Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I still need to label all the DVD's I burned. Film Labeling

I have a sharpie black marker for labeling DVD's and CD I burn. I have these seven DVD's in six copies each that need labeling now. I am also looking around my office for some sheets of labels so I can print and label some film canisters. The reason is that I have three rolls of ISO 400 and three rolls of ISO 200 film and I will get them confused. Actually now that I think about it they are labeled on the film cartridge so the containers or canisters will not need labeling. I think I will load a film roll now. Old tech eh?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My new monitor is a used Samsung SyncMaster 955DF

I was helped by a friend with recycling an older computer. He also donated to me a 19 inch monitor. I am using it now with the IBM.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The 2007 documents folders from the Macbook are all backed up to to DVD disks now

I have finally completed backing up the documents folder from the USB hard drive. I deleted some from the hard drive yesterday. I can now move on to examine the user folders made by LaCie backup software. I will then back up some of these files.

I also copied the present contents of the documents folder, the desktop and the email folders to the USB drive. I now have three backup folders from 2008 on the USB drive.

Friday, August 08, 2008

I adjusted the by line for this blog.

I adjusted this blog's by line to better reflect the ThinkCentre computer which I thought was an Intellistation but is not.

Sixth disk being burned now.

The sixth disk is almost burned in six copies now. Again I have gotten behind on labeling the disks. They are stacked up on a chair in the living room beside the laptop. I have only the seventh disk to burn six copies of and then I believe there may be some user folders to back up but with in those folders I can probably safely ignore backing up the documents and desktop folders. It has taken me almost 8 months now to back up 2006 and 2007. I do not know where I am with the progress of backing up the eMac. Also I have not backed up my Linux or PC computers much at all. Both the PC and the Linux are on the same physical machine the IBM ThinkCentre. I think now to make space I will delete these documents folders I have backed up over the past two months. That is I will delete them from the USB hard drive, This should give me about 20 GB of space to back up the Linux or PC parts of the IBM computer.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Installing Wn2K also failed as the Win2K disk is not good.

I am giving up on this data access problem for now.

Hard drive issues caused a failure with installing NT on the Dell.

I was unable to install Win NT on the Dell. Only Win NT and Win 98 will operate the Iomega Ditto drive. May be I will install Win2K and only access the IBM 20 GB secondary drive for now. Yes, I think I will do that now.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I am setting up the Dell computer temporarily with Win NT to help me access some of my computer files from 1999-2003.

I may be missing files from my home computing that occurred between 1999 and 2003. I am not sure I am missing anything but I have two backup sources where these files are stored. These back up sources have not been accessed in a long time. I just need one access to each and a chance to copy off the files. Then the sources can be discarded and I can check all the files I find.

One is an Iomega Ditto Tape Drive. Supports I will use for the drive are here at Iomega's Ditto support site for Win NT.

The second back up source is a difficult IBM 20 GB hard drive. This was my old second hard drive in a Duron system used from March 2002 to late 2003. It is a difficult drive because it has many partitions due to numerous Linux installs on it (done when I was a Linux install Newbie), and some windows repair guys working with it.

So those two sources will be attached to the Dell for offloading. I hope I can network the Dell with my Macs and get the files off. That's plan A.

I have a PS2 mouse, PS2 keyboard, network cable, monitor hooked up the the Dell now. First I will install the hard drive or attempt that. Then I will plug in the Ditto parallel port drive. So those two steps still need to be done and then I will attempt an Win NT install.

The hard drive is now installed as a slave drive in the Dell. I will hook up the Ditto now.

I can not find the Ditto drive so I am cleaning my office more and setting aside this project for today. Everything else mentioned is ready to go. I also need to find my Win NT disk.

Friday, August 01, 2008

I am still making steady progress at backing up the 2007 documents folders for the Macbook1

You could say to quote Marc Smith of Microsoft that, "the internet would be nothing if not for Obsessive-Compulsive users." So I feel obsessive about my backups but they are really needed in case of a hard drive failure or other potential lose of the computer system. I have in business speak added value to home computing.