Thursday, April 02, 2009

I set up my office again and moved Remembrance out of the living room

I had Remembrance set up in front of the TV for a month or two. I was intending to get Eve Online on the TV. But this did not work. I am not really enjoying Eve online so much after all. It is partly people issues with smutty talk and drunks on line. I am considering closing my accounts.

I set up the 17" CRT monitor in office in the middle of the desk. I have on the left side my eMac which is not getting much use these days but is still a print server for my Macbook and the Canon printer. To the right to of the CRT monitor is the new LG 19" Widescreen monitor. I was running the used Dell 600 Mhz computer into the CRT monitor and Remembrance into the LG monitor. The Dell is running Kubuntu. So I have three monitors side by side. I am chasing images in the media and various workplaces I work at; images of computer setups.

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