Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fink is now updated and the Macbook has a fresh install of the X code developer tools.

I updated Fink after following their instructions for update problems. I had to command line delete all my developer tools and then reinstall from the Leopard DVD. I then was finally able to install ImageMagic. I have that name wrong. I now need to adjust both Drupal and Mediawiki to use ImageMagic for handling graphics.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Drupal is up and running with some issues.

I got Drupal running now on my Intranet. This is also running on my Macbook and will only be accessible when hooked up to my router, I think. I need to schedule a cron job for this application. I also need to install ImageMagic or GD image software. Both Drupal and MediaWiki need these image softwares.

I will now install Drupal on my Macbook.

I have MySQL running now and PHP 5 working with Apache2 on the Macbook. So now I will investigate Drupal as I build an Intranet based on my Macbook. If this works out I may run another Intranet server on my IBM machine under Linux.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mediawiki is installed on my Macbook now

I have Mediawiki installed now. I have started to use it to record my research but at this point I am only sketching out basic main pages. I had installed the 64 bit MySQL by mistake and that is why it would not work. I reinstalled the proper version for MySQL for my Macbook and it worked. I followed the very good instructions at the Mediawiki wiki to install Mediwiki and it is now working.

I am setting up a study wiki on my own computer not to be web based.

I was using Librarything.com and got all excited by messages between grad students about what they use for organising their research. They seemed to have settled on Wiki's. I use blogs and emails and appointments and pen, paper, and ink. I also use a variety of structures and software tools. I have tried using Microsoft Project software but it is not that great.

To use a Wiki I selected I needed to install it on my Macbook. I first had to start Apache which I have done. I then needed to install MySQL 5.0 which I have downloaded and run two installers and then added the preference panel for MySQL. But so far I can not get MySQL started. I have studied MySQL in the past. I also managed to edit the file httpd.conf for apache so that PHP 5.0 will run now. I had to use vi for the edit and also chmod to change the permissions on the file so I could save my edit. I then changed the permissions back too. I had to use Linux for Dummies to use vi and to use chmod. I will leave this note here and report back later. I did take a break at this point to read some books before documenting this. I am now going back to the install of MediaWiki following the instructions for that software. It promises TeX support and images. I am going to run MediaWiki on my laptop and not serve it over the net.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ice Dove for email

Ice Dove is thunderbird for Linux. I am attempting to transfer all my Mac mail to Ice Dove this morning.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I deleted my Eve Online subscription.

I played the computer game Eve Online for a little more than one month. I was motivated to try out Eve Online by a powerpoint slide presentation by someone who works at IBM. Roo Reynolds who was presenting his slides on computer games (social, massively multi player, virtual world) to a British charity audience shared these powerpoint slides at Slide Share.(Tracy Kennedy introduced me to Slide Share by putting my Slides from my facebook paper there). He was showing the charities what games could do for charities. Sort of like the Second Life Relay for Life event, which I tried out a little last summer with some other students. His main point about Eve Online was that it was cooperative. Players, although strangers would help each other play the game. This could help me understand community based training and collaborative learning of computer operating. About a week ago, I was able to experience this in Eve Online as two other players helped me with a mission. This consisted of clicking buttons to make the play ships shot at other computer played ships until they were dead. So two other players helped me kill these computer ships, or in the language of role playing "NPC's" ships and thus complete the mission. Of course, the whole major theme is space ship battle.

I deleted my subscription because the game was taking too much valuable time from my home life and other activities and was costing money and I have no extra money. Also my main focus both with computers and school work is not in the entertainment gaming field. Yes, I can make connections to other topics like helping strangers and cooperative play but as I said it took too much time and too much money. I have also been able to experience the cooperation at a basic first time experience level. But games have traditionally been used in education to effect cooperation (aka Game Theory).

Enough with that game and information society cash out stream. This will save me 15$ per month as that was going to become the cost of that game. The game Second life is now costing me 33$ a month on a regular fee basis plus costs of buying land and other items. In fact, I am this weekend, buying another 512 basic lot adjoining my present virtual 3D land holdings