Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I won the portable projector screen for about 55$ CND. As well I note that HDTV projectors are coming down in price. I might wait another full month to buy one of these.

I sold my old IBM PC 325 server for 20$. The computer case is still not sold.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I am trying to sell off my IBM PC 325 server for 20$. I am also trying to sell a computer case for 20$.
I am going ahead with getting a projector screen. I am going to get either a portable one with carrying case or just a portable one. This should cost no more than 80$. I am trying to win and buy one of these on ebay. I will use this at home usually for watching high definition TV and on the road as needed for the laptop.

Monday, September 25, 2006

I am burning three back up DVD's of the Mac Book documents folder from July 1st, 2006. I copied this folder to my eMac from my firewire drive. I will then delete the folder from my firewire drive at the end of September, October 1st. I will also power up my iPod this morning. I will also delete the back up of my eMac music folder which is on the firewire drive and then make a another back up. I don't need to be all that secure with my music folder back up. I certainly don't need to obssess about it. For other IT projects at home right now I am still emptying the trash on my eMac.

I am able to see a USB drive on my Linux laptop. This means I can now share files and back up my Linux laptop.

I am considering purchasing a portable printer and getting a bluetooth option for it. I have bluetooth on my Mac Book and might also get it for my Thinkpad. I might also get a bluetooth module for my eMac. Speaking of the eMac I have been thinking of getting an Airport Express card where I can play my iTunes on my stereo. But I have a docking port for the iPod and have it connected to my living room stereo so can already play my iTunes on my stereo. As I move to the office and out of my living room with my computers I might also get a stereo for the office although I don't really need this and in fact have Mozart playing on the eMac in the office just fine at the moment. In terms of the printer I might prefer to get a laser printer that can print on both sides. These I think are on sale at the moment too at one shop.

Friday, September 22, 2006

I am meeting one of my web mastering clients later today at a coffee shop. I want to show him the web site and get his content. He has been slow to provide it. I will bring my Macbook to the meeting. I will have dreamweaver to show him the site but will also try for internet access at this trendy coffee shop.
My windows 2K disk is no good. I might request a mailed copy of simply abandon trying to install Win2K on the compaq.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I decided to install Win2K on my Compaq laptop. I am doing this now with an academic copy of Win2k from my new school.
The canon IP90 went down 100$ in price. I may now be able to buy it but I just don't have the money yet.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The two peripheral devices I may buy this week are a Canon I90 portable printer and/or a Optera portable data projector. I may also buy a high definition TV but would only buy one with a VGA connection built in.
There are still no drivers for the M-Audio Quattro pro USB music interface to connect to my Macbook. I looked briefly at Berhinger firewire interfaces but I think they also do not support Intel macs. Other more recent M-Audio interfaces do support Intel macs.
I updated the system software on my Portable Sony Playstation to OS 2.8 now. This is still probably my most portable wireless Internet device. I am paying for wireless access in coffee shops but have not used this service yet.
I taught myself some more LaTeX coding so I could do some school work. I actually have a membership in TUGS for this year. I use TeXShop on my mac computers to do this work. I was able to type set my entire piece of school work that is due this week. I use google to find commands and ways to doing things in LaTeX.
I downloaded one copy of Microsoft Vista RC1 for myself as a test. I then helped a friend by downloading him a copy. These copies will expire in June 2007. I will burn a DVD of his copy and he will install it on his home computer which is actually my old IBM Intellistation.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I am calibrating my Macbook battery at the moment. I will now need to leave this Macbook turned off or asleep for five hours or more.

Friday, September 08, 2006

I purchased and installed an educational copy of Dreamweaver 8. I installed Deamweaver onto my Macbook. I use this software for my web mastering work.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

I got past the X windows configuration script now with my Debian install. I am installing packages from both ftp and also DVD's.
With the Deban install proceeding on my Thinkpad I am blogging on my Macbook. I actually was able to install kernal image 2.6.8-2 686 on the Thinkpad. I am learning.
I am reinstalling Debian Linux with a 2.6 kernal in expert mode on my IBM R31 Thinkpad. I will report progress here in an hour or two.
The Macboook did burn a DVD back up of itself. I copied and pasted the Documents, Desktop, Mail and Mail Downloads, and also the Sites folders on to a DVD. I did not test the DVD to see if the files were there. I put the DVD away and it will be the end of August back up source for the Macbook.
I am going to burn my first data back up DVD on my new Macbook. I will report my progress here.
Both keyboard covers arrived Friday. I have been testing the Macbook keyboard cover for about two hours now off and on. It seems to work well. It is like touching medical laytex gloves or condoms. For the newer eMac the keyboard cover also fits perfectly so his time I bought the right cover for this model of Mac USB keyboard. I did clean the older actually 8 month old keyboard before putting the cover on. I have been using it also this morning after work. I get in from my new job these days at 11:00 PM.
The eMac trash clearing out process is continuing. It takes me about ten minutes to prepare one folder for complete trashing.