Sunday, December 26, 2004

I was able by being the first customer at Staples this morning to buy a Network Everywhere Wireless B router for 20$. I got the wired router working now. Since Network Everywhere is a Linksys company and my 5 port switch is a Linksys now all my network connecting equipment is Linksys. I was able to get the wireless connection working with the laptop for browsing at first but could not download email and now in the evening I can not connect.

I tried to give away my Quadra for free but the guy who offered to take it backed out. I got some space crates too at Staples, and am using these as shelfs to put computer books in. I also got some large storage containers and put all my loose unused cables in one container and all my excess computer parts and peripherals in the other container. My office is looking a little neater now but this job is not done yet. I might go get some more space crates today.

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