Sunday, January 28, 2007

Networking a virtual PC

I was able to network my virtual win 2K PC on my eMac with my laptop. I am doing this to transfer the Vista ISO image to my macbook for burning onto DVD.

Using Fink Commander and trying to install gimp and also KDE.

While trying to install gimp and gaim using fink commander I got X11 windows working on the Macbook. Inspired by this I am trying to install KDE on the Macbook. But I am having problems.

I am also downloading Vista business edition for my eMac. I will run this windows version in Virtual PC.

Working with dreamweaver on the web site index page

I added a small logo to this index page and started entering the footer information. This page will become the template for the other pages on the web site.

Social networking web site use today

I used Linkedin today and linkedin with someone new whom I don't know. He picked me based on some comments I made about wall mart. I also created an account for our band at myspace.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I have registered a new domain and have started to work on a web site for it.

I registered inspired by cyberpsych and the PDA guy in their iPhone podcast. Apple computers have already managed to buy to point to

I used dreamweaver to start to design a web site for my new domain. Right now points to my radical web site. I had also thought of buying the French translation but held off on this for now. I am becoming more of a bilingual web master these days and have at least one bilingual web site I publish.

I am now using Firefox more often.

I have started to use FireFox more often. It is a very good web browser and seems to perform better than Safari.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Latest tech purchase: a 17 inch widescreen monitor.

I purchased a 17" widescreen monitor that also has a TV tuner. So now I can watch TV at my desk. This monitor has a small desktop footprint. It is also looks great and is a Sony MFM-HT75W. It has all the monitor connections it needs like VGA, S-video and DVI. It also has component, coaxial and RCA, TV inputs. The only connection in modern TV connectors that it is missing is HDMI. But I could do HDMI via the DVI with an adapter. So some of those cables I bought for the projector are now helping me hook up this new small HDTV/monitor. It works with my Macbook.

Adding titles to posts on this blog for better rss feeds on my screen saver.

I added a title field to the post editor on this blog. I also have this on my other blogger blogs. This allows a better view when I use the RSS screen saver in Mac OS 10.4. This helps me proof read the beginning of blog posts without having to use my hands. I can watch the posts float by on the screen saver. But without a title field this blog was problematic on the screen saver. This is finally fixed.

Friday, January 19, 2007

I am thinking of buying a cheap work bench for my office.

I am deleting over 1,200,000 files on my eMac2. It has taken about 100,000 files / day to secure delete these files.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

With my Garmin foretrex 101 GPS unit I have collected 12 waypoints. This morning I edited the numbered waypoints to names and chose appropriate symbols for each waypoint.
I have thought of having a blackboard for second life that could be used to write LaTeX. I would then sell this Blackboard and market it in Second Life. I posted this goal on the second life blog under the open source announcement on that blog. Because most of the software involved would be open source I would also need to give the Blackboard away for free at the same time.
A fellow has commented on my blog about a technique for using LaTeX on blogger. I may spend some time implementing this solution this morning.

Here is a link to his original post LaTeX on blogger the same post I think in French LaTeX dans blogger at

I accidentally flagged his blog as objectable content because I forgot what flagging meant on the blog pages at blogger. I meant to add it to a blogger bookmarks system which of course does not exist. I hereby appologize to this blogger user.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I am setting aside this evening for computing. This reminds me I should phone someone and help her with computing tonight. I just called and she is tired tonight, so this help will wait until tomorrow or Sunday.

My office redesign continues. I am using the new computer desk and one of two desks that are being taken out of my office is now out of the office and waiting for a friend to pick it up for her use. The other desk has still not been moved.

The office will possibly get a new TV that will also function as a second computer monitor.

Monday, January 08, 2007

I copied the user folder from my old eMac to another location on a different external hard drive and also to the computers folder in the documents folder on the new eMac. So I now have three copies of this user folder in back up. I also copied the entire computers folder to the new LaCie hard drive. I believe I also have burned this computers folder to DVD in the past so many files in this folder of older computer files are well backed up.

I also used the LaCie back up software to again back up the user folder on the new eMac, eMac2. But I can not yet make multiple copies of this user folder but only have enough space for one copy at a time.

I helped my neighbour again on Sunday morning. I copied files from her old computer running Win95. I copied about 12 MB of files using 9 floppies. These files were from her volunteer work and the volunteer work of a deceased person. I now need to bring my USB floppy drive over to her place and copy these floppies to the thinkpad. She has agreed to buy the Thinkpad and started to pay for it yesterday.