Monday, June 01, 2009

The RAM memory has been placed in the server now.

I received the server this week via UPS courier. I put the RAM memory in last night. It seems that hard drives may just plug into what is called an "IDE backplane". There seem to be only two case fans so I hope this server is not too noisy. There is one small power supply fan as well. The computer does not have a mouse port as it is a server so using one of these keyboards with a track ball set in a 1 U tray may not be the best idea. Also it does not appear to have an easy accessible PCI card slot. Thus the idea of using this as a music recording device has probably met the last straw now. So perhaps I will find another use for this as a home Intranet web server or an home Internet server. I am not sure now. I have spent about 125 dollars on the server and about 60 dollars on the RAM memory so far. So I have spent approximately 200 dollars on this computer so far.

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