Monday, December 31, 2007

The Keyboard Monitor switch is hooked up now.

I have the monitor switch hooked up now. So I can easily the monitor between the Sun machine and the IBM machine.

The memory arrived in the mail and was Desktop RAM not laptop RAM.

So I must have made a mistake because the RAM turned out to be Desktop RAM and I needed laptop RAM. So I must take this RAM back to the store and make an exchange. The RAM chips are still on sale until Thursday. I may though take back the RAM and not do an exchange because I need to pay down debit. I may also take back the LinkSys stream music network device and also get credit for that. The LinkSys device has still not arrived in the mail.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Keyboard, monitor switch.

I have a one PS/2 and Monitor switch I am going to reconnect this evening to run the 17 " ProView monitor with both the Sun Solaris machine and the IBM Thinkcentre. I will cable that up just now.

I am updating Fink

I ran Fink Commander self update just now. This is the first update since Leopard was installed. I am wondering if I should wipe out Fink and get a fresh version. Perl would not upgrade because it would not compile.

Friday, December 28, 2007

1 GB memory upgrade may be this evening.

I think Memory upgrades are rather trouble-less events. I have not had any trouble with them except on old 386's with very used memory. But I suppose there could be issues. I am upgrading my Macbook from 1 GB with two 512 MB PC 5300 chips to 2 GB with two 1 GB chips. These two 1 GB chips should come in the mail in the next few hours. To be on the safe side I will connect the Leopard TimeMachine external backup drive now and make sure it runs a few times before I put the new memory in the machine. I will also follow instructions exactly as I found them at the Apple support pages for installing new RAM into a Macbook. Basically this means taking the battery out and then unscrewing one little metal frame with philips 00 screws. Then I take out the old memory and put in the new. I can then may be sell the old memory.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I burned the two more 8 GB DVD's.

I have the Desktop of the eMac backed up from the external 250 GB hard drive now to DVD. I do want to burn two more copies of what I have done for the eMac so far. I also have one more DVD to burn for that computer's Desktop folder backups. I will make six copies of that DVD too. So for the above what is required is ten 4 GB DVD's and and two more 8 GB DVD's.

The year end back up continues

I am having less issues with the Finder going into the "not responding" state. I did burn two 8 GB DVD's that backed up all the Desktop copies for 2007. I have two more to burn and I am all out of 8 GB DVD's. I do not plan to buy more of these right now. I did order 100 4 GB blank DVD's for 20 dollars to continue this process.

To continue to clear the hard drive I have deleted all the twenty some CD's of Debian 4.0. I have burned some of these to CD and what I deleted was the original downloads. If I have too I could download these again. I have also not had to use these as my last Debian install was done with a net install disk. I do not have too many other files I can just delete. I have about 51 GB free space now. I need about 85 at present to hold my iTunes library for streaming. If I can meet this goal with this drive I will not need a new drive.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Year end back ups started.

Well needing to clear one of the 250 GB hard drives off of files I began to back up the backups on that hard drive. I started with the Desktop folders for the eMac2 and that took two DVD's for the folders from year end 2006 and all through 2007 except the last year end copy of the Desktop. I still must make one year end Desktop folder. This will be tonight's task. I used 4.7 GB DVD's and made four copies of each DVD. I want to keep three copies here and send two copies to one family member and one extra copy to another family member. So in all I need six copies. So I need to make two more copies of these two DVD's. For now I deleted the two DVD burn folders which were mounted on the desktop. Tonight I will make four 8 GB DVD's of all the 2007 Desktop folders and the year end 2006 folder.

I will want to buy more blank DVD's at the boxing day sales.

I learned to unlock the burn folders after the first burn and it was this locked aspect which was giving me a lot of trouble in the past with burning DVD's and the Finder going into non-response.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

iTunes on the Windows box.

I have been having more luck now getting all my music onto iTunes on the PC. I am moving along with this. Also my iTunes is fully backed up on the eMac which holds the master library. The back up took seventeen 4.7 GB DVD's. I have about six of these now transfered to the IBM PC iTunes. Now I feel challenged to transfer them to the Debian side and see what I can use for Debian music. It might be time to convert an old external drive to being a music library. The Macbook has only a smaller part for the library for syncing the Nano. I did order the music bridge and will try it out and if it does not work I will return it. It cost 46$ CND in the end taxes and shipping.

Annual year end backups; getting ready for the end of the year.

I usually make end of the year back ups. I am starting to think of this today. I am learning not to keep external hard drives plugged in all the time but have been doing this with the new Time Machine software on my Macbook with Leopard and a LaCie 160 pocket drive. I will disconnect it now and put it inside its waterproof and dust proof case for a few days.

I am doing things with iTunes.

I have been thinking of buying a Linksys Wireless music streaming network device. It is only because one is on sale now that this has really come up. I am aware that music on computers is expensive and getting a music hard drive might have to happen from this too. The costs would be immense. This would mean I would not need a new iPod. I could use the Harmon Kardon Bridge to my stereo for just the Nano. The new iPod costs too much, It is math of these things as I try to match my iTunes library file size with the newer iPods. Instead, I think the music Bridge would be a good device, if it works. It is only Windows compatible. This means I would need to use my new IBM Thinkcentre.

I have so far started to use the Thinkcentre windows side to sync my Blackberry. Now I will also use it for iTunes and the Wireless Music Bridge. Since I have started to use iTunes on Windows I have had nothing but headaches loading all my music. This past hour I decided to delete everything on that iTunes.

I am also backing up my eMac iTunes to some 4.7 GB DVD's but this has been headache prone too. Right now I am starting again; having ruined three DVD's trying. First, I am downloading a bunch of podcasts. When those are updated, I will back up the iTunes on the eMac.

I also have been using iTunes on the IBM to get my songs from the library of music to my Blackberry. This was the initial reason to put iTunes there. This worked but the Blackberry is troublesome for listening to music while traveling around on the bus. It turns off and on and stuff. I have still have not learned all the buttons or the lock screen function beyond using it once only.

Monday, December 17, 2007

I backed up this blog.

I copied the web pages to word doc files for the months of 2006 and 2007 that had not already been backed up. I then changed the by-line on the top of this blog to reflect the new machines I have now and iPods I have sold off.

We did not get to those paypal and amazon problems with the neighbour.

I did not in the end help my neighbour set up paypal or order books through amazon. Instead I helped her learn to turn on and off her email and helped her read her email for the whole year and replay to some very old email.

I am now home and was playing some computer games and now am back to transferring songs to my new cell phone, the Blackberry.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I am helping a neighbour with Paypal and amazon

I am helping a neighbour with the Internet this evening. We are setting up a paypal account for her and helping her order some books.

How to get iTunes into the Blackberry.

First step as I said two hours ago was to update WinXP on the desktop. After that was done. I installed iTunes. I learned iTunes music store now sells Canadian TV shows. I explored these a little using my eMac iTunes because that computer is right beside the IBM computer on my office desk. I then installed the Backberry software from the CD that came with the Blackberry Pearl 2. I then used back up iTunes DVD's to import my music to iTunes. Then using Roxio media manager I copied iTunes music into the Roxio and then copied to the SD micro card on the Blackberry. I am now listening to Auto Rickshaw a band I have worked with as a volunteer. I am thinking I will only listen to folk based music on the Blackberry as a counter to its placement in culture as a corporate object rather than say a pop object or folk object. So the Blackberry is corp tool rather than a hacker, rocker, nomad, or solo tool.

Desktop PC.

I decided to run my Blackberry off of the new IBM computer while running WinXP. I think I have a tool in Debian for this too but I am not sure. One joke I have heard it case you're interested is to call a Blackberry a crackberry. Certainly there are addicts in my city along with Blackberry users. I am concerned as well to help these addicts more than I would help Blackberry owners and I do help people by volunteering in social services.

But I have not been using the WinXP Operating system much on the IBM desktop so I am having to spend an hour or two downloading updates from Microsoft now. The reason I am needing to use the Desktop PC rather than the Macbook WinXP is that the Macbook Win XP partition is almost full and I need to save that for my SAS install. I use SAS at work and need to have a home copy to learn on and have a school license for SAS.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Email, contacts, address books between Palms, Blackberries, and computers.

Here is what happened after the switch devices function of the Blackberry Desktop Manager did not work to add phone numbers to my address book on the new Blackberry. I tried repeatedly to import an ASCII file exported from the Palm Desktop. It just would not work. So I went to the Blackberry support pages and found I would have to use Outlook Express. My Outlook Express was full of some old email import and had a lot of email addresses which if your email address book looks like mine is hundred of email addresses with out names or phones numbers or even real addresses. So I did manage to import the Palm cell phone address book into Outlook but first deleted all the contacts in Outlook. I then matched up very carefully the columns in the coma delimited file from the Palm. Then the Blackberry Desktop manager did import the Outlook address book alright. I have some mixing of cell phone, fax and home numbers but at least I have some kind of copy of the Palm address book now on the Blackberry. I do not need this until the end of the month so there is time to fix it and add more names and numbers.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I could not find my Palm hotsync cable.

I do not know about all this chasing after technology. I am in a panic looking for my hotsync cable for my palm. My office is fairly disorganized so finding my cable if it is not where I left it or not in the few places I keep cables is not a very good thing. When I find it I am ready on the WinXP side of the Macbook to sync the Palm Treo 600 with the Palm Desktop then transfer everything to the Blackberry. I believe the Blackberry software the Blackberry Desktop Manager can do the transfer with out the Palm Desktop. But both devices need to be connected at the same time.

As I proof read this entry I tried one more time to look around where I usually leave my cables and saw the tell tale end that fits in the Palm. So I have now found the cable and will log off the Macbook Leopard and log into Win XP and try to transfer my contacts and and calendar to my Blackberry which arrived yesterday.

I am already using the Blackberry Facebook application and have downloaded 250 KB so far on the Blackberry of my 4 MB monthly limit. But for now I am ready to sync the two devices. First, I will back up the Palm to the eMac.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Getting ready for the Blackberry.

This Blackberry will be costly for the service almost 70$ a month. But I did buy the MicroSD card just now which was about 51$. It is a 2 GB Kingston MicroSD card. It also has an adapter to allow it to fit in the standard SD slots. I have one USB memory card reader, which I paid 30$ for a year or two ago. I also have an SD card reader on my Brother printer. I will not take the MicroSD card out of the package, in case I need to return it and back out of the Blackberry purchase.

Memory for the Debian Computer would not cost too, too much.

Upgrading the Debian PC to 4 GB would be about 400$ but just upgrading it to 2GB would only be 100$ because I would not need to take out the 1 GB in there now. It takes PC2700 DDR RAM.

Archiving and moving to Linux.

I archived some folders on my Macbook. I am limited on hard disk space and need to clean up the laptop a bit more.

I opened some backup folders in Linux and copied my Old Computer folder and some Mac backups while archiving these to the Linux desktop home folder. I also updated the Linux computer today. I tried out Kate for my dtd file and also opened a school project written in C# with Kate and used the highlighting. Right now the Linux computer is turned off to save power.

I am buying a Blackberry 8130 cell phone/pda.

I decided that I wanted the Pearl model Blackberry a few months ago, in fact, it may have been last winter I decided that it would be a good phone. It is model 8130. I regret not getting a full keyboard as this was the feature I used to buy PDA cell phones by. I had bought a Palm Tungsten W and then Palm Treo 600 based on the little thumb keyboards and had avoided the Blackberry's which, in fact, were making the thumb keyboards famous. But the 8130 has what's called a SureType keyboard and they have a copyright on that name. It has a camera, GPS service, email, web browsing, cell phone functions, and music. It also uses microSD cards. This means I now have to buy these type of flash memories. There is a sale this evening at Futureshop so I may try to buy those memories this evening along with two CD's I am buying family for Christmas.

Monday, November 26, 2007

One laptop per child

Giving one of this laptops to a child in the developing world(including Afghanistan) makes rational economic sense for buying a laptop for the kids in your life too. Where else does 399$ US buy you a kid proof laptop for younger kids? You could buy a used older laptop I suppose. For the 399$ your kid gets a designed for kids laptop and then another one is donated to a kid in a developing country. Sure they need water and food more than a laptop. But buy someone a meal they eat for one day. Teach them to grow a meal they eat for life. The laptop can be seen as a tool for building communities. Visit

Memory upgrades.

It will cost about 200$ to buy 2 GB of Kingston PC5300 laptop RAM from Futureshop to upgrade the memory in my Macbook. I have not yet priced the 4 GB of RAM I need for my new desktop to bring it up to Maximum. I may need to reinstall Debian or find some way of repartitioning the hard drive because I want to adjust the swap space on the hard drive. Right now I have 2 GB of swap space and if the desktop can be upgrade to 4 GB RAM I will need to upgrade the swap space to 8 GB of Swap space. Swap space is space on the hard drive that is used like RAM for moment by moment memory needs. It is recommended that swap space be set to double the real RAM size. I think this used to be called Virtual Memory on early to middle aged Macs.


I did get KPhoto to upload photos from my SonyT20 camera. The camera connects as a USB device. I simply used the file browser in Gnome to copy and paste the photos into KPhoto. Or was it import from a folder they were copied and pasted too? So the photos can get into the computer. I have not tried printing them yet and Canon do not have Linux drivers for the printer I own.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Second Life viewer on Linux

I have been using the Second Life viewer successfully under Linux a few times now. It is almost like a new game and very responsive.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Leopard updated this morning

Leopard on the Macbook updated itself this morning. The IBM computer took some getting used to. I am still using Apple keyboard short cuts. I need to relearn or readapt to PC short keyboard cuts I found I could run Second Life under Linux. I also learned to use the Konqueror browser. I do need firefox for some web pages but so far can not install firefox under Debian using the Synaptic package manager. I also have not found K package yet I did just now while writing this post install KDM and may have KDE working soon enough. In fact, as I proof read this I was asked by the computer which default window manager I wanted to use and I selected KDM. I am restarting now and will see what happens.  I did not yet get KDE. I also in this install run/download installed numerous K packages. I also just got a DVD to play apparently violating some law perhaps concerning copyright. I downloaded some package that was a library for decoding DVD's. When I did this K package popped up. So with all of the above I am getting there with Debian Etch.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Only hardware issues so far with new IBM desktop.

The Debian Net install process is just downloading software as it is in the Select and install software phase right now. I updated the Windows XP first and ran Norton. The only issue I had was finding a caddy or really a piece of metal to hold the Western Digital 200 GB second hard drive. The drive is installed and formatted now. There are 30 seconds remaining in this phase. I will update more later.

Leopard is taking a little getting used to.

I have now been using Leopard for about 12 hours. I used it all day today from about 1 PM until now.

The Visual Studio project is done now.

I have a version of the Windows software installer now and just figured out one would make an installer as a sub part of an application. This was done as an exercise for school. I should touch it up a little bit now but I have one version now I can email to our instructor before Wednesday.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Leopard install is complete now

Leopard is up and running on the Macbook. I have about 5 GB free space on the hard drive now.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Leopard install has begun

I have placed the Leopard install disk in the Macbook and rebooted and then followed instructions. Everything seems fine as the installer checks the inegrity of the DVD disk. Is this a sexual metaphor "put the disk in"? Then what is integrity checking all about or choosing a hard drive to upgrade? May be gendered interpretations fall short? But may be they are right on!

One last task before install of Leopard is dragging out but that's because I am not working on it right now.

I decided I had better get some school homework done before installing Leopard. Allowing some waiting time is also allowing some build up of excitment here. All the backs up are now done. But I have some school work that I can only do at home on the Macbook. I could complete it at school too on lab computers. But it is much more convenient to complete it at home. It is almost done now. It really is not difficult because the teacher has made a step by step guide to the homework. Only the last step is not given and I have completed that once in the lab where we learned this a few weeks ago. The assignment is to make an installer project in C# using Visual Studio. Then we must add a license agreement. I am almost done the step by step part and when this is done I will log off WinXP on the Macbook and install Leopard.

Then Monday I install Debian 4.0 r1 on an IBM M50 desktop which should arrive that day. I have Monday off of work. I will post details of the Linux install after the Leopard install is done but I am right now also preparing for the Linux install but won't give details right now.

You should back up your computer before installing an upgrade or new OS.

Following the advice to back up my computer before the upgrade to Mac OS 10.5 I am backing up my Macbook.

So far I have burned four DVD's of the Desktop folder as of last night. I burned two of these DVD's on Kodak DVD's and two on Memorex DVD's. I also did this with four disks for the documents folder. All other folders than documents and desktop were considered two large for DVD back up.

I also used one external 250 LaCie USB hard drive to copy these two folders once. I also used my eMac and the LaCie back up software on the eMac to back up the user folder on the Macbook to a second LaCie 250 USB external drive attached to the eMac. These two computers are connected to a router in common which keeps them networked together.

Another step is still in progress and that is to use the LaCie backup software on the Macbook to back up many different folders like the systems folder, the users folder, the library, and the applications folder to a third smaller 160 GB LaCie USB external drive. So far backing up the applications folder this way has not worked so a copy of it was copied to the drive.

Windows XP is also installed on the Macbook so a copy of the major folders was made to the first USB external drive mentioned above and then this was copied to the third drive as well. Some Windows folders on the Macbook could not be copied due to permissions issues.

The last step will be to use the LaCie back up software to make one more copy of the user folder to the third drive. Then the backups will be considered completed.

Installing Leopard on the Macbook.

I will make a series of posts now about intsalling Leopard on my Macbook. I paid 109 dollars plus tax for this Mac OS 10.5 last night.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The community group web site will not close.

So the people in charge of the community group project decided not to close their web site after all. May be there is more paid work in web mastering? I at one time made a goal to earn just a little money making web sites. This I have now done.

Apple updates.

I just updated iTunes to version 4.5 and Quicktime.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

New computer ordered.

I am happy to buy an IBM computer now that IBM have settled with thier workers in Italy. They held a strike in the on-line game of Second Life. I ordered a Pentium 4, 3 Ghz hyper threaded certified used desktop. It has Gigabyte ethernet, an 80 GB hard drive and a CD burner with DVD playing ability. I also ordered a Western Digital 250 GB hard drive to have a second harddrive for installing Debian 4.0. So again I will have a dual boot Debian Linux/ Windows XP box.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

ProView 17" monitor works with Solaris machine.

I paid only 40$ for a 17 inch monitor. It is an old style CRT monitor not an LCD. But it works fine with the Solaris computer so I now have that machine looked after. The monitor is brand new though. I am still tempted to buy an IBM desktop or Thinkpad to run Debian 4. These certified used IBM machines are fairly cheap right now.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pain staking hand editing of Moving Type(MT) main index file worked.

I started a new blog for accounting the explorations I do through my Second Life avatar Peter Krogstad. This morning I created an edit in a Moving Type(MT) template. I used Moving Type for the new blog and put it in my cybercitizen web site here

I used the witty name for the blog Just a Second Life Avatar's Blog. I made a table banner with 40 little Second Life screen pictures of my avatar. This was what took the hand coding. It was tough uploading too. I made a goal to completing this before going out today and I am now done. So I achieved this goal. I worked very hard.

I spent the day at work coding in SAS.

I am happy to report I have been paid to code. I have a job and my duties this week became coding in SAS. I spent almost every minute at work today writing a SAS program. I have proven to be very good at assisting my boss with his database work too. I credit this to clear communication as a nagging goal.

I also have been able to become an obsessive documenter. I wrote a lot of comments in my code today explaining each and every step in SAS comment lines. Being a blogger of my own daily life and other mundane topics has improved my skills in this regard.

Second Life progress update.

I have been studying inside Second Life with the help of Tracy Kennedy and Joanna Robinson. Tracy is writing her Ph.D. with Barry Wellman at the University of Toronto and Joanna is a research associate at Simon Fraser. I joined them at a virtual campus last fall. I have since joined them at a meeting of the Communications, Information and Technology section of the American Sociology Association and wrote a paper on facebook and privacy for that event. I just posted it Thursday night at

I have now learned more about Second Life by reading books. I read just a little of the Offical Guide to Second Life and with that created another account and avatar and went through orientation island again where I better learned to fly. This has really helped me out. I moved my house or should I say my offices to a PG sim and it is more pleasant to see on screen now. I find I am spending more time on-line there now in this virtual reality world that is like photoshop for 3 dimensional stuff. It has cost me close to 400 dollars now in about 1.5 years of use.

I am going to open a blog now for this virtual world and report my progress there. I will post the new blog address here when it is set up.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Closing a web site for a community group I am associated with and worked for on this web site.

Well I had a job as a web master for about 14 months. I did only a few pages at that web site and will be closing it now after October ends. I will send in my last invoice and create a page to keep in place to announce the closing. I will may be now that I am thinking of it move the hosting to a single page at NCF. I have never closed a web site before. I read a little about eGovernment last night. I am mostly working in government these days.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Backups continuing.

I made some backups on my eMac at the beginning of the month and now mid-month. I am no longer backing up blogs with hard copy.

Starting to think my eMac is going to replaced with an iMac.

My eMac is a key tool for using old Pre Mac OS X software. I was thinking I would get an iMac to replace it but am now thinking instead I will wait and save up for a new stand alone monitor and use this for the Solaris computer and also get a Linux desktop computer. I would keep the eMac but also move to more use of Linux desktops. A new monitor will cost about 300$ and that new PC could be anything from an IBM Pentium IV to a more modern dual Intel. I will wait a few years and replace my Macbook with a Macbook Pro.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

I am properly "by the book" reconditioning my Macbook battery.

I wonder if when I tried to buy an extra Macbook battery about half a year ago, I helped Apple discovery the flaw in the Macbook battery. They issued a firmware update or software update for that which I applied to my Macbook. They had also issued a firmware update earlier for the fan in the Macbook. At any rate I only have one battery and I am running my Macbook on battery power now and when it sleeps I will leave it off for five or more hours then re-power it. The Macbook might be off line from about 3 am until about 8 or 10 am. I will now update a few blogs and make sure to unplug the Macbook from digital audio and also external monitor so I can move it around this morning when I clean and move furniture. I am also buying a Pelican 1080 case for this Macbook before I carry it on my bike. That way it can be in an accident and if a car runs over it it will be safe.

All computers are working well.

My eMac and Macbook are both working fine. My Compaq Debian system is ok but I don't use it much at all. My Sun Ultra 5 is not being used either and it is now without a monitor. I have an 8 GB Nano which I paid full price for but they are now on sale at half that price. I also have a 30 GB iPod video but I am trying to sell it. My Palm Treo 600 is still working fine too.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The book Windows Vista for Dummies arrived in 3 days from and in two business days.

Wow that was the fastest on-line order yet with the book I ordered for my partner's friend arriving in two business days. It took only one day to travel after being shipped.

BackUps begun for month end and quarter end time.

I was forced to move my main previous computers back up folder off the eMac onto one of the LaCie drives. This reminded me to back up the two computers. I will start this process now but really for the Macbook I will wait until some school work is done. But blogs and the eMac will be backed up now.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The computer was delivered and my friend gave me an Obusforme backpack for my work.

I helped my friend unpack the computer and guided her through plugging it in and turning it on and off. She will be using Open Office and soon be reading the two books, The Internet for Dummies and Windows Vista for Dummies. These books are coming in the mail from She bought a computer desk from Staples Business Depot. With the desk she got a free Obusforme backpack and this is a back support backpack. She gave this to me as she does not use backpacks.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I am learning facebook application development.

I downloaded some API's for facebook development. I read a little about Faceboook Query Language.

I bought a computer and printer for my partner's friend.

I bought a Compaq SRN5110NX desktop computer for 349$ plus tax. At the same time I bought a Canon Pixma MP210 printer, copier, and scanner for 29$. Combining these with my Sony 17" wide screen TV/Monitor makes a whole system. I bought these last Sunday and brought them home on the bus using a hand truck. I spent this week setting the computer up. I installed Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, iTunes, and Open Office. Yesterday I ordered books for this friend. I ordered The Internet for Dummies and Windows Vista for Dummies. This system is for a friend. She has worked in the past in the government and studied computer programming at Algonquin college.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Second Second Life character started up in the orientation island.

I logged in for about an hour in orientation island relearning stuff there. My new character is called Hover Jetcity and he like all other characters initially created logged in to find himself at orientation island. I did not do well at flying or complete the appearance exercises yet. I did complete the search and communication exercises. I may go back in tonight.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Second Life offices have been moved.

I sold all my land. I used the average price of 7.7 Linden dollars per sq. m. and my neighbour bought all 6 512 sq. m. parcels. He paid a total of about 25000 L$ and this bought me 2560 sq. m. in a new Mainland sim. I also cashed some L$ in to cover my higher monthly costs in September's land fees payment. I am now back down to the 15 US$ per month land fees tier. I have moved my offices and set up the cubicles but still need to arrange things a bit and put the little computers on the desks. I had experience building for sale signs and moving things and placing things into inventory and then taking them out again. I met a few people and my old neighbour became a friend. I learned a little of doing land deals.

A monitor for the Sun Ultra 5.

I booted the Sun Ultra 5 to see if I could identify the video card and screen resolution but instead tried to install a printer and crashed the Solaris. I turned off the computer and am focusing on Debian now and WinXP.

I am using bittorrent to download and upload Debian Linux 4.0 r 1.

I had been meaning to get to this for a few days now. I am just about to get my Compaq Pentium 1 laptop out and see how my Debian install is on that machine. But I also am bittorrent sharing Debian 4.0 r 1 disks 1 to 21 and three update CD's and a KDE CD.

Vista deleted and WinXP used to install SAS.

I deleted Vista because it would not allow me to install SAS. So I reinstalled WinXP and and then SAS. I also installed Flash and Adobe Reader on WinXP.

Friday, September 14, 2007

My first land sale in Second Life and now I am selling all my land.

Second life has cost me a lot of money in the past year and few months. I sold my first piece of land. After making a for sale sign my land sold in less than an hour. The buyer agreed to buy my other 512 sq. m. parcels today. I set them all for sale to only this person and now I am homeless in Second Life. I put my house away and all my custom furniture. I did spend some time investigating some other land and may try to find a new home after the sale. I might save my Linden dollars for this or cash the Linden dollars out. The first sale paid for most of my land fees this month. The land fees are covered now for today's payment. My next payment will be a month from now and that will be a membership payment rather than land fee. I may try to optimize and save enough Linden dollars to cover my membership fees next month and then any land fees and spend the rest on new land for my house and custom furniture

I have not been using the Sun or Linux computers much.

I got to thinking recently that I would buy a new monitor as the 17 inch Sony is not compatible with the Sun Ultra 5 video card. I should not buy a new monitor though as I can not afford one.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ink supplies bought this month on credit.

Using my futureshop credit card I bought ink for my Brother MFC420cn printer and my Canon IP Pixma 4300 duplex printer. I printed some course notes last night. I also now own a Sony T20 sub compact camera. I am not happy with the pictures it takes. I will try it out some more and then perhaps return it. I already tried out a Nikon D40 with two lens and returned the camera and lens with no damage for a full refund.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

New accounts at school.

I attended some introduction sessions to computer accounts at school at the SITE building and the Tefler school of management yesterday. I started a web page at SITE and also have web space at Tefler. I am now in doubt about which I will use more for my University of Ottawa web pages. Dreamweaver works with SITE.

Open Office means Neo Office.

I am upgrading my Neo Office software on my eMac today. I also downloaded and I think installed Neo Office on the Macbook this week or last weekend. I donated 2 dollars to Neo Office development too.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I am doing my very first secure erase using...Mac OS X Disk Utility!

I decided to do a secure erase of my new 160 GB portable drive. I had copied some of the Macbook hard drive to the new drive but instead figured I might loose this drive so it would be better for music as music is not my data and is in a sense public data by the time it gets to me. Not that I have downloaded illegal music but public in the sense of it not being private data about me or my life or relations or our finances. I might rethink this but for now I am doing a 35 pass zero write of the hard drive and this will take approximately 60 hours.

I did buy an Optoma projector but then returned it.

I returned the Optoma projector I bought and just this past week. For 100$ more I could buy a better model Optoma projector with better native resolution and better digital connections and this was the model I originally wanted. This model is on sale for today and five more days after today.

I have not used the Sun Computer much but have spent one hour or so with it exploring.

I explored what in Mac OS X terms would be called the Dock. I opened up each section on the bottom rectangle. I visited a lot to learn Solaris and tried unsuccessfully to update the OS.

I am presently thinking of buying Silicon Graphics monitor for 20$. But with more spending I could try to put together a Silicon graphics workstation for a cartoonist friend who knows a little of how to use such a workstation. This means more money but also leaves the problem of suitable Sun Monitor unaddressed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Sun workstation is up and running but needs to be updated still.

I have a CDE desktop now but need to update the software. I think I still have Sun OS 5.10 but tried to install Solaris 10. I will set it to update this morning before I go to work for the day.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The solaris install is progressing nicely

The Solaris install is coming along fine in the office while I study in the living room.

I found out how to change the boot device and am installing Solaris 10 now on the Sun Ultra Sparc 5.

I was able to study on the Sun web site how to change the boot device in Solaris and then logged into this government surplus machine and started to install Solaris 10 on my 40$ Sun Ultra 5 machine. It has a Sun Space 400 Mhz processor with 256 MB RAM. But I am going to install another 256 MB of RAM so brought up the swap to 1024 MB in size. The machine has a 20 GB hard drive. It is my first Sun Solaris Machine.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I spoke too soon the Ultra 5 stilll has its OS from its old install.

The Sun Ultra was not whipped clean as the seller said it was. So when it starts up it boots its old OS Solaris 5 and tries to contact the network it was installed in before I bought it. Now I have to open the box and change the hard drive or find another way of booting it. Ah research. I might see if a new hard drive would be pricey.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Sun Ultra 5 boots off the CD and shows up on the monitor.

I am happy as the Sun Ultra 5 I have has a SVGA card in it. Thus I don't need a monitor specifically for the Sun. I tried booting off the Solaris CD #1 and the machine started to boot and warned that it had no input device. The keyboard and mouse should be arriving in the mail this week. The brand new type 6 Sun keyboard and mouse cost more than the computer.

Monday, August 06, 2007

I found an article on open souce software projects from a social perspective.

I found this article but have not read it yet.
Barcellini, Flore et al. A study of Online Discussions in an Open-Source Software Community: Reconstructing Thematic Coherence and Argumentation from Quotation Practices in van den Besselaar, Peter, et. al. eds. Communities and Technologies 2005 (Dordrecht, the Netherlands: Springer, 2005) at 301-320.
This would help me with working on my masters thesis with management professor John C. Nash who has this as one of his study topics although he focuses more on forecasting in the field of scientific software. I am going to hear him talk tomorrow on his topic, Tuesday evening at the local Linux users group meeting for August.

I bought a CD/DVD cabinet and now my software is neater.

I put away all my home made dvd's and cd's into my new cabinet. My office is looking neater now.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

My Second Life land is growing.

After researching Reuters Second Life news blog through my Reuters 3.0 HUD news viewer and finding out that land prices are falling on the main land, I updated my land tier fees to the 25$/ month level so I could buy an adjoining lot that blocked my view of the water and clear green fields in front of the neighbouring and busy S and M dungeons. The dungeon has a green field behind it facing my land and it is a pleasant experience to see and one can walk freely there. I now have a proper and pleasant view for my Crystal Computing Web Design offices. The neighbours house had blocked this view, so I tore down my neighbour's house after buying his lot. This means I unrezed his house into my inventory("take" the object command), as he sold me the house with the land. I also quickly returned all the litter that had been left at his place and restricted building on the land and scripts so it won't be littered again.

I have now 6 lots of 512 sq meters each or 3072 sq m. Meaning I must pay the 4096 sq m price now of 25$/month. My next payment is in 10 days. The purchase cost me 5000 L$(Linden dollars) and I needed to purchase 2000 L$ to complete the transaction. If I keep paying this amount I can add two more 512 sq m lots.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Burning printable CD's of Solaris 10.

I took 6 CD's out of the spindle of 30 blank CD's. I printed a sheet of paper with 6 small labels of what each CD is. I will now cut these labels out of the paper and slip each label in with the corresponding CD in the CD sleeve. This is a temporary measure until I actually print the CD label. This will keep track of what is on each CD as I am burning the CD's first.

I am copying the CD images from a DVD back up disk to my Macbook to do the burning.

I bought my first purchase at Best Buy yesterday.

I finally shopped at Best Buy yesterday. I bought 30 printable blank CD's. I will try to print and burn my Solaris 10 CD set. I have a Canon Pixma IP 4300 printer which can print on CD's so I will try that out.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Use of facebook and Second Life push email back a bit.

I used Second Life a bit more this past month. I also used facebook about everyday thus pushing email back a bit as a daily activity.

I might buy a Sun keyboard and mouse today.

I am looking into buying a Sun Keyboard and mouse today. These would be from the same local seller of government surplus equipment.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Solaris progress.

I did make 4 CD's now out of 6. I have no more blank CD's so this project will wait until payday. The Sun purchase is also waiting until payday. The memory purchase was a mistake and I did it with daily spending cash. I have also burned one copy of two of the DVD back up for the Solaris CD iso images. I had trouble with the second DVD and crashed my Macbook in the middle of a blog post but managed to restore the firefox session and recover my post. I also wrote it out in pen and ink which helped me edit the post too. So in this morning's tasks that I can complete, I have one more DVD to burn, the Lacie back up software back up of the Macbook and then I need to delete some of these iso images and the DVD burn folder.

Deleting and backing up.

I deleted odd month labeled back up files, on the Macbook external LaCie hard drive. I am backing up the iso disks now from the Solaris 10 to the external LaCie hard drive. I also copied these iso files to a DVD burn folder for similar archival purposes. After I delete everything by emptying the trash, I will back up the Macbook using LaCie backup software.

I will then burn the CD's for Solaris. Then I will burn the archive DVD backup twice. I will then delete the CD's from the Desktop folder they were downloaded too. I will also then delete the DVD burn folder. While I wait for these processes I will read more of The Unofficial Tourist's Guide to Second Life

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Solaris 10 downloaded.

I downloaded Solaris 10 an operating system for Sun computers. I now have 6 iso disks to burn to CD's and will save the iso disks on an external hard drive and as files on a DVD. I may need these for a Sun Ultra 5 computer next weekend.

I bought the unoffical tourists guide to Second Life at Chapters this evening.

I went to Chapters bookstore and bought The Unofficial Tourist's Guide to Second Life for 11 dollars and change. I read the first three chapters now.

Also for 10 dollars and tax I bought an Ikea keyboard shelf and installed it on my Jerker computer desk in my office. My eMac is on this desk. I also keep my Sony monitor there but this monitor is only used as a TV right now. May be I will have a sun computer hooked up to it soon and need space on the desk for a second keyboard.

I won 512 MB of Sun Ultra 5 ram on ebay.

I won some RAM on ebay for a Sun Ultra 5. I might buy one of these computers locally for 40$. The RAM has cost 6 dollars and 21 dollars shipping so far.

I deleted Debian 4.0 iso disks 1-6 which I was sharing.

I was running out of hard drive space on my eMac so I deleted the iso disks of Debian 4.0 that I was sharing on bittorrent. I may purchase an HP Visualize or Sun machine to run Debian 4.0 with my Sony TV monitor.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Recording audio on DVD.

I have a Yamaha tape deck which I am outputting to my Toshiba DVD recorder. I am recording tapes of the audio book, Chaos By James Gleick

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I have used computer speakers so others in the room can hear my Macbook.

The speakers on my Macbook are not loud enough for others to hear web broadcasted video. So I have plugged the Macbook into cheap computer speakers someone gave me five or six years ago. I almost gave these away to The Anti Poverty Project.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I am giving away things.

I sold my iPod and gave away my PSP. So for mobile music I now have only my laptop and my Treo.

I backed up my Macbook.

I copied and pasted copies of the Desktop and Documents folders to one of my LaCie external drives. I also used the LaCie backup software again on the Macbook.

Monday, July 02, 2007

I did some photo printing with the Macbook and IP90 Canon printer.

The prints are looking quite sharp and well done with the Canon IP90 printer.

Starting Gaim

The commands work but I could not simply copy and paste them. I will need to research how to run a script on the X11 terminal window.

I got Gaim working fine under X11 and KDE Desktop on my Macbook.

Now I don't have to boot into WinXP to chat at Yahoo. I won't have sound this way but I can quickly come in and out of Yahoo chat now and go to my Macbook desktop I think I will make a terminal script now to copy and paste and go to Gaim quickly. I think I will type it here:

Gaim start up script for Macbook and X11 terminal
cd /sw/bin

I unistalled the trial version of Photoshop CS3

The trial version of Photoshop CS3 expired so I trashed it having not used it much.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I am tinkering with my Compaq this weekend and have basically upgraded to Sarge from Woody.

I had a nice install of woody and the computer was working fine. When I switched apt to the Internet for updates the update process started to install Sarge and I let it do that. Now two problems usually happened with Sarge. One I lost the network card which does not happen now. Two lilo stops which does happen now so I boot from floppy ok. I end up in Gnome which I don't want.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Mav unit will cost about 350$ and I can not afford it now.

The Mav unit costs about 300$ dollars plus 40 shipping in US dollars. I would also want a wrist keyboard for another 150$. So all together this would be 500$. On second thought I don't need these and could do better spending 75$ on a 500 Mhz Xeon workstation to run Linux.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Our neighbour gave us a 17 inch computer monitor which I will now give away.

I thought I would never buy an LCD computer monitor. I turned my nose up at these a few years ago. In fact, people are giving away their old monitors like our neighbour did today. She gave us a Samsung 753DF. I am trying to give this monitor away. I own a wide screen 17 inch LCD monitor that can also play TV. I use it mostly for TV in my office at my desk but am considering buying a used refurbished HP Visualize workstation. I would use the workstation with the Sony LCD monitor.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Trying to buy a Xybernaut computer.

Xybernaut computers are starting to show up on I am bidding on a Mav unit now. This would be perfect for my bike. I was bidding on a Poma unit but am no longer interested in that model. I will see about buying the Mav unit and might have to spend about 400 dollars for this unit.

I was successful at installing Debian 3.0 r 2 onto the Compaq Presario 1210 Pentium 1 150 Mhz computer.

Well after numerous runs of tasksel the OS finally installed. I have an emergency boot diskette. I have a root account and a user account. I have gotten X windows working and set the background and random screen saver. I have also surfed the net with the PCMCIA ethernet card. I have also corrected the time on the system.

I am getting somewhere with installing Debian 3.0 r 2 on the old Pentium 1 Compaq Presario 1210.

I was able to get the base install and get to tasksel with Debian 3.0 r2. The real problem with this old laptop is the CD drive is not functioning very well. A replacement drive might allow better behaviour. I am slowly getting packages installed but the CD drive keeps getting a read error and I must run tasksel repeatedly. But right now packages are slowly being installed.

The problem now could come from the security updates from the Internet adjusting the distribution up from Woody to Etch and I don't want that to happen.

I am installing a trial version of Photoshop CS3 and also installed a graphic resizing widget for dashboard.

In an attempt to resize graphics for use at cafepress I downloaded and am installing a trial version of Photoshop CS3 on my Macbook and also installed on my eMac a Dashboard widget for resizing graphics. The widget worked and I have a custom T-shirt now with the R-project logo available to purchase but no money to buy it. I will now also install the resizing widget on my Macbook.

That darn Compaq laptop.

I tried in vain to install Linux in flavours of Debian 3.1, 4.0 and then Xandros and then Corel Linux. The Corel was the most successful but the lilo would not start on reboot after install. I may give one last shot today with Red Hat 6.2 and may be I will try Debian 3.0 before that last shot.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Toshiba 4010 CDT bought and then given away.

I bought a Toshiba 4010 CDT laptop for 30 dollars plus 20 dollars shipping. I had intended to use this laptop with French keyboard to install Linux. Instead seeing that it came with a fresh install of windows 2000 I gave it away to a poor friend.

Using my Palm Treo for music.

I bought a stereo adapter as it is known for the Palm Treo 600. I bought it from Bell World. It cost 11 dollars and change. I was able to listen to some Beatles songs but the other songs I had initially transfered to the SD card were mp4a's and would not play in Pocket tunes the application that the Palm uses to play music. So I searched out a file conversion tool and found Max 0.7.1 and am now converting some CKUT anarchism audio files I ripped this week. I bought them last week at the Montreal Anarchist book fair. I am also converting some Ry Cooder music from the album My Name is Buddy.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Macbook back up is completed now.

I backup up the Macbook to an external hard drive again.

I checked the LaCie harddrives fior viruses.

I checked the two LaCie hard drives for viruses. It took a few days but it worked in the end. Most viruses found were in emails and were all windows viruses. These emails I never opened nor did I ever get infected with the viruses. Most were SoBig and Doom viruses.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Back ups.

I have an external hard drive hooked up to the Macbook. I am backing up the Macbook to the external hard drive. I have copied the Desktop and Documents folders to the external drive. On top of this I am using the LaCie back up software to back up the user account that I use on the Macbook.

For the eMac I copied the desktop and Documents folders to a different external hard drive. I will now use the LaCie software to back up the user account on the eMac. To do this I will need to delete the former back up and then do the back up.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I have trouble burning disks of files and folders on my Macs.

I was not able to burn back up disks of my Macs. For now I must do this with hard drives rather than DVD's. I had used CDs, and DVD's since 2003 with my Thinkpad and my first eMac. Macs: "it just doesn't work".

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Social networking today.

I joined facebook today and added people with my last name and two coworkers as friends. I believe I need to respond to another coworkers invite from awhile ago.

Back ups today.

I am backing up my iTunes library to 8 double layer DVD disks. I am also backing up my Macbook and my eMac to double layer disks today.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Friday, May 04, 2007

For coworkers today.

I searched in iTunes just now for jazz records for a coworker. For another coworker with really bad health luck meaning rare disease issues, I am burning a driver CD for a wireless Linksys card I gave her.

Both of my Mac's are working well but my Linux laptop will not install Debian 4.0 r 0 cleanly.

I have been using my Macs every day now and they are both working just fine. I have been trying to install Debian 4.0 r 0 on the Compaq Pentium 1 computer. This is a very early model Pentium with the Pentium flaw. So far the install does not work. It can not get beyond the base system install. I think it is the CD drive that is broken on this computer. It is old but has not seen a lot of use.

I was tested on my ability to use Excel, Word, Page Maker and Distiller at work.

I wrote an exam at work on a computer to see if i can use Excel, Word, Page Maker and Distiller. I think I did ok but not perfect.

Monday, April 30, 2007

I used Word Press again today.

I used Word Press to archive some union meeting minutes. I am using Word Press recently but not for personal blogs only on the union site. I have an account at an educational blog site that uses Word Press but barely use it.

Friday, April 27, 2007

I was able to make a link to Konquorer on my KDE desktop.

I was able to create a start up link for Konquorer the KDE browser and start the browser and surf the internet.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I bought PageMaker 6.5 for the Mac.

I may have to use Page Maker at work. For about 30 dollars I was able to buy Page Maker 6.5 from an ebayer in California. This is totally legal reuse of software. I installed it on my eMac. I have not run it yet.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

More success with KDE on the Macbook

I started X11 again and started the KDE desktop again. I apple clicked the desktop and up popped some choices. I opened the configure the desktop choice and changed the background and created 5 desktops. I am now installing Kartwork and will have a screen saver soon. I also tried using the combination apple key with the Q key and sure enough X11 quit. So I can now just start X11 to get to the KDE desktop. Of course navigating in XTerm to sw/bin and then issuing this command ./kdesktop. I can also and quit it so I have in and out access now to a standard Linux desktop on my Mach Linux Mac. I am now going to try to use Fink to install more programs and then might try kPackage.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I am working on KDE for the Macbook this morning. I got KDE desktop started!

I was not following anyone's instructions but by moving to the root folder in x-term then moving to the sw folder then the bin folder I ls'd the folder and tried starting a few things. Using this command ./kdesktop I got the desktop to start but what happened was all files and folders on the Mac book appeared on the desktop as icons.

I search google for "mac kde fink" and found Tales of the Racoon Fink. I sent the author of that blog an email.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I reconditioned my Macbook battery and my iPod battery.

I ran my Macbook on battery power until it was drained and then powered it up again. I also ran my iPod down playing over 3000 classical music pieces to itself overnight. This should recondition the batteries on both Apple products.

I burned the 8 Debian 4.0 r 0 CD disks and will now burn the one net install disk.

I burned the 8 CD's I downloaded today and yesterday. I decided to also download CD disks 9 and 10 but had BitTorrent errors on disk 10. For now I will only burn the net install disk and try to install that on the Compaq after work. Right now I am busy studying probability notes from my applied probability course.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Debian 4.0 has been released.

I am only a few days late for getting Debian 4.0 but this is probably a good time to download it. I am using bittorrent and have downloaded the first CD and almost all the second CD now. I will only download the first 8 CD's at first. I will leave my bittorrent on now overnight so I am sharing the CD's as well as downloading them. This copy of Debian will be installed on my old Pentium 1 Compaq laptop. This laptop does not connect to the Internet after a Debian install but will connect as it installs. Perhaps the new version of Debian will fix this Internet connection issue for this older laptop.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Macbook battery from Futureshop was dead and did not work.

I phrased my last post about the Macbook battery with the words "I hope to" because I had my doubts about buying a battery from Futureshop. And sure enough the battery was dead and did not work in the Macbook. So I returned it. Futureshop are generally good with new technology but batteries have limited shelf life and I suspect they bought this battery almost a year ago from Apple. I have bought both PSP batteries and camcorder batteries from Futureshop with no issues. So this is a first.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The battery for my Macbook

The battery for my Macbook does not seem to be working. I will call Apple support to see what is wrong. Perhaps I have not installed it correctly.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I have all but one part to affect the solar powering of my Treo 600 now.

I have purchased the car charger for my Treo 600 and it is in the mail to me. I have also purchased a solar charger. I now just need the charger to 12 volt car adapter cable. Then I will be able to charge my Treo from the sun.

Monday, April 09, 2007

I am hoping to buy an extra battery for my Macbook. had a sale this weekend and I hope to be getting a Macbook battery I ordered just last night.

I am using LaCie's back up software to make a back up of my eMac.

I used LaCie's software to back up my eMac. I will also back up my Macbook now on my other LaCie 250 GB hard drive.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Real Sony stuff.

I now own two Sony PSP UMD disk cases which hold 8 UMD disks each. I may buy two more as these are now on sale.

On-Line Chess Kingdoms

I bought the game On-Line Chess Kingdoms for my PSP. It was on sale at Future Shop.

Programming studies continuing.

I did more programming in R this past few days. I now have successful random walks in 1, 2, 3, and 4 dimensions and have interactive plots for 1, 2, and 3 dimensions stable for runs of 1000 steps. I can not get a stable interactive plot in 4 dimensions. I also tried diagonal and axis walking random walks. This should be 4 walks with both diagonal and axis walking for 8 walks but for each walk I have an interactive and non-interactive walk for total of 16 R programs. I have 11 done now and must do three more 1 dimensional walks and 2 more 4 dimensional walks. The interactive walks plot the steps at each step and the non interactive draw a plot at the end of the walk showing the path of the walk after all steps are taken.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I again was sucessful progamming in R.

I did manage to complete the second part of three parts of a programming assignment in R. I now have a 2 dimensional random walk programmed. I have two versions of the presentation one that meets the professor's requirements and one that shows the tendency to return to zero well. But R crashes when running the simulation 100,000 times.

My idea now is to have two random walkers and start one walker later and see if the two walkers meet.

About two weeks ago now I installed the Matrix on-line game on my eMac under Win2K

After I cleared off the movies from the hard drive of the eMac I was able to install the game the Matrix on-line. I just was able to sign up for an account then could not find my credit serial number so did not play. I would also like to learn the rules of this game before playing. I am not happy that it is fighting game but really interested in the on-line nature of gaming as a research area. Recently I have studied hackers and on-line computer crime. This was a topic of study for my fourth year honours paper in legal studies.

Friday, March 30, 2007

I programmed in two different languages this morning.

Although Stella is not really a language but more of an environment I did some programming in Stella yesterday evening. It really just involved conditional statements to create a game simulation which is the main part of my term paper in my economic systems design course. So having done the base game last night I must now add populations and algorithms for choosing game strategies based on our course material. For now I have a different strategy selection rule and maybe I could examine this strategy selection rule and describe the solutions and pay offs as an original alternative to copying the course material.

I also programmed in R and again made a simulation but this time did in fact copy the code from a professor although I did the copying from memory and actually researched in R help files each command and created more to the program than the professor had written quickly on the blackboard on Wednesday. So it may not have taken my complete own initiative but in the end I programmed in the sense of implementing some code and getting it to work. To complete this R project I must design a graph of the results and then do a write up for a general non expert audience.

Since writing my first entry today on this blog I have rewritten my web master resume using

and printed and proof read 1 copy of the new resume. I will now email it and some other documents to my work email and go in early this morning to work to complete this job application.

Just perfecting a resume this morning for a publication job.

My publications career is opening up a bit. I maintain one job as a publisher of a web site. I did some social work yesterday for this job. I talked on the phone and in person with bloggers who will in the future blog on the site I publish. I also am applying for a publications job at my present workplace. The wages would not be that much more than I am earning now but the work could be more challenging in a creative way I hope. I also see more future in this and this application will be my second this month for publications work.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I deleted some movie files after backing them up to CD and also an external hard drive.

I don't like taking files off my main machine. I realize keeping everything on my main machine is risky. I do this though. Today I hope to burn my first double layer DVD. But I need hard drive space to get the files together for burning in a burn folder. I also planned to delete these movie files and had begun to back them up last week.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Today's computing

I am burning some back up DVD's on my Macbook and will also use the LaCie software that came with my LaCie hard drives to back up the Macbook user account. I am backing up the Macbook user account regularly because it is a small enough folder to save multiple copies on the external hard drive. I am also mailing back up DVD's to my father today along with a family copy of iWorks 2006. I also am doing the usual email and blogging and web surfing today.

Monday, February 26, 2007

The scanner is working and nothing seems amiss.

I got the scanner to work and did what I had to do using jpeg images from the scanner and printing these files opened in safari.

I am making some backup DVD's of my documents folder today.

I have made a number of backups but am making some documents folder back up DVD's this morning.

I ran out of ink for my Brother copier and am installing my Canon scanner model FB630U.

I was browsing the web site for drivers and did not even see the MacOSX drivers. I am now downloading those and will try those instead of the Mac OS 9 drivers and Canoscan tool box I just installed. The problem is that my Brother multifunction printer is out of ink and can not copy right now. So I am reverting back to my scanner for photocopying.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A total of ten DVD's burned.

I made five copies each of two DVD folders. Three copies will stay here in my office and the other two will be sent to a trusted secure off site location. In other words to a family member for storage. These two DVD's contain back up copies of my Macbook and eMac Desktop folders from various periods during last year. So they are sort of archived folders rather than quick back up folders. Quick back up restore files are on external hard drives in my office.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Stella 5 and 9

I used Stella 5 and 9 at school last Tuesday. I will investigate paying for Stella now.

I have two school provided softwares now installed on my Macbook.

I have installed Norton Anti-Virus 10 on my Macbook. I also run a Cisco VPN now on my Macbook. Both of these were provided by my school and I downloaded them to the Macbook while in the library at school.

Teaching a friend about MySpace.

My friend has problems with spy wear and stuff like that on his PC. Meaning he has trouble operating a PC. He is now using Firefox which may help him a bit. I showed him MySpace on my Macbook connected to my TV so he could watch me surf. I gave him warnings and showed him the friends links in MySpace and I also showed him MySpace music and how you can play music on band page at MySpace. Literacy is the issue.

Vista will not work on a virtual PC on my eMac.

Aparently the virtual PC on my eMac is not enough of a machine to run Vista. So for now this copy of Vista I have is being saved. I am thinking of buying another used IBM computer but might also buy a refurbished machine from futureshop. A used Desktop from IBM might be about 400$. A used Thinkpad might be about 700$.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

KDE on a Macintosh

Using Fink I installed the base KDE system. Now when I start X11 X windows displays an xterm window. I still don't have KDE in all its glory but I am closer to that goal.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Nothing much new on my home machines, but I did continue with the redesign of my home office.

I have not been doing much new with my home equipment. I just did some back ups of the Macbook. I will also check on doing some back ups of the eMac too this weekend. I may play some Second Life later today or over night.

I did help my neighbour by transfering the old files and folders from her Win 95 machine to her Thinkpad. I also got the Thinkpad outlook express working for her email. She paid me a bottle of alcohol which I gave away to another radical graduate student.

In my web master job I set up some blogs for more people using moveable type at yahoo hosting. I also gave these people a teaching session in person to explain blogging and get them interested. They gave me their on-line nick names during the in person session and I set up most of thier blogs now and just need to set up one more blog.

I cleaned up my office some more and am getting a fresh look to my office.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

My iPod is up to date and powered up for a day of listening at work.

I thought my iPod was broken as two pairs of earphones did not play the right side of the stereo tracks. So I tried different earphones but they were dead too. I thought my iPod was broken but it still played stereo on the Harmon Kardon receiver. Instead, I used my PSP and also on the PSP the right side was dead. In the end it turned out two pairs of earphones were dead. I am now using my original PSP earphones with my iPod and this works fine. So my next computer related purchase might be some new iPod earphones and at the same time I might buy from Apple a mini-DVI to DVI adpater to use with my Macbook.

I now have a copy of Windows Vista Business Edition burnt.

My school pays Microsoft so students can have legal copies of microsoft software. I was able to download and burn a copy of Windows Vista business edition. I am not sure how I will use this copy but perhaps I will save it to use with Leopard on my Macbook. For now I can only install it in my virtual PC on my eMac but since I only have one copy of Vista I may save it for the Macbook.

In other OS news I am trying to install KDE on my Macbook which is a major challenge I am finding.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Networking a virtual PC

I was able to network my virtual win 2K PC on my eMac with my laptop. I am doing this to transfer the Vista ISO image to my macbook for burning onto DVD.

Using Fink Commander and trying to install gimp and also KDE.

While trying to install gimp and gaim using fink commander I got X11 windows working on the Macbook. Inspired by this I am trying to install KDE on the Macbook. But I am having problems.

I am also downloading Vista business edition for my eMac. I will run this windows version in Virtual PC.

Working with dreamweaver on the web site index page

I added a small logo to this index page and started entering the footer information. This page will become the template for the other pages on the web site.

Social networking web site use today

I used Linkedin today and linkedin with someone new whom I don't know. He picked me based on some comments I made about wall mart. I also created an account for our band at myspace.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I have registered a new domain and have started to work on a web site for it.

I registered inspired by cyberpsych and the PDA guy in their iPhone podcast. Apple computers have already managed to buy to point to

I used dreamweaver to start to design a web site for my new domain. Right now points to my radical web site. I had also thought of buying the French translation but held off on this for now. I am becoming more of a bilingual web master these days and have at least one bilingual web site I publish.

I am now using Firefox more often.

I have started to use FireFox more often. It is a very good web browser and seems to perform better than Safari.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Latest tech purchase: a 17 inch widescreen monitor.

I purchased a 17" widescreen monitor that also has a TV tuner. So now I can watch TV at my desk. This monitor has a small desktop footprint. It is also looks great and is a Sony MFM-HT75W. It has all the monitor connections it needs like VGA, S-video and DVI. It also has component, coaxial and RCA, TV inputs. The only connection in modern TV connectors that it is missing is HDMI. But I could do HDMI via the DVI with an adapter. So some of those cables I bought for the projector are now helping me hook up this new small HDTV/monitor. It works with my Macbook.

Adding titles to posts on this blog for better rss feeds on my screen saver.

I added a title field to the post editor on this blog. I also have this on my other blogger blogs. This allows a better view when I use the RSS screen saver in Mac OS 10.4. This helps me proof read the beginning of blog posts without having to use my hands. I can watch the posts float by on the screen saver. But without a title field this blog was problematic on the screen saver. This is finally fixed.

Friday, January 19, 2007

I am thinking of buying a cheap work bench for my office.

I am deleting over 1,200,000 files on my eMac2. It has taken about 100,000 files / day to secure delete these files.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

With my Garmin foretrex 101 GPS unit I have collected 12 waypoints. This morning I edited the numbered waypoints to names and chose appropriate symbols for each waypoint.
I have thought of having a blackboard for second life that could be used to write LaTeX. I would then sell this Blackboard and market it in Second Life. I posted this goal on the second life blog under the open source announcement on that blog. Because most of the software involved would be open source I would also need to give the Blackboard away for free at the same time.
A fellow has commented on my blog about a technique for using LaTeX on blogger. I may spend some time implementing this solution this morning.

Here is a link to his original post LaTeX on blogger the same post I think in French LaTeX dans blogger at

I accidentally flagged his blog as objectable content because I forgot what flagging meant on the blog pages at blogger. I meant to add it to a blogger bookmarks system which of course does not exist. I hereby appologize to this blogger user.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I am setting aside this evening for computing. This reminds me I should phone someone and help her with computing tonight. I just called and she is tired tonight, so this help will wait until tomorrow or Sunday.

My office redesign continues. I am using the new computer desk and one of two desks that are being taken out of my office is now out of the office and waiting for a friend to pick it up for her use. The other desk has still not been moved.

The office will possibly get a new TV that will also function as a second computer monitor.

Monday, January 08, 2007

I copied the user folder from my old eMac to another location on a different external hard drive and also to the computers folder in the documents folder on the new eMac. So I now have three copies of this user folder in back up. I also copied the entire computers folder to the new LaCie hard drive. I believe I also have burned this computers folder to DVD in the past so many files in this folder of older computer files are well backed up.

I also used the LaCie back up software to again back up the user folder on the new eMac, eMac2. But I can not yet make multiple copies of this user folder but only have enough space for one copy at a time.

I helped my neighbour again on Sunday morning. I copied files from her old computer running Win95. I copied about 12 MB of files using 9 floppies. These files were from her volunteer work and the volunteer work of a deceased person. I now need to bring my USB floppy drive over to her place and copy these floppies to the thinkpad. She has agreed to buy the Thinkpad and started to pay for it yesterday.