Sunday, September 26, 2004

I updated windows media player to version 10. I installed Visual Statistics 2.0 from a statistics textbook. I investigated MiniTab 14 and getting a copy. I also updated my kernal both my single processor kernal and my smp kernal on my Fedora 1 core. I also updated the Update software and that was what was causing my update problems. I have not yet installed Fedora 2 on the IBM PC server 325. I tried printing my Palm datebook and it is very nice. I should be doing backs ups this Friday early in the morning. I still have one more CD from a textbook to open on this windows laptop. I might practice some SAS work with this textbook and its data sets. I got my SAS renewed for another year. I have been doing some reading on datamining and also hacking both criminal hacking and hacking in a work a-holoic sense. I have put 6.5 new hours in to my web site job and will try to put another three hours in before I meet with the employer on Monday so they can pay me 120$ on Monday.

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