Sunday, December 09, 2007

I am buying a Blackberry 8130 cell phone/pda.

I decided that I wanted the Pearl model Blackberry a few months ago, in fact, it may have been last winter I decided that it would be a good phone. It is model 8130. I regret not getting a full keyboard as this was the feature I used to buy PDA cell phones by. I had bought a Palm Tungsten W and then Palm Treo 600 based on the little thumb keyboards and had avoided the Blackberry's which, in fact, were making the thumb keyboards famous. But the 8130 has what's called a SureType keyboard and they have a copyright on that name. It has a camera, GPS service, email, web browsing, cell phone functions, and music. It also uses microSD cards. This means I now have to buy these type of flash memories. There is a sale this evening at Futureshop so I may try to buy those memories this evening along with two CD's I am buying family for Christmas.

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