Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Music on the computer.

I was able to play my electric bass into my eMac and Garage band the other day. I use an M-Audio Quattro USB interface that digitizes the signal from my bass. I use a Trace Elliot pre-amp with Tubes for my bass. So I was looking at used iBooks to use for a recording platform that would be more mobile. I need a Mac running only Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger because there are no Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard drivers for this Quattro interface. I then found an Motu PCI interface available on ebay from Asutralia. But this is on auction for another 7 days so the price will probably go out of my range. The prospect of getting this card has me looking at PowerMacs to install the card in. But I could just install it in Remembrance and have not even won the auction for the Motu PCI card yet. I did investigate Motu's drivers and they do not have Linux drivers. So having not won this interface card and rack processor, I will not be looking at PowerMacs yet. In fact, I should loose all the auctions I am bidding on because I can afford this stuff now. It would be green to buy the used equipment. I had been looking at new M-Audio Delta PCI cards because there are Linux drivers for 50$ available for these cards but the cards are about 175 dollars and the local computer store just raised their prices on these cards when they got them in stock and the price is now above retail. So for now I have recording abilities with my eMac. I should see if I can get the Quattro working with Windows XP 64 bit but this will probably not happen.

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