are indeed coming down in price. I will be able to buy one for Christmas I hope. Already a good quality model that functions for my plans is only 900$, down below 1000$. Speaking of shopping I am thinking of buying an Itronix T5200 for about 60$ plus shipping costs of about 50$. But really I don't have 110$ to spare right now I am still paying for my new TV, the printer, and an iPod for my wife.
I now have a Canon IP 90 but have not used it much yet. It prints perfect photos. I really should buy some more ink for it though and some more photo paper. I should also set it up for use with the WinXP side of this Macbook.
I have been using Dreamweaver regularly now. I did some web mastering this week including using Moving Type at Yahoo for paid work. I have been paid for about 13 hours work on my new web master contract. I am preparing to bill for another ten hours. I also have some work on an older web master contract that must be done. I will get to that this weekend.
I installed a trial copy of Documents To Go version 9 for the Macintosh. This is actually a palm application that allows creation, viewing and use of Microsoft doc, exl, and pps files on the palm. I use the docs feature for keeping minutes at various community group meetings and union meetings. I have not used the Treo that much as a palm although I did some calendar updating, contacts updating, and have also installed all my purchased ebooks and also free ebooks. I have only purchased about three ebooks for the Palm and one was Count Zero by William Gibson. I have though been using the Treo quite regularly as a cell phone. I learned some thing this morning from the palm web site about setting the incoming call sounds. I only really use my cell phone for incoming calls from my wife and in one of my volunteer roles.