Sunday, June 28, 2009

Only mail folders remain to be backed up on the Macbook and eMac

The document folders on the eMac and Macbook are now backed up for this month. Also both desktop folders are backed up. So all that remains is to complete the mail folders back up. This takes longer as there are so many files as each e-mail is one file. Remembrance is backed up and that leaves only the Dell Studio and Dell Mini 9 to back up.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The documents folder is now backed up.

The eMac documents folder is now backed up. All that remains to back up now is the email folder. I have started this folder backup. I also now need to finish backing up the Macbook which I did start the work on.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am not sure what I am doing with my music rack...Music? Server?

I have been putting more stuff in my music rack. I am not too pleased with the server I have. But I have not really put a lot of time into it yet. I did also buy a D-Link 16 port switch and did put that in the top 1U of my 10 U music gear rack.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

eMac backups and the old e-mail policy.

I have backed up the eMac's Desktop folder now. I am just verifying with the Get Info function that the two Desktops, the real one and the back up copy are about the same size.

Then I will continue the copying of files and folders from the Documents folder on the eMac to the back up copy on the network drive. Then I will back up e-mail. I will not bother to back up videos, photos, music or applications this time, as these do not change much. These especially do not change much on the eMac.

Back in early 2005 I had only an eMac and a Thinkpad. My philosophy was to keep all e-mail on the eMac when I got a Macbook to replace the Thinkpad that had broken that year. In the last six months I have lifted this policy a bit and generally read my e-mail on the Macbook. I did not want to do this for security reasons; given that I might loose a computer like a laptop outside the house I thought it better not to store e-mail on it. But I leave the e-mail on the server with the Macbook so it is still all downloaded eventually and stored on the eMac. But the eMac is getting old now. Also I am having trouble these days backing up the e-mail folders on the eMac to external drives and even more trouble backing up to DVD. When I did my e-mail on the Thinkpad before I started using only the eMac for e-mail, I could back up the e-mail to DVD no problem from the Thinkpad. There was simply less e-mail to backup back then.

I am beginning my mid month backups to a network drive.

I have been starting my backups to a network drive for the mid month. So far, I am working with Remembrance and the eMac.

I am also transferring my network music library to the new 1 TB drive.

I still have not fully transferred the first of the USB external drives to the network hard drive. It is not an easy process. There are always files that produce error messages and stop whole copy operations.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The hard drive is physically in the server and the server starts.

I found some flat headed screws from Remembrance and also my little compartment box. I was able to push the hard drive up against the IDE backplane. I am still not sure it is connected. I need to boot to the BIOS to check that. I will have to boot to the BIOS to set the boot device anyways.

I did hook the server up to a monitor and started it up. The computer tried to find bootable media.

Sure enough the computer started and showed 2 GB of RAM. This means the RAM is working too. The RAM cost about 60$ from an ebay seller.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The server hard drive trays are excellent but I need flat head screws

I got the server hard drive trays and am ready to install the 200 GB hard drive left over from the IBM ThinkCentre. To do this I need to make sure the hard drive mounting screw are flush with the tray arms so typical hard drive mounting screws are not going to work. I need flat head screws. The screws need to be flush so the tray can slide into the server. I also have my first IDE backplane which basically means when the tray slides in, the hard drive connections plug right into the connectors on the computer. These connections are on this thing called an IDE backplane. So I do not need hard drive cables.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The next step with the server is to put in a hard drive.

The next step is to put the 250 GB hard drive from my old IBM NetVista into the server. This was the NetVista's second hard drive and ran Debian Linux. The first step is to take this 250 GB hard drive out of Remembrance where is basically doing nothing as it is not recognised by the motherboard. I think the motherboard will not allow IDE and SATA drives to run at the same time or something. The hard drive trays for this server are at the post office now so I will need to pay 9 dollars customs and bring them home.

Monday, June 01, 2009

I hope to hear Richard Stallman speak tomorrow at Parliament Hill

Richard Stallman a software developer and free software advocate will be speaking on Parliament hill tomorrow and I am hoping to hear him and then join him at a restaurant near by. I have been to this restaurant a few times for social computing gatherings.

The RAM memory has been placed in the server now.

I received the server this week via UPS courier. I put the RAM memory in last night. It seems that hard drives may just plug into what is called an "IDE backplane". There seem to be only two case fans so I hope this server is not too noisy. There is one small power supply fan as well. The computer does not have a mouse port as it is a server so using one of these keyboards with a track ball set in a 1 U tray may not be the best idea. Also it does not appear to have an easy accessible PCI card slot. Thus the idea of using this as a music recording device has probably met the last straw now. So perhaps I will find another use for this as a home Intranet web server or an home Internet server. I am not sure now. I have spent about 125 dollars on the server and about 60 dollars on the RAM memory so far. So I have spent approximately 200 dollars on this computer so far.