Sunday, July 04, 2010

Backing up Macbook for non use.

The first Macbook I have owned is four years old and is an original model bought about 2 weeks after the Macbook model first went on sale in June 2006. The "N" key is now not useable. I tried to fix this by buying a replacement "N" key but bought the wrong model's key. I then tried to fix this by buying a replacement keyboard only to find out after taking the Macbook apart that the keyboard is fused with the top of the laptop and instead I needed to buy a replacement top including keyboard. This would be about 60$ plus shipping on ebay and I can not afford it right now.

This means I will not use the Macbook until the top can be replaced. So I am backing it up and preparing to move my work to my new Dell Studio laptop. I am archiving Mac Mail right now and have also copied the Desktop folder and am starting to copy the Mail and Mail Download folders which are in the User's Library folder. The archive though will produce mbox folders which can be imported into Linux e-mail clients/softwares. I am also copying the Documents folder. If I have time I will copy the whole Library folder to backup.

The first back up I am doing is to my Linksys network drive which is very slow. As I do this I then copy the files from the Linksys drive to my Dell Studio, so I will have access to all my Macbook documents. After this I will back everything up to a portable USB drive.

I will also have to psychologically get out of the habit of using the Macbook..