Thursday, April 22, 2004

I am studying for my exam this morning after
    briefly studying
  • Palm programming,
  • Unjust Enrichment,
  • Numerical Analysis,
  • a little para-psychology and philosophy,
  • a little about web searching technology based on communities of common interest,
  • and reading the newspaper.

In the newspaper there was an article about bio-sensors or medical measuring devices built into a ring and using wireless communication to record patient vitals. I saved this article.

I also read city political news and scanned business headlines for the past month.

The paper about web searching technologies seemed to ignore that idea that communities of common interest are maybe unnatural and a way of being exclusive. But there were some eqautions made up that seemed rather arbitrary and some sort of pseudo math approach to web searching technology.

The para-psychology paper from The Journal of the Royal Institue of Philosophy was about why para-psychology or psychical research is an important philosophical topic. To state this thesis the author C. D. Broad described the limits that we generallly accept in the modern world about causation, timing of events, and mental events. He wrote this in 1949.

The numerical analysis reading I did was on about error and the occurance of error in input, problem solving and output.

The Unjust Enrichment book I am reading continued from the case it started with to a classification mapping of this area of law. Professor Ogilvie had stated that this law was not clear. Already Birks the author of the book I am reading has promised that this book will finally make this area of law clear.

In Palm programming I studied the standard Palm GUI buttons for selection by the user.

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