Thursday, August 31, 2006

The trick to help speed up the emptying of encrypted files on my eMac works. I spent about 2 hours doing this yesterday morning after work. I only spent about ten minutes doing this this morning. Not that the process speeded up that much that is just the time I spent on it. But the number of clicks has been reduced drastically. I can see the end in sight now for cleaning up the trash. In fact, I am working more on blogs this morning. I also doing on-line shopping.

I also just won on ebay a docking port for my new used Thinkpad. I paid 1 cent for this and 17 dollars shipping. Tomorrow is pay day and I have bought two iSkin keyboard covers which should be here by next week if not Friday this week.

One is for the Macbook as they now have designed a cover for that keyboard. I was waiting for them to do this. I also got a keyboard cover for my eMac. Last time I tried to get a keyboard cover for my new eMac's keyboard I bought the wrong iSkin keyboard cover. This wrong cover was for the old style eMac keyboard. My old style eMac keyboard is very dirty and was no longer in use. I had replaced the keyboard last year. So I brought out the old keyboard and put the cover on it without cleaning the old keyboard. Oh well three keyboard covers now with costs about 100$. I also have a Neo case from iSkin for my PSP now.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I got the paste more than 10 files into a folder for my trick with getinfo unlock to work. I simply did it outside the trash folder. I moved the old documents folders into a folder outside the trash and then did the trick and then moved the documents folder back to the trash. I have done one folder now and need to do about 8 more. The trash emptying is progressing.

Monday, August 28, 2006

The trick did not work I can not paste into a trash folder.
I have a new trick. When doing unlocking of less than 10 or so files with the file>getinfo command each files opens seperately in get info windows. This then takes about 3 clicks per file to unlock. When using get info on more than ten files one get info window opens and it takes only one or two click to unlock all the files at once. Therefore to exploit this, I am going to copy ten files from some where in my documents folder and paste them into each folder where I need to unlock files then do a get info and thus need only one or two clicks per folder to unlock. The newly copied files will delete anyways and they don't need to be anything special.
I did some backups of the Macbook the other day. I copied the documents, desktop, and DreamWeaver Sites folders to my Firewire 120 GB Iomega drive. The Iomega stock price has been rising this past week. I also copied the Sites folder to a Zip 250 MB disk.

Speaking of backups I am have almost unlocked all the locked folders in the present eMac2 documents folder. I now only need to unlock all the files still in the trash and this project wil be completed. I can then run a smoother documents back up process.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I used Bluefish on the linux laptop to start an R file. I did not write very much of it. I will read some probability now and also some C++.
I started the Bluefish code editor and set it to an R document and started a document. I have only written comments so far in this R code document.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I got Debian Linux 3.1 r2 installed using DVD's and have a perfect desktop and listened to a CD for the first time on a Linux machine. the video driver for the Intel 810 chip also works for th 830 chip in the Thinkpad and also provides a sound system driver. I have been putting my Linux laptop to use for chatting at yahoo and also making web pages.

I could not yet mount a USB key or Pocket zip drive.

Friday, August 18, 2006

I got in from work and booted up my Macbook laptop computer. I was testing at first if iWeb could be used in my new web master project. The new web site I am publisher of is here. I am designing some templates for this web site project and did this on my Linux laptop a couple of hours after getting home.

I did some LaTeX learning and typesetting after I figured iWeb would not be good enough for the web site project. On the eMac I copied and pasted into TeXShop an old Open Office file made on my old Thinkpad and presently stored on my eMac. I then opened it using the local network between my machines in TeXShop on my Macbook. The file is a list of all the exercises and solutions I have done from the textbook for my introduction to probability course I studied in 1999. I created this file in 2003 to really learn probability and possibly help me repeat the course with better marks. As I have set the goal of having worked through and read the second chapter of two probability books by Sunday next weekend, I thought I should get working on this study as I have done nothing other than pull the books out of their shelves to date. After opening the file as a tex file I began to write proper LaTeX code for the content. I did figure out an elegant solution to equation numbering using the exercise numbering for the answers as equation numbering. I did not really do any solutions though I just converted what I had done in 2003 to laTeX.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I spent about two hours today cleaning up the trash on my eMac desktop. The problem is that some old files have been encrypted and then can not be deleted without first unlocking which takes a few mice clicks typically for each file or folder. The real problem is that I have about twenty copies of rotating monthly or weekly back ups still in the trash with these encrypted files still there. It is pain staking manual process but I am not sure how to unlock on the command line or with a script. I will send at least another two hours today doing this clean up.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Inspired by my Debian downloads and disk making I bought a used refurbished Thinkpad R31. This older laptop probably only has a celeron or Pentium III processor. I don't know yet. It does have a 1 Ghz processor, I know that. I don't have the laptop yet and don't expect to have it until next weekend. Next weekend I have some more teaching assistant work to do. So I will spend time between installing Debian and teaching assistant marking. The Thinkpad comes with a 20 GB hard drive with Windows XP Home edition, which I will immediately replace with a new 60GB drive I have for my Linux install. One really good feature of this particular Thinkpad is its optical drive which is a combo CDRW and DVD ROM drive. This means I can burn CD's in Linux now. This machine will not have Windows installed when I use it. But when it is time to sell this laptop I will simply reinstall the original 20 GB drive with Windows XP home and can then give or sell this Thinkpad to someone who needs a Windows machine.