Sunday, October 18, 2009

I have started to use both Outlook 2007 and Evolution e-mail on my Dell Inspiron but I do not send e-mail from the Dell yet.

I was able to import e-mail on the Dell Inspiron using the Linux side of the computer and Evolution e-mail. I have not sent e-mail from Evolution and want to make sure I can take any evolution e-mail and transfer it back to the Mac.

I turned on Outlook 2007 and configured it to download e-mail but leave a copy on the server as I also do with my Macbook. It may be impossible to export e-mail from Outlook so I have not used it to send any e-mail or really create anything yet.

I am using Google Calendar successfully with my old Palm schedule and have also tried to synchronize the Google Calendar with Outlook 2007. This has not brought the Palm calendar into Outlook which is one goal I have for my calendar.