Sunday, March 02, 2014

Sharing recordings with Soundcloud

I have start6ed to share recordings of my guitar playing with Soundcloud.

Ardour use and drifing into Lilypond automation

I haven't really used Ardour since I was studying music course on Coursera.I do start it but never record.

I have started to learn more Lilypond and have used both Excel and SAS to automatically code music scores. I can adjust the code systematically and then feed it into Lilypond and produce both PDF books and also midi files. I am just getting started and the potential to write book length scores is now available to me

I have been using a Dell Alienware M14X for home computing

I have taken to buying Dell computers on credit. The latest one I bought is a Dell Alienware M14X and I paid for it in one year with no interest paid on the loan.