Sunday, December 16, 2007

How to get iTunes into the Blackberry.

First step as I said two hours ago was to update WinXP on the desktop. After that was done. I installed iTunes. I learned iTunes music store now sells Canadian TV shows. I explored these a little using my eMac iTunes because that computer is right beside the IBM computer on my office desk. I then installed the Backberry software from the CD that came with the Blackberry Pearl 2. I then used back up iTunes DVD's to import my music to iTunes. Then using Roxio media manager I copied iTunes music into the Roxio and then copied to the SD micro card on the Blackberry. I am now listening to Auto Rickshaw a band I have worked with as a volunteer. I am thinking I will only listen to folk based music on the Blackberry as a counter to its placement in culture as a corporate object rather than say a pop object or folk object. So the Blackberry is corp tool rather than a hacker, rocker, nomad, or solo tool.

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