Wednesday, October 29, 2003

I haven't started to study how to transfer packages for debian by floppy yet. I have to configure X on three computers right now, one for Turbo, one for Red Hat, and one for Debian. I think I will use the 17" monitor with the i586 running Turbo as part of the X configuration. I have a manual monitor switch and can run up to four computers on the same monitor.
I backed up the documents folder and the desktop folder on my eMac to CDR last night. I also backed up the laptop to zip disk yesterday. The files I have made on the laptop just fit on the 100MB zip disk but this also includes all the files I made on the old Toshiba laptop that were transfered onto the new laptop.
I bought a 75' ethernet cable and put it in my house with some care. I used a large screw driver attched with rubber bands and both the end of the cable and the screw driver inside a small packing plastic bag to get it through two walls. Success I have ethernet in the living room now and I am writing this entry on my laptop in the living room while I am sitting most comfortably on the couch. I am also got a D Link 4 port router but am not setting that up yet.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I am arranging to get some help with my dual boot install for the Thinkpad. If it works I am giving the helper my HP 712/80. I backed up my laptop to clik disk and also by email to the eMac. I bought an Iomega 250 MB USB connectable zip drive that I can use on both the Thinkpad and the eMac. I might be able to use it on the IBM PC 325 as well.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

I am trying to sell off some of my computer gear that never gets used around here. I also asked people who read the newsgroup if they have a copy of Partition Magic for sale that they aren't using anymore.
The debian base system was installed on the Thinkpad 360CS. Now I need to learn to transfer packages to it via floppy.
Well things were fine with slink until installing the OS step but this helpful web page on installing Debian on the Thinkpad 360CS gave me the boot message linux floppy=thinkpad that I needed and installation is now installing the base system. I am now on disk 4. I am going to need a blank floppy soon to make a boot disk. I am now on disk 6. The base system is now being extracted. Well I found an old floppy to use for a boot floppy and that is being made now. There is also info or rather a pointer at the above web page to info for setting up X on the 360CS.
I know I should be studying for my mid-term but I am going to spend some time today installing Debian 2.1 slink on the ThinkPad 360CS I am forgetting Win3.1.
I have not been doing much computing stuff this weekend. I am using my computers but not changing them or anything. Our publisher is printing off test pages using Times New Roman. I am going to pick up the test copies on Tuesday to show my wife. My epson 440 is working fine for black and I should be buying a new colour cartridge for it at the end of this week. I also should be buying some more paper. There are a few local people with zip things for sale and I might be picking up a copy of partition magic.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

I am probably giving away my HP 712/80 now in return for some Linux help. The school officially does not support Linux.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I posted a request for help to my local Linux users group. I may have to buy a copy of partition magic. I got a lot of help today from this posting.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

The NT is working fine.

I got the old laser printer back but it is running some error fixing and I haven't got it working.

I have 9 computers but two of them aren't working right now and the Quadra has no OS. So that is three Macs, 5 PC's and one Unix box. I also have a pocket PC, an HP 320LX but that is also not working.

I updated my Red Hat install on the IBM 325 from RH 7.2 to RH 9 but the screen resolution is wrong and I could not log on. I will need to do a rescue install to fix this by running xconfig. I hate this tweeking. I haven't checked to see if my Win NT is ok on the IBM 325. I suspect it is fine.

The eMac seems to be hanging on a software update of Quicktime. I can still use this machine but software update has been running now for 24 hours and is stalled. I think I will reboot.

The Quicktime install was just waiting with a registration dialogue box that I could not see. Oh well I rebooted.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

I got Debian 3 installed without xwindows. I hope to tweek the Xwindows into existence later this week. So this week has seen me burn the 6 Red Hat 9 disks and two Debian three disks on the eMac. Also this week my IBM thinkpad started to get slow. I started to install DVD software from Spiderman, the Matrix and Hackers on it. I could and could not use Yahoo messenger properly with the TP this week.

Well, I have to do some photocopying so I am getting ready to scan with an Adobe product, convert with photoshop, email to the TP and print on the Epson. This is for personal accounting.

I sold my Mac Centris 650 with Apple Plus Monitor and Global Village 33.6 Speaker phone fax modem and Stylewriter 1200 for 50$. I included Claris Works 4.0. This was sold to a fellow who has never owned a computer before.

I met him on the back ward of a psychiatric hospital in 1990, so I won't mention his name.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Red Hat also aborted. I gave up on the Duron box for today. Maybe only Turbo Linux will work.
Debian failed to install, retrying Red Hat 9 now.
I am installing Debian 3 on the Duron now.
It was a crushed key on the keyboard.
A debian disk also jumps through to fast as does a Turbo disk. Must be some hardware failure.
The red hat disk is buggy in the duron computer it automatically jumps throught screens and does a media check again and again.
Well I am trying out Red Hat 9 on my Duron box.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

My Open Office was mistaken by other students as a powerpoint presentation, of course, but scored A in LAWS4305.
I took some pictures at a strike action and then emailed them to the strike captain. I aim to serve.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I decided to check for stuff on the local usenet newsgroup to see if I can get the computer stuff I am looking for without shopping on ebay. I am going to try to replace my HP320 and sell some of these clik drives off. Cheap cheap cheap.
I am loaning our publisher my Epson 820 photo printer so that he can test some pages of Jenny's book. I am also loaning him some Adobe products.
I did my usual proof reading emails I had sent in the past 24 hours. I was surfing ebay and looking for a zip drive for my TP T30. I found some new and some refurbished. All these were significantly cheaper than buying one from IBM. I researched the IBM web site and my manual on what model zip drive works in my TP. I actually read the whole manual and found out that I am entitled to one copy of Lotus Smart Suite Millenium edition. That is good and I will be sure to order my copy on CD. I have some files made in the time span: 1999-2002, that were made with Smart Suite so now I will be able to open these again. There are real problems with file formats and interoperatability and cross platform functionality. I am glad this solves some problems. Wait I have my old copy of Smart Suite on CD maybe it will install on the IBM TP. I know it would not install on non-IBM computers but maybe the copy that was intended for my desktop 2170-19U will work on my 2366-85U. Copy protect I guess that works on a brand specific limit.

Monday, October 13, 2003

I have been using Microsoft Media player this weekend. I have also been using Open Office and printing on my Epson 440 in black. I am selling two clik disks to a friend just to cover the cost of obtaining the clik disks.

Friday, October 10, 2003

I stopped doing the Linux install on the TP for now. I played around a little with a i586 with Turbolinux. I just surfed the net too.
I used Diskblaze to make Red Hat 9 disks on the eMac. Only problem is the program parter will not resize my disk on my Thinkpad.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I have been sending some good email yesterday and today. I am becoming highly responsive with my email again.
I sold my quantum 20 GB drive to a friend. She gave my two blank CD-R's. When I find time I am going to try to burn Red Hat 9.0 using the eMac.
I am taking my new laptop out to a community meeting to keep minutes for the group. I will be carrying two bags. I will use Open Office to keep minutes.
There is something wrong with my acrobat reader on my TP T30. It would not open a pdf download but the eMac did. I was able to send the downloaded pdf to my TP and print it from there.
I bought premium grade Kodak inkjet paper today. I paid 15$ for 100 sheets.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

The school's wireless service in the library does not work yet.
I am taking my laptop out today. I am going to try to use the wireless card today at the school library. I will see what they have.
I started another on-line community at
I am selling an old 20GB hard drive to a friend for 30$. I need to check to make sure this is the right drive out of three of them because one is a back up drive with some important files. I should sell this early Tuesday afternoon.

I have not been able to find out which drive is which. I know which drive the back drive is but I want to make sure before I sell the other one.

Maybe I'll just sell the the drive in the Win98 box now because I am sure it is not the back drive. The back up drive must be the one with the slave setting on the jumper.

Saturday, October 04, 2003

I didn't like doing the mass email as a volunteer. I got some positive responses but some negative ones too. Next time I get and use an official party email address. I am putting both main machines and myself to sleep. See you networked world tomorrow.
One other blog got created using my eMac and Netscape 7.0.
I listened to Mozarts the Marriage of Figaro on my TP these past few days while reading and doing other things. Reminds me of living in my father's home. I also have been using Open Office constantly for word processing. I have also used its presentation software and its spread sheet for a few files. I have also been chatting with the TP using ICQ and also Yahoo messenger. I also started to use wsFTP on the TP. I also used Maple to make some web pages of trig functions.
My TP-T30 had some bugs last night as I tried to use my Canoscan 630 with it. I failed to do that. I needed some copies and the local photocopy store was closed. I use the scanner on the eMac I own and after much graphic converting I got the copies printed on my TP T30 using the Epson 440 printer. I also used photoshop 4.0 light and Adobe Photodeluxe on the eMac and mailed the gif files to myself on the TP T30. Then I inserted these gifs into an Open Office word processing document and printed from there. It took me about two hours to do five pages.
Well I still do survey's including completeing the blogger survey. Ok a blog is journal and on-line public journal. Up to the beginning of this year my journals have all been private. In one course last year, I was required to hand in a journal. This term I also have a journal to keep for one course. These are academic journals. In some cases Blogs are becoming part of the course requirements. I also keep a daily journal that is part travel log, part task listing, part sleep records, and part budget. In the same binder I now carry, school notes and readings. In 1995-1998 I kept monthly Claris works files for daily writing. I have been trying to get this computer journal stuff happening again but not much luck. I have also tried to extend the journal in courses concept to other courses that I have studied in the past to keep notes on the readings I still do for those courses. These course journals have heavily influenced this blog.

As such this blog will now revert to keeping of computer notes and a new blog will be opened with blogspot for my course and school work.

And here it is at

Thursday, October 02, 2003

There does not appear to be a spell checker here. I wonder what one must pay a programmer to make a spell checker? I wonder if I will ever make a spell checker. I probably won't my latest programming has been using MS basic to do probability and statistical studies. Mostly this was copying code from a book. The book is titled An Introduction to Probability and Statistics using BASIC, by Richard Groeneveld, 1979.

In the Winter of 2002 I learned C again and again did not program with it. But I read an introductory book on C.

Last Winter I studied a course at Carleton University in the law department called Law in the Information Society course code LAWS3501. Basically we read Lawrence Lessig's book code. It was taught again this summer by Steve Tasson who taught it to me. This fall term it is being taught by a senior professor Michael Mac Neil. He started a blog project for his class at blog spot at this URL
The matrix as a word in art products was first used in my life by some women punks rockers around 1986. It was the name for a tape. It was feminst art. Yet further questions to the women produced denials about feminism as the message. Also Caution Productions was formed about then. Melanie K., Colleen H. were two protaginists of these projects.
I am reading Ruling the Root, Internet Governance and the Taming of Cyberspace by Milton L. Mueller. I searched for the term he uses in the beginning of his history of the root or Internet. The term is Internet community and I am searching at yahoo. This is the first relevant link I found