Tuesday, December 30, 2003

The IBM 350 is running Red Hat 9 now with KDE. It is a little buggy and doesn't seem to run the screen saver. It can though use high speed/broadband Internet. It also can use a USB mouse fine. I am just waiting to arrange a ride to get this to my friend's place.

Monday, December 29, 2003

I got the Xwindows configured at the lowest possible resolution and can use the machine and surf the net. I am ready to give my friend this machine. I am going to give him the IBM 14" monitor with it. All for 30$.
I am cleaning up my office a bit and adding another computer desk I found in the trash.
I got the Red Hat 9 installed on the IBM 350 but did not get X configured properly. I do though have a text/command line log in. I will try to configure X today.

I need to update my yahoo/geocities poetry web site.

I bought some ebooks from the palm store www.palmdigitalmedia.com.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

I am trying to install Red Hat 9 on an IBM 350 personal computer with a Pentium 133 processor and 40 MB of RAM and an 8 GB hard drive. I intend to give this away to a friend.
I have mostly been using my TP T30 to read email the past week.

Friday, December 26, 2003

I am reading Teach yourself KDE in 24 hours this weekend.
Yahoo messenger worked today on the TP T30. I am going to get into X Chat on Red Hat in the next few months.
My Red Hat 9 machine is still up and running. I started to write with kedit a BASIC program for doing simple linear regression. I also started an on screen presentation to describe this program. I avoided buying some Red Hat baseball caps or T-Shirts as shipping to Canada was too pricey

I messed around with a free Palm Stat regression software on Christmas day. I tried to make a memo file that contained my data. The software was buggy but mostly it was slow. I did not get it to work.

Christmas I read my wife some basic computer literacy stuff on our bus trip. I also demonstarted laptop use to her mom who has also never really used a computer.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

I did register the domain name. I uploaded two web pages there. I owe this group nine more hours work before January.

Santa got me LaCie USB floppy drive, and some 250MB zip disks.

I got the donated IBM personal computer 350 and am presently installing a Red Hat 9 workstation with KDE. This is for a casual friend.

I have been using my palm regularly on the bus to and from work.

I got the book Programming in TRUE BASIC, problem solving with structure and style 2 ed. by Stewart Venit and Sandra Schleiffers, (Toronto: ON, Brooks/Cole Publishing Company, 1999). I read the table of contents last night and the preface.

I am about to do my third Internet domain name registration. My first for someone else. This register will be chosen based on the client's wishes. It will cost 25$/year. The domain will be www.eastern-regional-network.org.

Friday, December 19, 2003

The Palm Universe program would not run properly on my Palm Vx.
I spent a couple of hours trying to piece together two broken computers into one new machine. I haven't had much luck yet. I am doing my first Linux box for someone else this weekend.

I got my first web paycheck this month and am going ahead with that work. I will be registering a domain for this work very shortly.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I downloaded Astroinfo and Palm Universe two palm astronomy programs. Astroinfo is at source forge astroinfo.sourcefourge.net and Palm Universe I found at palmopensource.com.

I like windows media player visualisations.

I researched some more of OnBoardC.

I finally read the end of The Hacker Crackdown, by Bruce Sterling.

Monday, December 15, 2003

I played a game on Red Hat 9 KDE for about half an hour. I also began to get security updates for my Red Hat machine. I also registered with Red Hat. I also downloaded the lastest 1.44 floppies for the Debian 3 base system.
I finished the paper describing a query software written in prolog for searching MATHML that is math XML files on the web.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

I am into labeling electronic files with header information but do not comment my HTML or my BASIC code. I also am into labelling subject lines in emails and good common sense folder and file organisation techniques.
I got some BASIC code from the book by Groenveld, An Introduction to Probability and Statistics Using BASIC (New York, NY:, Marcel Dekker, Inc., 1979) to work on my Palm Vx.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

I used vi on the TP360. I made a few files and included the date in the file's names.

Friday, December 12, 2003

I reinstalled Red Hat 9 on the IBM 325 and it went ok. I can now surf the net using a Linux computer.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

A helper from the Linux user group Brian came by and tried reinstalling debian with X windows on the Duron box but the install would not finish. He did though help me get my router working although most of the help also came from Dlink and a helpful technician on the phone. We needed to update the firmware on the router then it worked fine. So I now have a router working for my high speed internet connection and I will next see if my various Linux boxes can easily use the Internet.
I am browsing Palm software and downloading free stuff like the Koran and the European Union constitution. I don't need to read the EU Constitution this year.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I read this today related to my XML studies: Heumesser, B. D., et al,. An Information System for Retrieving and Reasoning about XML-based Mathematical Knowledge, in ed. Bai F, and Wegner, B., Electronic Information and Communications in Mathematics, ICM 2002 International Satellite Conference, Beijing China, August 2002, Revised Papers. LNCS 2730
I helped a friend who is a computer gamer with his high speed connection yesterday. I failed to connect him though. Another mutual friend was there and we got to talking pirate software and I brought up Linux. They asked me to get them Linux for Christmas. I had them agree to paying about 30$ each for some low end pentiums with Linux installed as a Christmas project. I found some Pentium 200Mhz computers in Compaq cases for 30$ each no hard drives. They have 64MB ram. I will need to find some 2GB drives for them. Ebay I guess.

I am hoping to get some stacking milk crate like file folder holders from staples to clean up my computer room.

I have been using my palm and my Red Hat 6.2 box. I have also been using my eMac a lot. Tomorrow I get help configuring X windows on my duron computer.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

I am working today so will be using computers at work.
I am staring to use my Palm V. I tried to write a basic program. I started to read the SmallBasic reference manual. SmallBasic can handle matrix algebra like the type taught in MATH0107 and other linear algebra courses. I am using the calendar a lot on the Palm. I am reading the Hacker Crackdown a free ebook by Bruce Sterling.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

The person from the OCLUG has agreed to help me configure X windows on my Duron box.

I got a Palm V from the major department store. I downloaded and investigated OnBoardC to write C code on the Palm. Instead of that as I know little C I am going to use SmallBasic first and have installed that today and printed the reference manual for it. I will study this manual this coming week.

The Red Hat 6.2 install was so smooth on the Pentium 133. I now have a KDE desktop machine.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

I might be getting some help today from someone from the Ottawa-Carleton Linux Users Group. He was going to help me install Red Hat 9 on my laptop. Now I don't want to do that. But I might let him help me configure X windows on the Debian 3.0 v1 computer.

I did not get X when I did the TurboLinux reinstall.

I will try to installl Red Hat 6.2 on the old Pentium 133.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

I am reinstalling the Turbo Linux to get a basic desktop computer.
I used my Duron box to write a C program. I was using Learning C on the Macintosh and a program from there. I need to read this book again and write my own C program.

Monday, December 01, 2003

I surfed sourceforge and apple looking for a free C or C++ compiler to use on the eMac. I found XEphem an astronomy program but could not get it working. I also found a Palm OS C compiler at Source Forge.

Sunday, November 30, 2003

I will need to do C and C++ programming in a course next term.
I wrote some good email Saturday morning long but good.
I downloaded the gcc compiler and dependent packages for the TP360. I did the downloading on the WinNT box and then copied the files to a floppy. I then copied them to the TP with cp. I then tried to use dselect to install them and dpkg as well. I am not sure either worked. I had to mount the floppy on the command line.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I added a line to the lilo config file on my TP360 so that the floppy can be used. I used the vi editor correctly to do this. I did this a few days ago like Saturday or last Friday morning.

Monday, November 24, 2003

I got a gnome desktop working on the 586 that a friend gave me. I am doing this X windows desktop on my IBM 17" monitor. It looks fine and I am going to try some XML and Perl scripting later this morning using gEdit.

I sold one clik drive and two clik disks this morning to the corner store owner who uses a win laptop.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

I installed a security update on my eMac.

I bought new printer ink cartridges for my Epson 440.

I used the new USB 250MB zip drive with my dad's laptop to transfer my photos and his photo's between our computers but it would not work for my brother's Mac.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Saturday, November 15, 2003

I installed the drivers for my Canon SureShot 100 on my Thinkpad. I took some photo's today of my dad and his partner's house.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

I got some help from OCLUG with correcting the screen resolution issue with my RH 9 but still not fixed.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I looked for Linux PDA's a few nights ago on the web and at Futureshop on the web.
I attempted my rescue boot of the Red Hat 9 on the IBM 325. I was not successful. I was able to log in but the screen resolution is still off.
I updated my index page on my main personal web site just now. I made a new blogs web page at crystalcomputing.

Monday, November 10, 2003

I worked on my thinkpad mostly since the weekend. I also booted up my NT box to grab some files to this laptop. I also sent the laptop school files over to the NT box.

I returned the wingman from a friend because I don't have any computers with game ports. Oh well I am just not a gamer. I had helped this fellow install a sound card so he could use the wingman. I got him a sidewinder last x-mas as a gift.

I have been using Open Office 1.1 and Publisher 97 as well as outlook express and netscape.

I am working this week on a newsletter that I edit for my union.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

I accessed an email account at a free email account service that I had not used in years. It was still there. There were only a handful of new emails nothing personal and nothing new as I get the notices about service from this service at a more used free email address this service provides.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

I am looking for a Mac printer cable and might pick up a cheap 580CD while I am at it.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

I booted up the Debian 3 machine and explored Debian a bit. I found texinfo and started to familiarise myself with using texinfo. I could not get X to work.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

This Thinkpad needs another 256 MB of memory it is so slow with only 128MB.
I backed up this blog by copying into the clipboard and then pasting into a word processing file. I did each month and then saved them to my Thinkpad hard drive. I now can back those files up to zip disk or email them to another computer.
I need to make more comments in my html code.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

I should find some time this weekend to do some more computer hobby work. I am still reading ruling the root by Mueller.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

I haven't started to study how to transfer packages for debian by floppy yet. I have to configure X on three computers right now, one for Turbo, one for Red Hat, and one for Debian. I think I will use the 17" monitor with the i586 running Turbo as part of the X configuration. I have a manual monitor switch and can run up to four computers on the same monitor.
I backed up the documents folder and the desktop folder on my eMac to CDR last night. I also backed up the laptop to zip disk yesterday. The files I have made on the laptop just fit on the 100MB zip disk but this also includes all the files I made on the old Toshiba laptop that were transfered onto the new laptop.
I bought a 75' ethernet cable and put it in my house with some care. I used a large screw driver attched with rubber bands and both the end of the cable and the screw driver inside a small packing plastic bag to get it through two walls. Success I have ethernet in the living room now and I am writing this entry on my laptop in the living room while I am sitting most comfortably on the couch. I am also got a D Link 4 port router but am not setting that up yet.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I am arranging to get some help with my dual boot install for the Thinkpad. If it works I am giving the helper my HP 712/80. I backed up my laptop to clik disk and also by email to the eMac. I bought an Iomega 250 MB USB connectable zip drive that I can use on both the Thinkpad and the eMac. I might be able to use it on the IBM PC 325 as well.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

I am trying to sell off some of my computer gear that never gets used around here. I also asked people who read the newsgroup ott.forsale.computing if they have a copy of Partition Magic for sale that they aren't using anymore.
The debian base system was installed on the Thinkpad 360CS. Now I need to learn to transfer packages to it via floppy.
Well things were fine with slink until installing the OS step but this helpful web page on installing Debian on the Thinkpad 360CS gave me the boot message linux floppy=thinkpad that I needed and installation is now installing the base system. I am now on disk 4. I am going to need a blank floppy soon to make a boot disk. I am now on disk 6. The base system is now being extracted. Well I found an old floppy to use for a boot floppy and that is being made now. There is also info or rather a pointer at the above web page to info for setting up X on the 360CS.
I know I should be studying for my mid-term but I am going to spend some time today installing Debian 2.1 slink on the ThinkPad 360CS I am forgetting Win3.1.
I have not been doing much computing stuff this weekend. I am using my computers but not changing them or anything. Our publisher is printing off test pages using Times New Roman. I am going to pick up the test copies on Tuesday to show my wife. My epson 440 is working fine for black and I should be buying a new colour cartridge for it at the end of this week. I also should be buying some more paper. There are a few local people with zip things for sale and I might be picking up a copy of partition magic.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

I am probably giving away my HP 712/80 now in return for some Linux help. The school officially does not support Linux.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I posted a request for help to my local Linux users group. I may have to buy a copy of partition magic. I got a lot of help today from this posting.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

The NT is working fine.

I got the old laser printer back but it is running some error fixing and I haven't got it working.

I have 9 computers but two of them aren't working right now and the Quadra has no OS. So that is three Macs, 5 PC's and one Unix box. I also have a pocket PC, an HP 320LX but that is also not working.

I updated my Red Hat install on the IBM 325 from RH 7.2 to RH 9 but the screen resolution is wrong and I could not log on. I will need to do a rescue install to fix this by running xconfig. I hate this tweeking. I haven't checked to see if my Win NT is ok on the IBM 325. I suspect it is fine.

The eMac seems to be hanging on a software update of Quicktime. I can still use this machine but software update has been running now for 24 hours and is stalled. I think I will reboot.

The Quicktime install was just waiting with a registration dialogue box that I could not see. Oh well I rebooted.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

I got Debian 3 installed without xwindows. I hope to tweek the Xwindows into existence later this week. So this week has seen me burn the 6 Red Hat 9 disks and two Debian three disks on the eMac. Also this week my IBM thinkpad started to get slow. I started to install DVD software from Spiderman, the Matrix and Hackers on it. I could and could not use Yahoo messenger properly with the TP this week.

Well, I have to do some photocopying so I am getting ready to scan with an Adobe product, convert with photoshop, email to the TP and print on the Epson. This is for personal accounting.

I sold my Mac Centris 650 with Apple Plus Monitor and Global Village 33.6 Speaker phone fax modem and Stylewriter 1200 for 50$. I included Claris Works 4.0. This was sold to a fellow who has never owned a computer before.

I met him on the back ward of a psychiatric hospital in 1990, so I won't mention his name.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Red Hat also aborted. I gave up on the Duron box for today. Maybe only Turbo Linux will work.
Debian failed to install, retrying Red Hat 9 now.
I am installing Debian 3 on the Duron now.
It was a crushed key on the keyboard.
A debian disk also jumps through to fast as does a Turbo disk. Must be some hardware failure.
The red hat disk is buggy in the duron computer it automatically jumps throught screens and does a media check again and again.
Well I am trying out Red Hat 9 on my Duron box.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

My Open Office was mistaken by other students as a powerpoint presentation, of course, but scored A in LAWS4305.
I took some pictures at a strike action and then emailed them to the strike captain. I aim to serve.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I decided to check for stuff on the local usenet newsgroup to see if I can get the computer stuff I am looking for without shopping on ebay. I am going to try to replace my HP320 and sell some of these clik drives off. Cheap cheap cheap.
I am loaning our publisher my Epson 820 photo printer so that he can test some pages of Jenny's book. I am also loaning him some Adobe products.
I did my usual proof reading emails I had sent in the past 24 hours. I was surfing ebay and looking for a zip drive for my TP T30. I found some new and some refurbished. All these were significantly cheaper than buying one from IBM. I researched the IBM web site and my manual on what model zip drive works in my TP. I actually read the whole manual and found out that I am entitled to one copy of Lotus Smart Suite Millenium edition. That is good and I will be sure to order my copy on CD. I have some files made in the time span: 1999-2002, that were made with Smart Suite so now I will be able to open these again. There are real problems with file formats and interoperatability and cross platform functionality. I am glad this solves some problems. Wait I have my old copy of Smart Suite on CD maybe it will install on the IBM TP. I know it would not install on non-IBM computers but maybe the copy that was intended for my desktop 2170-19U will work on my 2366-85U. Copy protect I guess that works on a brand specific limit.

Monday, October 13, 2003

I have been using Microsoft Media player this weekend. I have also been using Open Office and printing on my Epson 440 in black. I am selling two clik disks to a friend just to cover the cost of obtaining the clik disks.

Friday, October 10, 2003

I stopped doing the Linux install on the TP for now. I played around a little with a i586 with Turbolinux. I just surfed the net too.
I used Diskblaze to make Red Hat 9 disks on the eMac. Only problem is the program parter will not resize my disk on my Thinkpad.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I have been sending some good email yesterday and today. I am becoming highly responsive with my email again.
I sold my quantum 20 GB drive to a friend. She gave my two blank CD-R's. When I find time I am going to try to burn Red Hat 9.0 using the eMac.
I am taking my new laptop out to a community meeting to keep minutes for the group. I will be carrying two bags. I will use Open Office to keep minutes.
There is something wrong with my acrobat reader on my TP T30. It would not open a pdf download but the eMac did. I was able to send the downloaded pdf to my TP and print it from there.
I bought premium grade Kodak inkjet paper today. I paid 15$ for 100 sheets.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

The school's wireless service in the library does not work yet.
I am taking my laptop out today. I am going to try to use the wireless card today at the school library. I will see what they have.
I started another on-line community at http://ato.smartcapital.ca/internetconsumer.
I am selling an old 20GB hard drive to a friend for 30$. I need to check to make sure this is the right drive out of three of them because one is a back up drive with some important files. I should sell this early Tuesday afternoon.

I have not been able to find out which drive is which. I know which drive the back drive is but I want to make sure before I sell the other one.

Maybe I'll just sell the the drive in the Win98 box now because I am sure it is not the back drive. The back up drive must be the one with the slave setting on the jumper.

Saturday, October 04, 2003

I didn't like doing the mass email as a volunteer. I got some positive responses but some negative ones too. Next time I get and use an official party email address. I am putting both main machines and myself to sleep. See you networked world tomorrow.
One other blog got created using my eMac and Netscape 7.0.
I listened to Mozarts the Marriage of Figaro on my TP these past few days while reading and doing other things. Reminds me of living in my father's home. I also have been using Open Office constantly for word processing. I have also used its presentation software and its spread sheet for a few files. I have also been chatting with the TP using ICQ and also Yahoo messenger. I also started to use wsFTP on the TP. I also used Maple to make some web pages of trig functions.
My TP-T30 had some bugs last night as I tried to use my Canoscan 630 with it. I failed to do that. I needed some copies and the local photocopy store was closed. I use the scanner on the eMac I own and after much graphic converting I got the copies printed on my TP T30 using the Epson 440 printer. I also used photoshop 4.0 light and Adobe Photodeluxe on the eMac and mailed the gif files to myself on the TP T30. Then I inserted these gifs into an Open Office word processing document and printed from there. It took me about two hours to do five pages.
Well I still do survey's including completeing the blogger survey. Ok a blog is journal and on-line public journal. Up to the beginning of this year my journals have all been private. In one course last year, I was required to hand in a journal. This term I also have a journal to keep for one course. These are academic journals. In some cases Blogs are becoming part of the course requirements. I also keep a daily journal that is part travel log, part task listing, part sleep records, and part budget. In the same binder I now carry, school notes and readings. In 1995-1998 I kept monthly Claris works files for daily writing. I have been trying to get this computer journal stuff happening again but not much luck. I have also tried to extend the journal in courses concept to other courses that I have studied in the past to keep notes on the readings I still do for those courses. These course journals have heavily influenced this blog.

As such this blog will now revert to keeping of computer notes and a new blog will be opened with blogspot for my course and school work.

And here it is at http://studiesandmorestudies.blogspot.com/.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

There does not appear to be a spell checker here. I wonder what one must pay a programmer to make a spell checker? I wonder if I will ever make a spell checker. I probably won't my latest programming has been using MS basic to do probability and statistical studies. Mostly this was copying code from a book. The book is titled An Introduction to Probability and Statistics using BASIC, by Richard Groeneveld, 1979.

In the Winter of 2002 I learned C again and again did not program with it. But I read an introductory book on C.

Last Winter I studied a course at Carleton University in the law department called Law in the Information Society course code LAWS3501. Basically we read Lawrence Lessig's book code. It was taught again this summer by Steve Tasson who taught it to me. This fall term it is being taught by a senior professor Michael Mac Neil. He started a blog project for his class at blog spot at this URL http://laws3501.blogspot.com/.
The matrix as a word in art products was first used in my life by some women punks rockers around 1986. It was the name for a tape. It was feminst art. Yet further questions to the women produced denials about feminism as the message. Also Caution Productions was formed about then. Melanie K., Colleen H. were two protaginists of these projects.
I am reading Ruling the Root, Internet Governance and the Taming of Cyberspace by Milton L. Mueller. I searched for the term he uses in the beginning of his history of the root or Internet. The term is Internet community and I am searching at yahoo. This is the first relevant link I found http://www.firstmonday.dk/issues/issue4/valauskas/.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I started to read my case law book for my consumer law course LAWS3205, last night. As of tonight I have read two articles and I hope to have a third finished before midnight. I have to read about three hundred pages for my midterm exam by the end of October.
I got the ten clik drives today now must find a market for them. I am giving two away to friends. I should ask my fellow union members if they want some.
I am going to chapters to buy my friend's book at 2 PM. I will also get a taoism book from my wife to me as a b-day present.
I am waiting for the fire inspector to have a look at our apartment. My wife called him in. I keep too much paper about the house and she is rightly worried about a fire.
My textbook yesterday cost 60$ but looks like it is worth it.
I used my laptop on an Intercity bus. So I am just like all the other rich students now. Only thing is I am bored and poor and did not watch a DVD movie on the bus but I thought of it. No I spent my bus ride writing a journal to keep myself sane and doing homework to keep myself educated. The guy next to me on the bus was wearing a gold fist as a necklace pendant. Instead of taking a taxi home from the bus terminal I took a series of inner city public transit trains and buses. I stayed up working on email and preparing for School and school work on Sunday night.
I am back home. My laptop got used to edit my blog while I was away.

My brother told me about the MIT university open courseware site http://ocw.mit.edu/index.html.

I finished printing all the readings for my presentation on the creation and reform of hacker laws for Thursday, October 2nd. The presentation is then a week later on the 9th. I am basically ok now in LAWS4305 just waiting for my first marked asssignment back this Thursday. I have been steadily working on this course.

I got my LAWS3205 textboook yesterday and have read the first article in the book last night. Consumer law is very narrow in its focus. It also does not have a fixed rule based structure yet.

I am reading a history of anarchism, entitled Anarchism by Richard D. Sonn, HX 828 S636. Like any English person, I don't trust the name Richard. That is based on Richard the third and his murderous ways.

I am staying up late with no school or work tomorrow. I am going to buy a music book for a friend's birthday tomorrow. I am also meeting with some worker's defense people later in the evening. I gave a little interview about an old collective tonight to a fellow worker.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

I might give myself a low D for the coverage I did of the Ontario leadership debate. I was trying to hard to record it rather than add my own comments. I can't really be bothered to comment so I don't pass on my coverage of the debate. Most people I know will probably vote for the NDP. Some will vote green. An occassional friend will vote liberal. But quite a few friends have no faith in politician's and there are some places I go where party politics are not allowed.

Taxes, taxes and more taxes.

I ran my laptop in my mom's car on our trip. It was fine for battery power. I worked on my school presentation and other writing.

I started to write a new short story. My character is, of course, accussed of a hacking crime, but in this case he is either going to be innocent, or his only crime will be stealing copyrighted music. But that is a serious thing, so he will be dealt with seriously.

I am in Toronto. This is one of our biggest cities in Canada. I spend last night at a family party. I am now at my brother's house. It is early in the morning on the day of the wedding. Who is getting married? Sarah is marrying Grant. No last names here just to say they are a young couple with a great future. I met as many of the bride's family as I could meeting two uncles, an aunt and her mother and dad. I also met her grandpa and chatted with him over a cigarette outside a classy pub, where the party was held. I chatted with my uncles and aunts and got caught up meeting the wife's of cousin's I had not met before. I also met a cousin's soon to be husband. My mom and I had a good trip down in the car from Ottawa.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

I got my marking done. I got the tests back to the math department. Rush, rush, so many deadlines. I have my assignment done and printed for today's class. I have printed it in *best* quality. I will have to bring my MATH0007 books with me on the trip so I can prepare for Monday's tutorial. I am also bringing my new laptop to TO. The party tomorrow night should be fun. Today was a payday at one of my jobs and already we are almost broke with money set aside for the weekend.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

I am heading out to play a role playing game. Sometimes I really escape in fantasy. My wife is going out to do some newsletter editing. Tomorrow I leave for Toronto after my law class. My assignment due tomorrow for my law class is done. I completed it and printed a final copy this morning. I am fairly busy with stuff.
Enough of the debate. I stayed up marking the test for one of my tutorials.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Eve's attacks unions.
Dalton says politics of division is Tory style scores big.
Hampton wins the segment. The other's do not have a balanced budget.

Next question Hamptom on strikes. The usual most labour disputes not settled with strikes. Eve's short on school money. Hampton claims Eve's is attacking teachers. Hamptom exposes the salaries. Dalton also attacks. End to dropping out. My wife dropped out because the teachers were mean and cruel. Dalton raising school leaving age. Dalton fails to see reasons for leaving school. Dalton get on the phone with the PMO and get the drug laws changed less students will drop out.

Another section of the debate health and education. Tuition rates rising, Hampton out of the gate. Educated work force and reorganise student assistance.

Academic subject not according to Dalton. Ok I know the Tories deregulated the price of law school out of my range. Idealist but Dalton drops the part-time label. All their kids go to the U. What about the ordinary people?

Eve's, well their government paid for my education for free. Maybe the NDP or Liberals put that in place maybe the Tories I am not sure.

Eve's claims there are only two types of taxes. What about environmental taxes?
Leadership question for Dalton. They gang up on him. Then question goes to Hamptom on minority government. They don't stay on this question. More attacks. Eve's depending on record of everyone.
Dalton attacks and scores. Eve's defends and looks forward then Hampton strikes with the defecit. Makes points about privatisation being an evil which it is. I agree Hamptom and the list technique. Eve's attacks older government. Again Eve's lives by attacking.
Heather Hiscox a journalist who I have never heard of before, claims Eve's started the attacks. But Eve's disagrees. Again the word *differences*. Also his unacceptable term seems fairly intolerant.
Hamptom...democracy, lesss political donations. Stumbles but they proposing banning political donations from unions and businesses and now promises proprtional democracy thus green vote stealing.
Eve's respect to education...communicate to Ontario. No personal attacks, rise above them, a murderer speaks the guys who brought violence back to politics.
Dalton stumbles out of the gate. His approach...ah...ah..ah..bla bla those are the issues.
There is a debate in Ontario in two minutes. This is our provincial election. I am watching it and I will post my reactions here. Apparently they have time limits that is too ordered for me. Seems to formal.
We are shopping as well for our adopted daughter's sister.
We are shopping today for an Opera for my wife and some toys for a nephew and a niece.
I gave the test. It went fine. I completed marking last week's tutorial. I will mark the test today and hopefully complete it today. I have one more tutorial this week. I also have to hand in the test marked by Thursday before I leave town.

Monday, September 22, 2003

I rushed off to school to pick up today's test. Now I am at home but heading back to school in ten minutes.
I am awake early. I replaced my computer desk with our drafting table.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

I have to wake up early tomorrow. I have to work at school tomorrow as a TA. Goodnight networked world.
I spent way to much time at the computer today or reading about computers. I broke my computer desk today too while doing some repairs. I stood on it and it was cheap so the desk it broke. I threw it out except for the cabinets.
Eugene H. Spafford gave me his permission to photocopy his article for school use only. Wow the power of searching out the author of something using the Internet. Now I don't need to borrow his writing without his permission if you know what I mean.
I read some of a book today called the Electronic Pirates, DIY Crime of the Century, by John Chesterman and Andy Lipman, a Comedia, Routledge book from 1988. I read about 40 pages. It is making me sensitive to copyright laws.
There are four web pages linked too at www.linux-laptop.net about installing Linux on a T30 Thinkpad. I read a few of them and am downloading debian as a possible Linux distrbution to install. Remember I have already downloaded Red Hat 9.0. I only need to pick up some blank CD-R's now for the burn and make sure I figure out how to burn iso images on the eMac.
I started a slide show using Open Office for my hackers presentation on October 9th. Also for this presentation I have emailed Eugene H. Spafford to see if he minds if I photocopy his paper Are Hacker Break-ins Ethical? for handing out to the class.
I got my school paper almost done and it is due on Thursday so that's good. It is an opinion paper on the question of whether aboriginal people should have their own separate sentencing system for aboriginal offenders. I took the yes side and found a fair amount probably too much support for my side.
I started to canvass my building for a political party. I have almost no friends who support the same party as myself.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

I discovered an Iranian Punk blog I am going to read it now. Wow culture?
I worked 11 hours on Friday. I had to cancel my role playing game. Today I volunteered for two hours in a provincial political party office. I also wrote more school work. I took my new laptop with me volunteering and I was very paranoid it would be stolen. It survived the trip but in shutting it down to go out I lost an edit of some school work. I was able to redo the edit in some downtime while volunteering. Yesterday at work I also had some wait time which I used to read school work. I am almost caught up with readings for this week.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

There is a meeting for teaching assistants this afternoon before my class. I should attend but it is poorly scheduled. I would have to run out the door right now. I may wait a little say 20 minutes. I just got in from chapters where I picked up a couple of 99 cent picture books on Gandhi and Budda. Now remember Budda is the god guy and Gandhi was the politician. Not that I needed these books they were for Jenny they had some nice photos in them.
Ok I found the bug that makes two posts duplicated. It happens when I leave the posting window open for a day or two and then refresh the screen.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Today is a day off, very little volunteering today, no paid work, and maybe some heavy study for a couple of hours. Actually I spent about an hour today arranging school work and proof reading some writing and reading some assigned reading. I hope to do some more research for a school paper later today. I am also taking my suit to be dry cleaned for my cousin's wedding, a weekend from now. It should be a lot of fun hanging out with family again rejuvinating myself as much as possible. The travel with my mother should also be fun. I am fairly relaxed today and my wife did a major shop yesterday with her dad's help. I am having a good day so far.

Monday, September 15, 2003

I did give a tutorial today. I was so nervous and making mistakes at the chaulk board but students helped me out. I guess it went ok after all. I got my contract signed with one professor after the tutorial.
I am reading a lot of criminal law texts on sentencing. I am also reading about alternative sentencing for aboriginal offenders. I am also researching security and computers for my presentation. I have my outline done for the presentation and I have picked out at least one reading for the class to read but must get it printed 25 times for the 2nd of October.
Today is my first real day on the job at my new job. I am giving a tutorial in maths, calculus to be exact. We will work on slopes between two points and properties of limits and then some techniques for solving limits. I will need to write math on the blackboard and figure I should do some graphs too.
I am using Open Office with the new laptop. It is cool it has a word complete feature that speeds up typing although it will take some getting used too. I have been doing my school work now on the new laptop and the Epson 440. I have been taking notes for my French course off the TV on my eMac.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

I used sociopranos this morning. I posted twice. My present goals there include making 25 posts and becoming labelled socially adept. This helps me from becoming tired in the morning when I have been up all night. I am turning the clock around for Monday. I did not help with the paper route this morning.

Saturday, September 13, 2003

I am reading a book callled Law, Psychology and Justice, Chaos Theory and the New (Dis)order, by Christopher R.Williams and Bruce A. Arrigo. It is about contraversies in civil law concerning mental health and so called psychiatric citizens. I have no doubt all of us are citizens but I wonder if this attempt at empowerment in using the term 'psychiatric citizen' works. The book aims to apply chaos theory to these contraversies of intersection of law and psychiatry.
We went swimming at a friends place and I had a sauna. We had some pizza slices afterward. My, My, young adults who appear like gangsters swear a lot on cell phones in pizza shops and on buses and generally too much in public places.
I completed the exercise in chapter one in Linda Lamb's Learning the vi Editor 6th edition.

Friday, September 12, 2003

I have met with both of my new bosses. I am starting work next Monday at 13:30 in 501 Southham on campus. I have to work through calculus problems in the tutorial that day. Irini gave me the problems to solve for the class. I will do them this weekend before the lecture.
I did get the install 'everything' on the Duron computer done from the turbo linux 6.5 but could still not get X Windows configured. It is the monitor issue as I don't have a standard IBM monitor but a C72 usually not in the X windows lists. I gave away the Toshiba.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

I got the shift booked off so I can meet with Irini Ganadry, professor of mathematics tomorrow at 1PM to discuss duties in the OAC calculus course.
I have an orientation session today in a couple of hours for my new TA position. I will head out in an hour or sooner.
I have a scheduling conflict for Friday. I booked work a week ago but now this math professor needs to meet me at 1 PM. The tutorial session is next Monday so this maybe the only time to meet with her. I am trying to book work off at my other job.
I woke up late today. I recorded my French lecture and watched a little this morning.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Looks like two successful Turbo Server 6.0 Linux installs in a row here. I installed it as an Intranet serve on the tower p133 and it even boots from the hard drive. The windows configuration took some time at guessing but I got it finally at only 640X480 8 bit colour. It is an older system. The Turbo Linux is a 2001 release. I am now installing on the one remaining computer that the school helped me buy and it is going ok. This computer was not allowing any Linux installs for months and months and was very buggy with Win98. It was intolerable as a system. Because of this I got new systems. Now it looks like I might actually have a few Linux systems around here after I give away the Toshiba laptop which happens later tonight.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

I will use the older Thinkpad 360 to keep notes in school. This way I reduce my theft risk involving laptop theft. The old win3.1 can make word files.
I worked a 12 hour shift. I have a new job at the school's math department. I am now a teaching assistant for some pre university courses.
I successfully backed up the old laptop. Now I am giving the old laptop to my dungeon master to manage our game. The new laptop has all the files now.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

I backed up the My Documents folder from my Toshiba 420CDT with Win98 to Zip disk and now will copy the zip disk to the new laptop and also the WinNT box.
We are waiting, my wife and I for our publisher to return from vacation. We will then be publishing her book. I have a cover for the book done. I have the file containing her poems on the toshiba on the Win98 install. I need to back that up tonight to zip disk and then transfer to the new laptop.
My classes in the end are in criminal law reform and reading French for academic texts. My criminal law reform project is on hackers something I have written about before in school and you can read these studies at my computer ethics site.
I got a new job as a teaching assistant at the university. I will be running two tutorials for math studies in OAC level maths.
I have been busy updating my WinXPPro and installing programs on the new laptop that arrived on Friday.
I am learning to use this blog properly for editing.

Friday, September 05, 2003

I am getting deep into law studies these past few years this is the type of poem I write based on a phone conversation with a friend. it is almost not a poem but a moral lesson like the a taoism expression.

Moral Mountains

Imagine we are all wise people sitting on top of mountains
the mountains exist at varying heights and places on the planet
The height is determined by how good we are
The relation of our acts to others is like the relation of the mountains in space
The various laws are the vehicles that travel too and fro between the mountains
Some crime law enforcement vehicles some civil enforcement law vehicles travel around between us as we act and react to each other
These are climbing vehicles that must scale the mountains
But beauty is the kinetic energy that drives these vehicles
the higher they climb the more beautiful
We look around from our heights at other mountains and see others our associates because we are on a similar height
Those higher up can look down with moral indignation on the lessor peaks
Winds are the actions that we commit blowing between us up and down the slopes and through the valleys.

Copyright Peter Timusk September 2003

I used my old laptop at school tonight. I was the only one in class doing notes on a computer. I printed and proof read the week zero reading and printed them out and put them in my carry around course notes binder. I am now done the week 1 journal entry and need to print that and proof read it and put it in my binder. I could write more but my professor does not want too much in the journals. We are limited to five pages. Besides I have many other journals I can write and only so much time. I must accept that the work is done for this week early. I must accept success. I am now with this jouranl entry done allowed to start the readings for next week.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

The new laptop has built in ethernet and modem so now I can use the Internet in the library coffee shop and also in our living room. I put an ethernet cable through the walls this spring to do just this.
I called the radio station CKCU at school to see about the status of our recording and interview with the program Sound Minds. They have not yet returned my call.
I got all my gedit files backed up to floppy. I also got them all open in Word97. I then saved them on my WinNT box. I will probably start using open office with the new laptop. I guess I should be giving away or selling off some of my machines now. I want to give my Toshiba laptop to our dungeon master. I will first give myself some time to transfer the files to the new laptop and also back them up on a burnt CD twice or three times then mail one copy to my dad or mom.
I have my first LAWS4305 lecture tonight. Yes, I am bringing my old laptop. I need an extension cord to reach the wall in the classroom. The bookstore is open late so I'll pick up an extension cord there. I will go about an hour early maybe 1:15 early. I intend to get some of the course readings photocopied after the class from the library.

P.S. I found one of our two prong extension cords to use with the laptop in class so no extra purchase needed today.

My partner and I ate at a Chinese restaurant last night. Today the food store had no marajaram so lentil burgers are on hold until Friday.
I have been staying home at the computer a lot this week. I had some voluneering last night. I kept minutes for that meeting on the Toshiba using gedit then transfered them to WinNT and emailed them out to the group within hours of taking them.
Downloading Red Hat 9 wasn't so easy. My brother used iChatAV to tell me how to use command line ftp to download the disks. It was very fast once I had that method in use. I have the first two disks downloaded now. Now the challenge is to burn these disks in the right format using the eMac's burner. Then the challenge is to install it on the new Thinkpad T30.
The first French lecture in FINS2105 is not playing this week. I read the first chapter of my French verbs and grammar book. It covered pronunciation and alphabet, accents, rythum, and intonation.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Looks like I am getting a new laptop so I am downloading Red Hat 9.0 on my eMac.
I used the gedit on my laptop a lot this morning. I started all kinds of files today in gedit. I started a bibliographic file for LAWS4305, a journal for FINS2105, a music journal, and an election journal for both the Ontario and the municipal elections. I will now back these up using root and a floppy and try to print the a page of the LAWS4305 journal to test.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I am back from school. I bought one of the French course books. It is about verbs and essentials of grammar. I dropped off my anti-requisite form. I checked to see if the TA assignments were up but they were not done yet. The director of graduate studies only has one weekend to do them. I took back the book: Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics. There was some verbal abuse of the director of the math school ( a different director) in the elevator perhaps some counter abuse caused it or an attitude to security and safety on the part of the director. I am not sure it was a crime of verbal abuse that's for sure. I said at the time that it was a labour conflict. It seemed to be part of the class war. I just happened to be there.
I am shutting down my Toshiba now as it has been sleeping all morning. I will bring it to school today and see how doing that goes. Heavy to carry/lug! I have to change the hard drive later tonight or Wednesday morning. My dungeon master needs his Win98.

Actually with the crowds today I think I'll leave my laptop at home..

Looks like another 24 hour day. I need to be on campus today. I won't be buying a bus pass this month if I am not hired as a TA. For this morning I am heading to school around 10 am. I need to submit my French anti-requisite forms. I also need to buy my French books. Then I should drop in on the Math department to see about being a TA. If I am a TA I also have to be at school tomorrow. Then Thursday classes begin. I have my first class in the evening Thursday. I might sleep today around 2 pm or so. I need money to join the Criminology society too this morning.
My dad is buying my school books plus something else for my birthday he told me yesterday. Today I find out if I am working as Teaching Assistant in the math department. I'll also have to work in the math tutorial room. That room needs a web page. Maybe I can do that too as part of work or volunteer. I do study doing math learning using the Internet. IP address numbers anyone?
I am going to help my neighbour with his work tonight. Tomorrow afternoon school and helping my wife with the shopping. Soon sleep.
I finally finished the html version of my summer course essay. Read it at this link Starson v. Swayze, consent to treatment in mental health.
I have been exploring the environment around this blog a bit. So there is a silly war going on about gift giving near by? I tell you my friend Eric gives the sillyist gifts but not because he is going for a laugh he is dead seriously cheap. He gave me a hair lose video once. I am expecting the directors of cut of Blade Runner from him this month. Because he stole my videos previously thinking he could get away with it. Rather than call the cops on someone I call a friend, I asked him to buy the videos back for me. Talk about restoritive justice. Next thing I know it will be 2020 and I'll be writing here on this blog and I will be a lawyer.
The more I use Linux the more I realise that movies special effects of computers that I thought or think are very fake are in fact close to this. Think of the scene in the first Jurasic Park where the young girl sits down at the parks computers. "oh Unix. I know Unix" she says. Then we see Unix on the screen. Ya for Unix.
Success! I got a gedit file off my Laptop onto my WinNT box. This means given that my machines network with floppies and email to myself, all my machines are now networked at files less than 1.44 MB. Speaking of all machines another project I have is using that 700MB free space on the ibm ThinkPad 360CS. I got winzip for win 3.1 installed now on that old Thinkpad. So now I will see if I can use the drivers ( on floppy in zip files) for zip drive with that Thinkpad. Two types of zip only one pin head. I might like to get my clik drive also working with this old laptop. This old laptop might also see the linux floppy. Then I could have a real beater the old Thinkpad for the classroom notes. I also need modem drivers for using my PCMCIA modem with Red Hat 6.2. Round and round I go, and where the screw driver stops no one knows. =:+)

Monday, September 01, 2003

I used to think artists were dumb. I thought scientists were smart. It is hard to change biased beliefs. I have a concept of a smart artist these days. Part of that smartness in art is using technology but also part of it is having a business sense about one's art. Then again there is just being a great artist and making pleasing art work. On the opposite side, I am not too into the scientist being creative.
I worked 12 hours yesterday. My wife is cooking today. I am doing email and getting ready for school this week. I might try to use my linux laptop for school this term. Up to now I have been using the laptop at home for school work using Win98. I will probably use the eMac for the French course. I need to be able to print with gedit and also get some more fonts. For now the plan is to use the Win98 laptop. I need to visit the classroom this week before class and see if there are AC plugs at the desks.
I downloaded iChatAV. I had an audio conference with my brother just now. Seems to work well better than yahoo audio chat. Ya! the Macintosh computer.
My wife doesn't read. But yesterday she browsed cookbooks at Chapters. She was able to see that the Enchanted Broccoli Forest was a cookbook that is not just about broccoli. So she knows she doesn't want it now. She does help me read French. She seems smarter in French. I am fighting the battle not to judge people just by smartness.

Saturday, August 30, 2003

I have been reading a little about social networks in volume 5 of the journal of mathematical sociology and also access control in a database and applications security workshop proceedings book, today. I also read some of Boom, Bust, and Echo 2000. I also browsed Taoist books at Chapters. I also read over the assignments list for LAWS4305.
Well it is getting late and I have to be at work at about noon tomorrow. I am working until about midnight. Aliens, the movie is on when I get home so I might watch that.
Well I wasn't happy with bamboo blinds for the bedroom so we took them back. We both went this time and looked for suitable blinds. They didn't have the size we need to have to fit our window. We thought of draps instead of blinds so we will wait until we can afford those. We got our daughter a stuffed bear and we got a new kitchen clock.

By the end of the day one blind is up in the living room and the other is ready to go up in the computer/office room but I can't get a good position to drill the hole on one end of the window. It will have to wait.

I bought us bamboo blinds from Ikea this month. So now we have some 7th floor privacy for our windows at our apartment. I need to use my friend's concrete drill to attach the blinds to the ceiling.

I also bought some powerbar/ surge protectors and a low energy light bulb for the dinning room. I also bought a box of cable tie downs for my computers.

It was tough doing the first blind. It is hard to drill up. Usually a press drill will have gravity on its side. Holding a drill with one hand and arm is tough. My muscles are not particularly developed in my upper body. Anyways, I got the living room blind up. Now I am thinking of taking back one of the bamboo blinds and buying a light proof blind for the bedroom. This way I could sleep better in the day time.

I did drop the mediation course. I just need to drop the course Crime and the State in History and I am done. I got into a legal research methods course for the Winter term.

Friday, August 29, 2003

My new printer cartridge stopped working and this made me angry. I am more relaxed now. I am starting work on LAWS4305 and LAWS 3305 early this morning. I am also helping with the local paper route.
I need to buy more printer paper. I owe my union about 60 copies of our newsletter which I edit. I have written an article for September issue. I am also editor of the Alt Cyberpunk Chatsubo Anthology #2. We are almost at the printers or publishers with this anthology.
I am not sure what the criminal law reform course will be as there are no books to buy for the course. I will now surf over to the law departments web space and check for course outlines.
I think the history of criminal law course will be good but it is very anglo-centric. It will be lots of reading and a term paper.
I might be in an ecommerce legal issues course in the Winter term. I figured out why I am behind on making web sites. It is because I work these days so don't have as much free time to use constructively.
I am preparing to go to the labour day Parade this year. I have only been one other year. That year I bumped into my foster sister.
We have continued reading French together. We read a silly article about the weather today from the local French paper. There was a fair amount of humour and light swearing and slang in the article.
I got volumes 3-8 of the journal of mathematical sociology that the school was giving away. These are from the years 1974-1981. The volume 5 covering 1977 is about social networking. I am keen to read this old research in this area. This is from what I can tell a journal that is representitive of the American approach to sociology tending to focus on relationships rather than social history as Canadian sociologists do in their studies.
I am no longer confused. I must have a good amount of resilience. They say babies have a lot of this. Our baby is now crawling and trying to walk. About no longer being confused...I talked to my dad who suggested staying with the Law studies. I scored A in my introduction to private law course I found out just yesterday so I think why not stay with law? I got myself registered in a course in criminal law reform, a course in crime and the state in history and a course in mediation, as well as, a course in Comprehending Written French 1 which a fellow worker took this summer. I have to drop two of these. Books will not be expensive at least not like the math books costing 140$ each. Besides my dad has agree to pay for these for my b-day present. He has also helped me buy a new black ink printer cartridge for my new printer. The old printer is still a great back up.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I am very confused, I admit it. I can't decide to go to graduate school preparing this year or too complete my law degree. I am tending to think the completion of the law degree would be good now. I am holding places in different courses. I am though late to get spaces in certain law courses. I can't decide on a human rights combined BA with Law, or a criminology BA in law or a combined Law BA with some other subject from either geography, philosophy, or sociology. Right now, I am officially in a plain old honours law BA.
I write a lot on the computer when I come home from work. I wrote two lenghty emails tonight after getting off work an hour early. I guess that means I am ten dollars poorer and people maybe richer for my words. I emailed two mental illness support email lists. I now have some more ideas flying through my mind to write.

Monday, August 25, 2003

I got some feedback from Jenny. I redesigned the cover and she likes it now.
I polished my shoes and packed my lunch. My wife made my lunch again. She is doing the shopping today. I am taking the bus in less than an hour.
I am going to work in a couple of hours. I am looking forward to working today. I have two days off after today.
I got a space in the 4th year legal issues in e-commerce course. This completes my minor in law. I am still waiting for my final grades for the private law course I took this summer. The law department has been helpful with registration. I am in two statistics courses and one math course as well as the law course.
To make the book cover I used Photoshop LE 4.0 not GIMP.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

I have a cover now done. Of course I must redo it after feedback from Lee and Jenny.
I am going to use GIMP to make a cover for my wife's book of poems. We planned the cover's colour and her pseudonym. My book has a cover now we need to decide with my book how much we( the collective of authors) will pay for our cover.
My wife and I planned our grocery shopping for tomorrow. I bought a watch this morning and returned it tonight.
I typed more on the left side of the keyboard. I finally articulate what I have been noticing.

Saturday, August 23, 2003

I changed my registration again today. I guess I consider learning to be a dynamic changing space. I chose probability again and also numerical analysis. I also chose abstract algebra next term in the winter. I also registered to work as a teaching assistant. I might apply again to work in the TA union office this year. They have an 11 hour week available. Last year they didn't hire me but I didn't mind.
My friend didn't show up. I went to our local farmers market and got veggies and fruits. I also got coins for our laundry room. I am working tomorrow early in the morning and need to wake up at 4 am. I hope to sleep early tonight to compensate.
I installed Corel linux on the pentium 133 tower but need to run xconfig still.
My unwanted friend is coming over. We are hanging out together. What is hanging out together when one of you is unemployed? Anyway's he has a car. A volkswagen new beetle in fact. I am thinking asking him to drive to the grocery store. He said he wanted to go to Ikea or Chapters at a local mall. I might take him up on that offer. I need to sleep early tonight as my plan to go around the clock for work early Sunday morning did not work I fell asleep at 5 am this morning.
I dropped the GIS course and went back to the probability course. I am preparing for this course before it starts. This is often the case with prepapring for a course I begin to have doubts and then the professor reassures me and I do quite well with the course in the end. I hope this is the case this time. Now I am not sure if I will study another University course this fall or a college course or just the one course at the U.

Friday, August 22, 2003

Another fellow worker is also a Carleton student I found out this week. He can't get registered in his required courses. Seems a step removed from my approach to registration.
I did secretarial duties for the Green Party CA today. Now I need to eat vegetarian shepards pie.
I got a spot in the Geoanalysis course. This will fit a Geography minor, the B.Sc. or a combined Law/Geography degree.
Matt didn't learn about blogspot from me but from Marc.
Matt did some html coding on his blogspot space. I link to him now in my side bar. I still think he needs more privacy. He should shut his mouth more. Just kidding can you tell I am the paranoid type? I am also the analytical type and promoter type. Now for Carl Jung and his personality types. I have know about his types since 1981. I read them again on Tuesday in a book for student teachers. I don't think I will apply to TA this year. Enough math give me GIS an computers, computer, computers and a little French work.
I don't have Sunday off but I do have today and Saturday off work. I have one appointment Friday. I have some books due at the library and I have our role playing game on later tonight. Saturday is free time.
I discussed possible days I could work with my boss given my present fall school schedule plans. I took 42 hours of work in the next 10 days. But that work is all before school begins. I don't know work more? Study more? College? University?
I also would like to do some more course adjustments this morning. My mom recommends completing the college certificate this year. I just want to write school work and am ready to study math and stats. But these science courses are hard courses and not as fun as others might be.
I am back from work. I am planning on doing some probability studies using BASIC on the Thinkpad this morning.
The tower doesn't boot anymore something corrupted on the hard drive. May try to install win95 on it. It probably has a bad hard drive.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

I could study information system security, managing volunteers, networking, alarm systems, police work, corrections work, or suicide intervention at the college this term or next.
I got a return call from Professor Barry Wright today. He suggests professor Michael MacNeil for a supervisor for the reading course if the topic is computer crime or Internet law issues.
I installed two network cards in the Tower and instead of giving it away for ten dollars may use it as a proxy server.
I may have Friday to Sunday off. I will study computer programming and hardware with the time off and also the book Cultural Influences of IT Use. This time off means less pay two or three weeks from now.
I am working nine hours later today. But our staff meeting this week was canceled.
I tried to install Win95 on the Thinkpad 360. I needed the upgrade version of Win95 not what I have.
I got back from my role playing game. We play on Wednesday nights. One guy at our game, who is a tech support worker in the government, is going to take the Pentium 133 Tower for 10$.
Our union web site sysadmin is setting up the new email list, as of last night.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

We had our monthly union meeting tonight. It was relaxing for a change. I took minutes on the Toshiba laptop. I paid dues. I need to set up am annoucement email list for the union branch here now. The secretary is helping me with this.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

I got a return call from Ann Woodside at the Math department today. She returned my call about a supervisor for the Fourth year project in the B.Sc.. I am thinking of an ethics project in databases and she suggested something in security of databases. I also mentioned courtrooms and statistics. She also suggests I contact Dr. Shirley Mills and I have been trying to contact her as well. But Mrs. Woodside said she would be happy to supervise. This is like graduate school where I will also need a supervisor, so this is practice at finding one.
The Pentium 133 Tower is working fine as a KDE workstation. I got it a three button mouse just as the power failed. I have now configured it. I like the advanced editor in KDE for its code highlighting function. I should try some Integrated Development Environments (IDE's) out. I was looking at Xedit on this desktop.

Monday, August 18, 2003

I was accepted into the four year B.Sc. with about three courses to complete. Now I can prepare to apply for graduate school next year. I need to apply this early to get some of the funding requests in by their deadlines this fall. So I am registered to take Math and Statistics this fall term.... I will be programming with MatLab this term in one course. In the other, I have some BASIC programs to explore the sylubus before classes start.
Jenny and I plodded through an article in L'actualité. The article is a book review of the Black List something written by some big loser American journalists. We had our French English dictionary available. We used the dictionary to help us read the article by Jacque Godbout. We had a good time doing this.
I will study a sociology course in population studies next term.
I decided on courses I am interested in in mathematics and statistics rather than more law or sociology courses.
I am back on-line doing school registration and course choices. I am also visiting as many of the web sites I belong too to stay more focused. I am not taking my electrical power for granted.

Friday, August 15, 2003

I am turning off the computer now to save power. See you all Monday.
I registered for 8 courses for the year but depending on my B.Sc. application I will drop four of them. I will drop four if I am in my law degree still too. So I am studying ethier law or science this year and almost for sure French. Maybe some beginners' course in demography with the science.
The power was out and we listened to the FM radio. I helped out in the night. My green friend John was seen directing traffic. I am heading out to my cousin's wedding now. Should be a fun time. We have power again.
I told my fellow workers about this blogspot web space and Mat started his own blog now. It is at www.lovable-atheist.blogspot.com . Have a look.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

The exam has been written. I answered every question. I could still score A+ for the course.
I helped some protestors with some donated clothes and gave away an old battered 12 string. Then I wrote a letter to the editor of the local paper in favour of the protestors. Volunteer community action done for the week. We have just had two murders this week. I have started to help with one case as the whole city is looking for the suspect. I passed the photo of the suspect on to my radical unions friends and also phoned in one tip to the police. I have also called a Peace Court house in Russia yesterday to protest their jailing of some protestors. Russia still does not have quite the law and order it should but then neither does my country. As a student of the legal system this all keeps me on my toes.
I might read some sci-fi or fantasy to relax or trying reading the Spycraft Rules. Someone in my family is now playing Magic. We are thinking of changing our Friday night game from a Cyberpunk game to a Star trek game or Spycraft game. Last week we didn't play we watched Reign of Fire. Tonight is our new AD&D night. It is going to be a long day.
I have spent a few hours tonight planning fall courses at two schools. I was emailing my family about the courses. In my pre-exam study, I reviewed all my notes and continued to re-view the 'contracts' lectures on video tape. There was a personal crisis here today with a friend and that upset me but I am ok for the exam today if I get a little nap soon.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

I was reading about C++ and SQL tonight along with final studies and writing notes for my private law course. I also exchanged some emails about safety with a friend of my mom's
I have done some volunteer web mastering on this site in Ottawa the Ottawa Community Garden Network.
We should be recording at the college radio station near the end of the month in the last two weeks. We will also be interviewed at the station.
My eMac is working fine. My laptop is working fine. My WinNT box is working fine. The Thinkpad 360 is working fine.
I need to get some AA bateries that recharge and a recharger for AAA batteries. I did use ebay today but only browsed. I need to stop buying computer stuff soon.
Studying hard for my exam. I am sending ten emails a day at least.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

I also don't want to sell off the Win98 desktop even though various Linux installs on it have failed. The money that I could get for it is minimal. It serves some use around here.
I don't know that backing things up so obssesively is needed. I have not needed my back ups from Win98 in a long time. I do need a win desktop around but maybe my server is fine for that running WinNT. The only thing keeping the desktop now is the CD burner in it for making Linux distros.

Saturday, August 09, 2003

I think I may have found another volunteer to help with the FAQ I maintain. He might help me update some parts of it. I have been caring for it for five years now. Visited that newsgroup again today new old regular was back after a year or so good to know she is alive still. I cut back my use of usenet the past few months. Now I am back to posting in a few newsgroups about social science.
I invited a few people by email to visit this blog. Just my dad and a few people from my volunteer network.
I am up about 22 hours now. I want to stay up about 30 hours today.
I am working tomorrow from 11 in the morning to 11 at night. I will have to get bread and milk today and some money for my partner to buy zucinne tomorrow.
I am cooking a chicken. I cleaned the dishes. I went through a few pots of coffee. I cleaned up after all our friends last night. I reduced the number of ash trays in the living room.
I got my HP 320LX working again by resetting it. The HP is good for typing notes on the go. I am glad it is working again. I started an August journal file on it and reviewed my sociology papers that are stored on it.
I printed out more of my lecture notes right after my friends left. I watched some of the lecture on property theories and made more detailed notes. Yes, I am getting ready to write a private law exam. My essay for the course scored A minus. Now I must Ace the exam.
I used sociopranos from 5 am to 6 am. I posted three replies to articles there.
I took to reading newsgroups tonight as I study for my exam. Earlier we had 10 ex-psychiatric patients in our apartment. We watched a film.
Reading newsgroups and today's newspaper.
My friend said I could sell the tower and that he does not want it. I put it for sale for 25$. I also put my old 68K centris 650 for sale.
I got a request for my paper from a law worker/academic. I emailed her my paper at her York University email address although she is now at Dalhousie in Halifax in disability planning and the law.

Friday, August 08, 2003

I am going to put the case back on the Tall Tower and put as much of the fittings on as I can.
My Law course is over now. I just have to study for and write the exam.
I did get Red Hat 6.2 installed and created an account for my friend. I will now give him back his compter working with Linux.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

I am not able to get past the video card issues on the RH 6.2 install. I did get the CD rom working. I might alternatively try a win95 install from floppies.
I picked up my friends tall tower and installed Debian 2.1. It would not boot from hard drive. So I installed a hex speed CDrom drive and am going to install Red Hat 6.2.