Saturday, October 30, 2004

I updated the .net on this computer to 1.1, I updated iTunes on my eMac and my Thinkpad.

I inspected a NEC versa 50Mhz laptop and said to my friend that without a hard drive it was useless or too expensive to bring in to operational use. He got it free at a church computer sale.

I surfed sourceforge a bit and volunteered to do some documentation on a JAVA tile role play game. I will wait to hear more from that sourceforge team.

I got my copy of MATLAB and it might only work well on the eMac and will probably not work on my Linux computer because it needs a faster processor. It might work on the laptop.

I investigated the new Apple iPod photo device. It might be nice to have one for family photos. I wonder if the Palm Tungsten T5 would be good at that work. I kind of liked the thumb keyboard Palms but they don't seem to be for sale anymore at the major electronic stores or cell phone providers.

I will be doing my monthly backups on Sunday night. I have paper, ink, and blank CD's to do this back up.

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