Sunday, March 07, 2004

Note: this is reposted from my school work blog.

I finished reading a few more domain name disputes this past week.

A few evenings ago I read an article by Bengsch, Andreas & Kopp, Heiko & Petry, Andre & Tavangarian, Djamshid. Evaluation of a Communication Environment for High-Speed Mobile Wireless LAN Clients in Bohme, Thomas & Heyer, Gerhard & Unger, Herwig eds. Innovative Internet Community Systems: Third International Workshop, IICS 2003 Leipzig, Germany, June 2003 Revised Papers (Berlin, Springer, 2003). This article describes an experiment to test data throughput and quality of transmission for a wireless LAN over various speeds of travel. They do this by placing a laptop computer in a car on a test track and driving at varying speeds and measuring the speed of the LAN transmissions between the laptop and one and two antennas which are technically called hotspots. They also measure and evaluate the effects of passing the signal off as the car passes from one antenna to the next. Each antenna has either a server or a wireless bridge to the other antenna that has the server. This seems like a very basic experimental design no different than a first year physics lab. You can see that this test of 802.11b wireless networking standard is at the cutting edge of capitalist research for telecommincations business. It figures in our lose of roots and thus alienation and also in the production of the global village by producing wireless LAN facts.

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