Sunday, December 31, 2006

I did go ahead with getting a GPS unit.
The IBM Thinkpad has been loaned to a neighbour. She did not have a computer so I loaned her my Thinkpad. I swapped out my Linux hard drive and put in the original 20 GB drive with Windows XP. I installed Office 97 and Publisher 97 on the computer.

Annual Backups continue

I just now copied the Desktop and the Documents folders to one of the new LaCie hard drives. I did yesterday burn three DVD's with the documents folder minus movies and the computer(s) folder. The computers folder contains all the old files from previous computers.

I am not buying the projector after all. I need to stop all this spending on computer parts and debiting at 28% interest. I was so prepared with cables and researching adapters and already having the portable screen. But the projector is so expensive I would rather buy a gas powered vehicle or fix up my bicycle with fenders, racks and a GPS.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Annual backups

I am just backing up the eMac to multiple locations but mainly today I am backing up the documents folder to three copies of DVD's.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I was lucky or again predicted that the projectors would be on sale at the electronics store. I am having to borrow to buy this item and the money won't be ready until Thursday or Friday. I am now just hoping the store does not run out of projectors. The deal is a 200$ less price and a bonus 72 inch pull down screen. Home movies here we come. Of course, at the cost of new debit.
I backed up my two present macs to the new LaCie hard drives using the LaCie back up software. I also copied files of the failing Iomega firewire drive to the new drives. I also double backed up the old user account from the old eMac which I now call eMac 1.
I used stfp and vi on my eMac to update a web page. I had few issues and everything went well and took less than a hour.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I am developing a positive on-line relation with another computer scientist in Second Life and she has shown me the ICT library where I finally got a free URL launch script. She also stopped me from shopping in Second Life and it is a non sexual reationship. So good clean fun is happening in Second Life. So now I will add this URL launch script to the computers I buy for my virtual offices. I also cashed in Linden dollars to help pay for my account fees. Thus at the moment I have lowered my Second Life costs. I still don't make sales or have a job in Second Life but I am really enjoying the design of my offices and some seemingly random visitors have said the place looks cool. "Cool costs me money? as the IBM TV add goes but it is also fun to build this on-line office.
I really know what's going on at computer stores these days. I rightly predicted or waited for sales of LaCie 250 GB hard drives and thus we got me two for christmas. I also managed to put away until January a Linksys USB hard drive Lan device at another store now that these are coming off the market and have dropped 30 dollars in price. Thus the two hard drives will be network accessible. I am using a lot of space now on my present hard drives with movies and also multiple computer backups. Also one drive is about to fail and gives me slow operation on my eMac when the drive is connected.

Monday, December 18, 2006

I did internet computing for the last few hours. Including joining U Tube. I converted some videos and updated our iPods. My brother has launched a small graphics site here (
I uploaded a home weather video to UTube today. It should be here.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I installed Brother printer drivers for my MFC420CN on my Linux laptop. I also bought yet another printer this time for its duplex printing abilities.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The eMac is ready to go. I have set it up with Mac OS X 10.3 and have installed X code and X11.

Monday, December 11, 2006

I am just doing a regular back up for my mail folder on my main master computer my new eMac. I am thinking of getting a Mac Pro machine but this would be about a 5,000 dollar investment including monitors and hard drives.
I first backed up the user on the eMac and then reinstalled the original MacOS X 10.2 software. Then I upgraded to Panther Mac OS X 10.3. I then installed X Code and X11. This computer is now ready for my friend to take home. She is presently the volunteer web mistress for the Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group. I hold a sort of membership in this group.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I was given a Second Life script that launches a web browser and opens a URL. I want to use a few of these scripts in objects in my Second Life design offices.
I upgraded BootCamp drivers on my Macbook a week ago. This means I can now use my iSight and my microphone on my Macbook while using WinXP.
I am giving away my older eMac to a young web designer. I decided I do not need to use my older eMac and will give it away to an old friend who is actually a young web design student.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I used a global find and replace in Dreamweaver to finally change my email address on all my personal home page site pages to the correct and permanent National Capital Freenet email address. I do not like changing email addresses because of this web site email links issue.
I paid for a license for documents to go version 9 yesterday morning and this is now functioning on my Palm Treo 600. I have not been using my Palm much as Palm but it is now my main cell phone too. I had some trouble with the filing of contacts on the Palm being all wrong and I am pain stakingly refiling everyone.
I have been using Second Life(SL) successfully quite a bit for the past few weeks. I have tonight been pointed to GNU sites in SL.
I have had connection problems with my network printer on both the Macbook from the beginning and the now the eMac recently. I have been using the new Canon IP90 for most of my printing in the last few weeks. I am giving my mother my Epson 820 printer. I will only have one Epson printer left my 440 with its parallel port connection.