Sunday, April 12, 2009

I am installing Kubuntu as the third operating system on my home built PC

I do, in fact, have that 200 GB IDE hard drive from my last PC: the IBM ThinkCentre. I have donated the IBM ThinkCentre to a community centre network through Computers for Communities a local tech charity I have been involved with lately. I took out the 200 GB drive as it was not needed for the community centre project. This 200 GB which has a Debian installed from the ThinkCentre will need to be formatted first, so that it does not cause any problems. I will install it and then format it before putting in the Kubuntu DVD.

I am presently backing up the PC side in case I have some boot problems after the Kubuntu install adjusts the master boot record. I am looking forward to trying out Kubuntu after I had seen it on the old Dell.

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