Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Second Life offices have been moved.

I sold all my land. I used the average price of 7.7 Linden dollars per sq. m. and my neighbour bought all 6 512 sq. m. parcels. He paid a total of about 25000 L$ and this bought me 2560 sq. m. in a new Mainland sim. I also cashed some L$ in to cover my higher monthly costs in September's land fees payment. I am now back down to the 15 US$ per month land fees tier. I have moved my offices and set up the cubicles but still need to arrange things a bit and put the little computers on the desks. I had experience building for sale signs and moving things and placing things into inventory and then taking them out again. I met a few people and my old neighbour became a friend. I learned a little of doing land deals.

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