Sunday, September 30, 2007

I am learning facebook application development.

I downloaded some API's for facebook development. I read a little about Faceboook Query Language.

I bought a computer and printer for my partner's friend.

I bought a Compaq SRN5110NX desktop computer for 349$ plus tax. At the same time I bought a Canon Pixma MP210 printer, copier, and scanner for 29$. Combining these with my Sony 17" wide screen TV/Monitor makes a whole system. I bought these last Sunday and brought them home on the bus using a hand truck. I spent this week setting the computer up. I installed Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, iTunes, and Open Office. Yesterday I ordered books for this friend. I ordered The Internet for Dummies and Windows Vista for Dummies. This system is for a friend. She has worked in the past in the government and studied computer programming at Algonquin college.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Second Second Life character started up in the orientation island.

I logged in for about an hour in orientation island relearning stuff there. My new character is called Hover Jetcity and he like all other characters initially created logged in to find himself at orientation island. I did not do well at flying or complete the appearance exercises yet. I did complete the search and communication exercises. I may go back in tonight.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Second Life offices have been moved.

I sold all my land. I used the average price of 7.7 Linden dollars per sq. m. and my neighbour bought all 6 512 sq. m. parcels. He paid a total of about 25000 L$ and this bought me 2560 sq. m. in a new Mainland sim. I also cashed some L$ in to cover my higher monthly costs in September's land fees payment. I am now back down to the 15 US$ per month land fees tier. I have moved my offices and set up the cubicles but still need to arrange things a bit and put the little computers on the desks. I had experience building for sale signs and moving things and placing things into inventory and then taking them out again. I met a few people and my old neighbour became a friend. I learned a little of doing land deals.

A monitor for the Sun Ultra 5.

I booted the Sun Ultra 5 to see if I could identify the video card and screen resolution but instead tried to install a printer and crashed the Solaris. I turned off the computer and am focusing on Debian now and WinXP.

I am using bittorrent to download and upload Debian Linux 4.0 r 1.

I had been meaning to get to this for a few days now. I am just about to get my Compaq Pentium 1 laptop out and see how my Debian install is on that machine. But I also am bittorrent sharing Debian 4.0 r 1 disks 1 to 21 and three update CD's and a KDE CD.

Vista deleted and WinXP used to install SAS.

I deleted Vista because it would not allow me to install SAS. So I reinstalled WinXP and and then SAS. I also installed Flash and Adobe Reader on WinXP.

Friday, September 14, 2007

My first land sale in Second Life and now I am selling all my land.

Second life has cost me a lot of money in the past year and few months. I sold my first piece of land. After making a for sale sign my land sold in less than an hour. The buyer agreed to buy my other 512 sq. m. parcels today. I set them all for sale to only this person and now I am homeless in Second Life. I put my house away and all my custom furniture. I did spend some time investigating some other land and may try to find a new home after the sale. I might save my Linden dollars for this or cash the Linden dollars out. The first sale paid for most of my land fees this month. The land fees are covered now for today's payment. My next payment will be a month from now and that will be a membership payment rather than land fee. I may try to optimize and save enough Linden dollars to cover my membership fees next month and then any land fees and spend the rest on new land for my house and custom furniture

I have not been using the Sun or Linux computers much.

I got to thinking recently that I would buy a new monitor as the 17 inch Sony is not compatible with the Sun Ultra 5 video card. I should not buy a new monitor though as I can not afford one.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ink supplies bought this month on credit.

Using my futureshop credit card I bought ink for my Brother MFC420cn printer and my Canon IP Pixma 4300 duplex printer. I printed some course notes last night. I also now own a Sony T20 sub compact camera. I am not happy with the pictures it takes. I will try it out some more and then perhaps return it. I already tried out a Nikon D40 with two lens and returned the camera and lens with no damage for a full refund.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

New accounts at school.

I attended some introduction sessions to computer accounts at school at the SITE building and the Tefler school of management yesterday. I started a web page at SITE and also have web space at Tefler. I am now in doubt about which I will use more for my University of Ottawa web pages. Dreamweaver works with SITE.

Open Office means Neo Office.

I am upgrading my Neo Office software on my eMac today. I also downloaded and I think installed Neo Office on the Macbook this week or last weekend. I donated 2 dollars to Neo Office development too.