Saturday, August 04, 2007

My Second Life land is growing.

After researching Reuters Second Life news blog through my Reuters 3.0 HUD news viewer and finding out that land prices are falling on the main land, I updated my land tier fees to the 25$/ month level so I could buy an adjoining lot that blocked my view of the water and clear green fields in front of the neighbouring and busy S and M dungeons. The dungeon has a green field behind it facing my land and it is a pleasant experience to see and one can walk freely there. I now have a proper and pleasant view for my Crystal Computing Web Design offices. The neighbours house had blocked this view, so I tore down my neighbour's house after buying his lot. This means I unrezed his house into my inventory("take" the object command), as he sold me the house with the land. I also quickly returned all the litter that had been left at his place and restricted building on the land and scripts so it won't be littered again.

I have now 6 lots of 512 sq meters each or 3072 sq m. Meaning I must pay the 4096 sq m price now of 25$/month. My next payment is in 10 days. The purchase cost me 5000 L$(Linden dollars) and I needed to purchase 2000 L$ to complete the transaction. If I keep paying this amount I can add two more 512 sq m lots.

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