Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I was able to install R version 1.8 on the Thinkpad 360SC. It seemed to work. But also installing it on the eMac showed that when demo(graphic) was used as a command version 1.9 of R ran screens of charts and pictures that of course just did not show up on the old 486.

I am buying some more ink for the Epson Photo Stylus 700 this week. I was able to print my essay on the Epson colour stylus 440 ok. It seems I now need to print at best quality to get perfectly readable text. I think this is perhaps the age of the printer causing it to degrade but it could also be the quality of the ink I am using.

I posted two emails to the OCLUG, this weekend and Monday. Both emails were status reports rather than problems described.

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