Monday, July 30, 2007

Burning printable CD's of Solaris 10.

I took 6 CD's out of the spindle of 30 blank CD's. I printed a sheet of paper with 6 small labels of what each CD is. I will now cut these labels out of the paper and slip each label in with the corresponding CD in the CD sleeve. This is a temporary measure until I actually print the CD label. This will keep track of what is on each CD as I am burning the CD's first.

I am copying the CD images from a DVD back up disk to my Macbook to do the burning.

I bought my first purchase at Best Buy yesterday.

I finally shopped at Best Buy yesterday. I bought 30 printable blank CD's. I will try to print and burn my Solaris 10 CD set. I have a Canon Pixma IP 4300 printer which can print on CD's so I will try that out.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Use of facebook and Second Life push email back a bit.

I used Second Life a bit more this past month. I also used facebook about everyday thus pushing email back a bit as a daily activity.

I might buy a Sun keyboard and mouse today.

I am looking into buying a Sun Keyboard and mouse today. These would be from the same local seller of government surplus equipment.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Solaris progress.

I did make 4 CD's now out of 6. I have no more blank CD's so this project will wait until payday. The Sun purchase is also waiting until payday. The memory purchase was a mistake and I did it with daily spending cash. I have also burned one copy of two of the DVD back up for the Solaris CD iso images. I had trouble with the second DVD and crashed my Macbook in the middle of a blog post but managed to restore the firefox session and recover my post. I also wrote it out in pen and ink which helped me edit the post too. So in this morning's tasks that I can complete, I have one more DVD to burn, the Lacie back up software back up of the Macbook and then I need to delete some of these iso images and the DVD burn folder.

Deleting and backing up.

I deleted odd month labeled back up files, on the Macbook external LaCie hard drive. I am backing up the iso disks now from the Solaris 10 to the external LaCie hard drive. I also copied these iso files to a DVD burn folder for similar archival purposes. After I delete everything by emptying the trash, I will back up the Macbook using LaCie backup software.

I will then burn the CD's for Solaris. Then I will burn the archive DVD backup twice. I will then delete the CD's from the Desktop folder they were downloaded too. I will also then delete the DVD burn folder. While I wait for these processes I will read more of The Unofficial Tourist's Guide to Second Life

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Solaris 10 downloaded.

I downloaded Solaris 10 an operating system for Sun computers. I now have 6 iso disks to burn to CD's and will save the iso disks on an external hard drive and as files on a DVD. I may need these for a Sun Ultra 5 computer next weekend.

I bought the unoffical tourists guide to Second Life at Chapters this evening.

I went to Chapters bookstore and bought The Unofficial Tourist's Guide to Second Life for 11 dollars and change. I read the first three chapters now.

Also for 10 dollars and tax I bought an Ikea keyboard shelf and installed it on my Jerker computer desk in my office. My eMac is on this desk. I also keep my Sony monitor there but this monitor is only used as a TV right now. May be I will have a sun computer hooked up to it soon and need space on the desk for a second keyboard.

I won 512 MB of Sun Ultra 5 ram on ebay.

I won some RAM on ebay for a Sun Ultra 5. I might buy one of these computers locally for 40$. The RAM has cost 6 dollars and 21 dollars shipping so far.

I deleted Debian 4.0 iso disks 1-6 which I was sharing.

I was running out of hard drive space on my eMac so I deleted the iso disks of Debian 4.0 that I was sharing on bittorrent. I may purchase an HP Visualize or Sun machine to run Debian 4.0 with my Sony TV monitor.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Recording audio on DVD.

I have a Yamaha tape deck which I am outputting to my Toshiba DVD recorder. I am recording tapes of the audio book, Chaos By James Gleick

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I have used computer speakers so others in the room can hear my Macbook.

The speakers on my Macbook are not loud enough for others to hear web broadcasted video. So I have plugged the Macbook into cheap computer speakers someone gave me five or six years ago. I almost gave these away to The Anti Poverty Project.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I am giving away things.

I sold my iPod and gave away my PSP. So for mobile music I now have only my laptop and my Treo.

I backed up my Macbook.

I copied and pasted copies of the Desktop and Documents folders to one of my LaCie external drives. I also used the LaCie backup software again on the Macbook.

Monday, July 02, 2007

I did some photo printing with the Macbook and IP90 Canon printer.

The prints are looking quite sharp and well done with the Canon IP90 printer.

Starting Gaim

The commands work but I could not simply copy and paste them. I will need to research how to run a script on the X11 terminal window.

I got Gaim working fine under X11 and KDE Desktop on my Macbook.

Now I don't have to boot into WinXP to chat at Yahoo. I won't have sound this way but I can quickly come in and out of Yahoo chat now and go to my Macbook desktop I think I will make a terminal script now to copy and paste and go to Gaim quickly. I think I will type it here:

Gaim start up script for Macbook and X11 terminal
cd /sw/bin

I unistalled the trial version of Photoshop CS3

The trial version of Photoshop CS3 expired so I trashed it having not used it much.