Friday, September 14, 2007

My first land sale in Second Life and now I am selling all my land.

Second life has cost me a lot of money in the past year and few months. I sold my first piece of land. After making a for sale sign my land sold in less than an hour. The buyer agreed to buy my other 512 sq. m. parcels today. I set them all for sale to only this person and now I am homeless in Second Life. I put my house away and all my custom furniture. I did spend some time investigating some other land and may try to find a new home after the sale. I might save my Linden dollars for this or cash the Linden dollars out. The first sale paid for most of my land fees this month. The land fees are covered now for today's payment. My next payment will be a month from now and that will be a membership payment rather than land fee. I may try to optimize and save enough Linden dollars to cover my membership fees next month and then any land fees and spend the rest on new land for my house and custom furniture

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