Sunday, March 01, 2009

Macbook backed up to USB external hard drive now.

I backed up the Macbook documents folder, the desktop folder and the mail folder to one of the external LaCie 250 GB hard drives. I also just started the back up of the eMac to the same 250 GB hard drive. I will not have to use the 160 GB LaCie portable drive to do this backup. I reviewed my 2007 backups for the Macbook and they are all burned to DVD now. I did this last year in 2008.

I would like to back up both computers once a month. I should also back up Remembrance this weekend. My next purchase for backing up will be an internal 1 TB drive for the network storage or a 1 TB or 500 GB USB external drive which again will hook up to the Linksys Network storage box. Another possible backup purchase will be more blank DVD disks. But I do have 50 fresh blank disks available now.

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