Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Dell Mini 9 first thoughts.

I got the Dell Mini 9 yesterday just before time 1234554321. I first updated it. Then tried the package manager and installed KDE and R. I set up a new gmail account with Evolution software. I got the social browser Flock working on the machine. I adjusted the home page in Firefox and also took the Yahoo tool bar out of view. Still the top of the browser is too large and the window size is further hurt by the lack of a window scroll track pad like my Macbook has. I am so used to the scrolling window track pad control. So I may need to get used to some new finger control methods.

I transferred some songs to the music player and started to use the F-Stop software for photos but did not really get anywhere with F-Stop. The idea of transferring photos to the computer got me copying my photo store on my eMac to my Macbook and also to my network storage drive, as a first step, before transferring the photos to the Mini 9. So I did get the networking working and was able to connect to my network storage.

I took the Mini 9 out on the bus and read a pdf and it was not bad reading and I could keep my glasses on and read while seated but I needed two seats to get the right distance from eyes to screen. I shut the Dell Mini 9 off this morning.

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