Sunday, April 11, 2004

Success with networking! I got the ThinkPad 360SC connected to a Debian Archive ftp server. I got the network settings from a helpful person this morning after I requested help @ the Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group. Ok success with one more step to installing the full Debian 2.1 on the old 486 ThinkPad but dselect was a bit of problem. I guess I am learning to use dselect now but I got many many 505 file size errors on the ftp method of getting the files on dselect using apt. Oh well one problem solved another on the road to success.

My friend now also wants a LAN card from the same source namely I will have to pick up another PCMCIA card later in the month for him. I also want to get an IBM IDE card from an ebay seller.

I installed Win98 on my my Duron 850 today. Now I am thinking of downloading all the Debian 2.1 archive and burning it to CD as the archive seems to be dissapearing from the net. Only one US ftp site seemed to be on-line over the past month.

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